the church of electricity

the general trend of the church of popular culture is towards virtual reality and the soul as electricity e.g. in Tron legacy, the Matrix movies and in many other Hollywood epics you can see visions of virtual reality and consciousness digitally rendered and bestowed as electricity.
Traditionally in Hollywood – which is a church of materialism you can see monster movies from the first quarter of the 20th century e.g. Frankenstein where lightning and arcs of voltage are deemed responsible for the creation of [soulless] life.

The New World Order religion through the notion of Gaia promoted at the end of the film Avatar sees continuity of consciousness after death as part of a soup or residue that resonates and presumably fades or empties into emptiness or nothingness.
The death of identity and our unique soul where we disintegrate from something to nothing is part of an Eastern tradition which values the state of no-thing.
Because things are attachments that draw us into the contention of the cycles and weigh us down with cares. A Being attached to no things and carefree is a desirable state. For some in these traditions being identity free, and completely empty of all knowledge and all interaction is a state of bliss.

However the Transhuman techno-religion although introducing us to techno-Nirvana as explained in Drew Hempels research into the history of transhumanism is merely a pseudo-Buddhist notion – for such uploaded souls/spirits are always forevermore attached to the machines and their operational constraints and agendas that they are uploaded into.
If we can assume that no human institution on planet Earth is safe from infiltration by shapeshifting aliens it would be a totally natural and expected thing to do for shapeshifting aliens to target a community of scientists who are pioneering Virtual Reality for the masses.
Lets be honest the aliens would be totally stupid not to do that.

The main barrier to human assimilation in such matrix and uploading environments is a strong sense of being human and what it is to have a gracefilled human identity and life and of all the beautiful things humans can do.
In order to bulk upload humanity efficiently – all the good bits and pieces that set us apart from a state of surrendered electricity would have to be stripped down.

That’s where I think the assault of 3D evil-but-fun cartoons which distort human values and human symmetry which render humans as animals or less than human, or try to intimidate the vulnerable human by overwhelming us with Hollywood epics about human looking beings with superhuman powers or a flood of shoot-em-up games serve to toxify our sense of what it is to be a gracefilled human with all our vulnerabilities and sensitivities.
Once the blender of Super-animals from Hollywood has pulverised our human psyche down to an intimidated or overwhelmed sap – its then we are ripe for the alien assimilation and the alien controlled uploads.
I’ve previously taken pictures of this alien matrix junk floating through my streets and even have an old satellite photo of a big piece of alien junk outside my bedroom window a few years ago.

These conscious electricity ideologies totally fit into the many discussions of the transhuman movement on VirtualReality and uploading. e.g. from 1997 >H
The process of robots, cyborgs or transformers is now linked to and integrated with the new world religion of electricity.
We can see recent missives from Exopolitics Steve Basset on wikileaks disclosures about an ET contact group called the Transcenders - and it is this supercession of the human into an alien harvesting environment that is a clue as to what side exopolitics may take in the event of the aliens coming out of the cupboard in a way in which they can be seen.

So basically to get us into an uploadable state fit for alien consumption our soul is bombarded with.

1. the cult of the superanimal [intelligent or belligerent cartoon rats etc or cool werewolf or vampire] – breaks down our human values.
2. the church of electricity – the lie that we have no soul – perpetrated by digital TV science programs etc and by various illuminati films and ideologies.


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