a short history of demonic alien vampires

The Greys/demons probably navigate through the interdimensional continuum by listening for evidence of human intellectual activity or tools and then looking for the signature frequencies of nearby tertiary stars.
They choose tertiary stars because they are the most biochemically, geologically complex and diverse and have a rich mix of chaos processes from which can emerge sustainable life.
Their cosmic map may look like a mandelbrot or fractal chaos set, where a rich tertiary star may look like a very colourful and highly complex edge of the chaos of a mandelbrot set.
They tumble endlessly sideways heading towards the oasis signatures of tertiary stars that have evolved/emerged complex elements and complex biology.

Interdimensioanl reptilians, another predator here find it easy to take shape and form, often working in predatory soul groups.
I think any powerful interdimensional being resonating powerful energy patterns automatically generates his/her/its own DNA when dipping its soul energies into some matter
DNA after all is a series of resonant musical relationships and harmonies and internal structures that could result from the soul pushing its life force into matter and warping the physical and chemical reality of whatever sphere or plane as a consequence and the music of that soul becomes encoded in an energy to matter process.

I'm sure that part of the truth about the greys is that they are specialised insectoid interdimensional and have the capacity to swarm around their food source ...
it could be that the EBE shells they use at this time may have had some input from the nephilim but that these specific 'evolutions' or 'further adaptations' are probably viewed as political investments by the Reps and the deception of alleged gratitude by the greys - who don't actually need any tampering or technology - for what emerges from the swarm into whatever physical reality they are mining is purely context driven.

I think that fallen angels may have tampered with Greys locally, - but that generally the bodies the greys manifest are derived directly from the mathematical ratios of the insectoid chemistry and metabolism they are favouring.
see Peter Plichta in Gods Secret Formulae in the end chapter on life forms and chaos mathematics.
When they swarm or wherever they swarm - their technology and their forms are rooted in insectoid cosmogenesis and the chaos mathematics of insecta ratios and proportions.
That saves the computer storage if they have to disperse.

I think that Grey technology results as an after-effect of their invasion e.g. it is prey specific adaptations. I don't think that a prevalence of Grey technology results in their invasive capacity. I suspect that the Grey/faerie technology is merely window dressing like a trojan horse ...

The greys might take orders from other species in the interests of their own particular harvest and they may allow themselves to be temporarily modified by other species in the interests of their own harvest.

The reptilian fallen appear to be sharing the same human prey and may use the grey swarm - because it totally immerses the human prey like a field effect. This is good for detailed and highly responsive bulk farming and life essence management of high numbers. Because such individualism in the localised prey can be catered for the harvest of life essence is therefore increased.

The Nephilim/Reptilian Fallen will probably bring the fine social details that engages the human spirit in the cul de sacs.

I often think we're near the bottom of a frequency pit here where our planet in all its resonant dimensions and adjacent recently shed resonant shells/spheres attracts all sorts of browsing hungry life at all scales from all dimensions.
We appear on Earth to be immersed in a soulless and hungry multifaceted legion of a collective substance that uses the metaphysics of an insectoid hive .. and deploys its juice-collection assets to mine out particularly human soul energy.
At an interdimensional level it is a swarm of discarnate insectoid life specifically specialised to predate on and milk human soul-energy assets that are invested and generated by human-like intellect, tools and representation.

For the soul farm invasion to work – the focus of the human souls must be dragged down into worldly concerns and possessions/accretions of status and pride filled investments. This millstone anchors them long enough for the hive to generate specific stasis for each human individual.

Insectoid humanoids probably represent the most abundant biomass in all the humanoids of all types in this cosmos using the distribution and numbers of species on planet earth as an analogy.
Some specialised Insecta probably do not have adaptations that enable them to mine out human type soul life processes, but these that afflict Earth do.
These adaptations will probably require them to invest in robotic AI technologies so that they can perpetuate a feeding and food sourcing database that enables them to efficiently generate and assimilate human realities.
They probably also create many hive progeny like the winged nymph phase of a proper insect hive that will operate in tandem with a huge robotic data store.

classes of Predatory attacks on humans.
1. directly by non-technological, organic biophysical means
the highly specific and complex variations of demonic life may be directly related to highly specific points of negation in human life investments in their targets e.g. negating mirror opposite by distortion and misrepresentation
e.g. the diverse catalog of demonic names discovered at exorcism and deliverances is probably no more diverse than the number of specific human problems and the names of the sources of their physical or psychological or spiritual diseases.


2. indirectly via indigenous and acquired technology
using both software and specifically evolved tools and hardware for the processing of human assets

3. in co-operation with other predatory lifeforms e.g. dark Anunnaki [Reptilian/devilry]
generation of complex human cul de sacs, outrages, social chaos and conundrums, disease and conflicts big and small and the distortion of truth and elimination of newly emerging discoveries that could remove social chaos and disease - the anunnaki produce and engineer complex and engaging human social charades at such a level of sophistry that they are complex and engaging enough to suck in and drown the creative human soul.
The human soul because of its inborn internal telepathic defects and lack of full interdimensional functionality and memory has a natural weakness that causes the person to externally manifest their will in the context of whatever material cul de sac they are challenged in.
The anunnaki players in these cul de sacs, having superhuman processing and relative super powers compared to the flaws in human genetics and abilities are able to create dismay and dash hopes with their performances. Often to be found elevated on pedestals - everything being very easy for many of them - without their dazzling performances in these charades - engaging and driving human aspirations - more human souls would awaken to immediate Heavenly beauty beyond the Grey matrix machinations.

The inbuilt sophistry of each cul de sac improves the efficiency of the human soul harvest by causing the spiritual disease of disconnection in fear and hopelessness from our Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The reptilian life form is quite a prevalent life form in proportion on Earth, using Earth as our cosmic species analogy.
We use a tertiary planet like earth from a tertiary star as a cosmic analogy because Earth will be one of the most complex and representative examples of a cosmic fruit.
Earth is made all the more important and special because Christ was sent here to redeem mankind and bring us back to the Father.

Both the Anunnaki and the Greys will have their own technologies, but the Greys technology will have specifically evolved into and out of the negation of whatever technological issues the human society had that the Greys were predating on.
These Insecta left on their own would not be happy to come back as ants – they have specific adaptations that attract them to undermining human life and society.
The Reptilians though disconnected from God in their Fall have advanced humanoid civilisation and also allegedly (Jewels) advanced interdimensional capacities that probably are directly related to how much and what type of soul-juice they can acquire from their human farms.
The dark ones can only live by the lie because it is by the denial of a souls innate love and capacity that they feed.
If we forgive their denial – they go hungry – because we have turned the other cheek – because we have listened to Christ, disengaged – because we do not empathise with the snares of material wealth and deceived by the traps of worldly acclaim – our burden is light, and our soul in all its Love is free.
Hierarchical reptilians probably have highly developed social infrastructure in many of the lower planes and underworlds and their numbers will continually deplete because they run out of life.
Many will stay close by the soul farms set up like Earth and may also transport and relocate Grey hivemakers across the underworld dimensions they have developed their farms in.

Their farm here on Earth has been running a long time.
This is the material that the Exopolitics World Network gloss over in their mission statement – who try to keep the Greys looking like recently arrived intelligent technological interstellar and advanced life with a relatively clean bill of health.

More sinister probably is their interdimensional modus operandii and intentions - an interdimensional swarm that predates upon human-type psychological, physical and spiritual intentions and extensions into three dimensional localities by distorting and negating human extensions into time space from ultradimensional spaces and proximity.

Here is some history of demonology and essence drinking and human farming.
This kind of material is anethma to pseudo exopoliticians – as it illustrates a historic entrenched interest in farming the human race for essences and its soul life.
Drinking souls essence, leeching the life essence out of areas and objects, shapeshifting, and also being skilled at the historic technology and trades and crafts of the day – enough to impress and intimidate.
Clearly it all started before 1947AD Stephen Bassett
I think that exopolitics is being used as a decoy and diversionary tactic to make the raison d'etre of demonology look like good clean industrial nation state trade of 20th century origin.
'This activism has as its primary objective the ending of a 63-year truth embargo imposed by the United States government with the cooperation of other first-world nations. The truth in question? The engagement of the human race by non-human beings (extraterrestrials) since at least the 1940's.'

However we can clearly see here that the negative reports of individuals like 20th and 21st century Paul Schroeder http://www.iwasabducted.com/schroeder/ have all been done many many times before to human beings throughout the entire history of the human race.

This from Superstitions of the Highlands & Islands of Scotland Collected entirely from Oral Sources By John Gregorson Campbell

The Fairies, according to the Scoto-Celtic belief, are a race of beings, the counterparts of mankind in person, occupations, and pleasures, but unsubstantial and un- real, ordinarily invisible, noiseless in their motions, and having their dwellings underground, in hills and green mounds of rock or earth. They are addicted to visiting the haunts of men, sometimes to give assistance, but more frequently to take away the benefit of their goods and labours, and sometimes even their persons. They may be present in any company, though mortals do not see them. Their interference is never productive of good in the end, and may prove destructive. Men cannot therefore be sufficiently
on their guard against them.

So far as taking things without the knowledge or consent of the owners is concerned, the accusation is well-founded ; they neither ask nor obtain leave, but there are important respects in which their depredations differ from the pilferings committed among men by jail-birds and other dishonest people.

The Fairies do not take their booty away bodily, they only take what is called in Gaelic its toradh, i.e. its substance, virtue, fruit, or benefit. The outward appearance is left, but the reality is gone. Thus, when a cow is elf-taken, it appears to its owner only as suddenly smitten by some strange disease {chaidh am beathach ud a ghonadh). In reality the cow is gone, and only its semblance remains, animated it may be by an Elf, who receives all the attentions paid to the sick cow, but gives nothing in return. The seeming cow lies on its side, and cannot be made to rise. It consumes the provender laid before it, but does not yield milk or grow fat. In some cases it gives plenty of milk, but milk that yields no butter. If taken up a hill, and rolled down the incline, it disappears altogether.
If it dies, its flesh ought not to be eaten - it is not beef, but a stock of alder wood, an aged Elf, or some trashy substitute. Similarly when the toradh of land is taken, there remains the appearance of a crop, but a crop without benefit to man or beast; the ears are unfilled, the grain is without weight, the fodder without nourishment.

At times the elf is a dwarfish being that enters through key-holes and window-slits; at other times a great tall man. In different localities the Fairies are known as Alfs, Huldra-Folk, Duergar, Trolls, Hill Folk, Little Folk, Still Folk, Pixies, etc. A difference of size, as well as of name, has led to these being described as separate beings, but they have all so much in common with the Celtic Fairies that we must conclude they were originally the same.

Most frequently it was women, not yet risen from childbed, and their babes that the Fairies abducted.
On every occasion of a birth, therefore, the utmost anxiety prevailed to guard the mother and child from their attacks. It is said that the Fairy women are unable to suckle their own children, and hence their desire to secure a human wet-nurse. This, however, does not explain why they want the children,


When they succeeded in their felonious attempts, the elves left instead of the mother, and bearing her semblance, a stock of wood {stoc fnaide\ and* in place of the infant an old mannikin of their own race. The child grew up a peevish misshapen brat, ever crying and complaining. It was known, however, to be a changeling by the skilful in such matters, from the large quantities of water it drank a tubful before morning, if left beside it its large teeth, its inordinate appetite, its fondness for music and its powers of dancing, its unnatural precocity, or from some unguarded remark as to its own age. It is to the aged elf, left in the place of child or beast, that the name sithbheire (pron. sheevere) is properly given, and as may well be supposed, to say of one who has an ' ancient manner or look, * he is but a sithbheire,' or * he is only one that came from a brugh,' is an expression of considerable contempt. When a person does a sense- less action, it is said of him, that he has been * taken out of himself* {air a thoirt as\ that is, taken away by the Fairies.

Many of the deformities in children are attributed to the Fairies. When a child is incautiously left alone by its mother, for however short a time, the Fairies may come and give its little legs such a twist as will leave it hopelessly lame ever after.

It was peculiar to the Fairy women to assume the shape of deer ; while witches became mice, hares, cats, gulls, or black sheep, and the devil a he-goat or gentleman with a horse's or pig's foot.

From Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology, 1901
the leading features of elvish nature seem to be the following:-- - Man's body holds a medium between those of the giant and the elf; an elf comes as much short of human size as a giant towers above it. All elves are imagined as small and tiny, but the light ones as well-formed and
symmetrical, the black as ugly and misshapen. The former are radiant with exquisite beauty, and wear shining garments: the AS. œlfsciene, Cædm. 109, 23. 165, 11, sheen as an elf, bright as angels, the ON. 'frîð sem âlfkona,' fair as elfin, express the height of female loveliness.

The dwarf adds to his repulsive hue an ill-shaped body, a humped back, and coarse clothing;
when elves and dwarfs came to be mixed up together the graceful figure of the one was transferred to the other, yet sometimes the dwarfs expressly retain the black or grey complexion:

'svart i synen,' p. 457; 'a little black mannikin,' Kinderm. no. 92; 'grey mannikin,' Büsching's Wöch. nach. 1, 98. Their very height is occasionally specified: now they attain the stature of a four years' child, (25) now they appear a great deal smaller, to be measured by the span or thumb

. (Methinks she comes to me through solid walls, Her help, her comfort lets me nothing fear; And when she will she wafteth me from here With her white hand high o'er the pinnacles. I ween she is a Venus high.) He compares her then to a Venus or Holda, with the elvish power to
penetrate through walls and carry you away over roof and tower (see chap. XXXI., Tannhäuser; and Suppl.).

They abstract well-shaped children from the cradle, and substitute their own ugly ones, or even themselves. These supposititious creatures are called changelings, cambiones--- - (App., Superst. E.); OHG. wihselinga (N. Ps. 17, 46. Cant. Deuteron. 5), our wechselbälge; Swed. bytingar, Dan. bittinger; also our kielkröpfe, dickköpfe from their thick necks and heads. (Stories about them in Thiele 1, 47. 3, 1. Faye p. 20. Ir. Elfenm. xli.-xlv. cv. Deut. sag. nos. 81-2, 87-90) (60) So early as in the poem 'Zeno' (Bruns p. 27 seq.) --- it is the devil that fills the place of a stolen child. The motive of the exchange seems to be, that elves are anxious to improve their breed by means of the human child, which they design to keep among them, and for which they give up one of their own. A safeguard against such substitution is, to place a key, or one of the father's clothes, or steel and needles in the cradle.
A very familiar story in the sagas of present day abductions that have absolutely nothing to do with the disinformation of 1947AD/Roswell being important enough as the start date of such human - non-human traffic - which clearly started millennia ago.

The following is an extract from the Reverend Robert Kirk's 1697AD treatise On 'the secret commonwealth of elves, fauns and faeries' Isbn 0 85991 016 4
He was one of Scotlands first recorded abductees - 17th Century !!!

Please note the references to shape shifting and rematerialisation.
The word 'Reptile' isn't in this book - but he does refer to strange aquatic Faeries in Scotland's Western Isles called 'the blue men of the Minch
sith, 'S or Fairies, they call sluaghinaith or the good people: Cit would seem, to prevent the dint of their ill attempts: for the Irish
• use to bless all they fear harnie of and are said to he of a middle nature betwixt man and Angel (as were daemons thought to be of old); of intelligent Studious /spirits, and light changeable bodies
(11k those called Astral) somewhat of the nature of a condens'd cloud, and best seem in twilight.

These bodies be C. * •)l so plyable thorough the subtilty of the spirits, that agitate them that they can make them appear or disappear at pleasure. Some have bodies or vehicles so spungious, thin and defecate, that they are fed by only sucking into some fine spirituous liquor that pierce like pure air and oyl: others feed more gross on the foyson or substance of comes and liquors, or on come itself, that grows on the surface of the Earth; which these fairies steal away, partly
invisible, partly preying on the grain…

Their bodies of congealed air, are some times carried aloft, other whiles grovel in different shapes, and enter in anie Cranie or cleft of the ..'
Having demonstrated and made Evident to Sense this extraordinary vision of our tramontain Seers, and what is seen by them, by what is said above; manie having seen this same Spectres & apparitions at once having their visible faculties entyre:

It now remains to show that it is not unsuitable to Reason, nor the Holy Scriptures. First that it's not repugnant to Reason doth appear from this, That it is no less strange for Immortal Sparks and Souls to come and be immersed into gross Terrestrial Elementary Bodies, and be so propagated, so nourished, so fed, so cloathed as they are, and breath in such an air, / and world prepared for them, then (p.68) for Hollanders or Hollow-cavern Inhabitants to live and traffic amongst us in another State of Being without our knowledge, For Thaymond de Subunde in his third Book chap.12.3 argues quaintly that all sorts of living creatures have a happie rational polity of their own with great contentment, which government, and mutual converse.

; But in everie deed, and speaking suitable to the nature of things; There is no more absurdity for a spirit to inform an Infantin Body of Air, than a Body composed of dull and drousie Earth; The best of spirits having
aiwayes delighted more to appear into aereal, then into Terrestrial Body's. They feed mostwhat on quintessences, and 'Ethereal Essences: the pith and spirits only of Womens milk feed their Children, being artificially convey'd (as air and oyl sink into our Bodys) to make them vigorous and fresh.

And this shorter way of conveying a pure Aliment (without the usual digestions) by transfusing it, and transpiring through the pores into the veins and arteries, and Vessels that supply the body, is nothing more absurd, than an Infants being fed by the Navel be-fore it is borne, Or than a plant which groweth by attracting a lively juice from the Earth throw manie small roots and tendons; whose / Courser (p.S2) parts being adapted and made connatural to the whole, doth quickly coalesce by the ambient cold, and so are condensed, and baked up into a confirmed wood in the one, and solid body of flesh and bone in the other. A Notion, which if entertained and approved, may show that the late Invention of soaking and transfusing (not blood, but) 'Ethereal virtual Spirits, may be useful both for nourishment and health; whereof

there is a Vestige in the damnable practise of Evil Angels, their sucking of blood and spirits out of witches bodys (till they drain them, into a deformed and dry leanness) to feed their own Vehicles withal, leaving what wee call the witches mark behind.


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