Humans and the Grey Matrix

In Christ there is escape from alien programming – for when we have the connection and grace – we go into stealth mode relative to the aliens.

John 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

In the alien matrix the underpinning 3 part code that enables the modelling at all scales and magnitudes to take place is a system of threeness that has its roots in ancient Atlantis and the Naga and Rakshaha and their Sanskrit enscribed palm leaves from the days of the Mahabarat and the ancient nuclear wars.
Copied into the Stanzas of Dyzan in Theosophys textbook by HP Blavatsky called the Secret Doctrine in volume 1 – you can see the 3 part nature of object/noun, process/verb and quality/asset/adjective in the Hindu inspired Logos, Outpouring and Vehicles.
I also went into the Theosophical broomcupboard and found an old Secret School Degree from 1921 that had written at the top margin – in the event of my death please destroy … it too had the system of threeness but with more Eastern jargon than western applications.
Seeing this material helped verify that I was operating the same mechanisms upon which the ancients flew their robots and starwars and that the I CHING symbolism, heart of our human Boolean Logic was indeed a very important arithmetic if linked to the correct system of metaphysics. Ie. not the ancient Chinese newage folklore translated by e.g. James Legge but the logically real Tripartite metaphysics that I have developed.

The reason that the Greys or Anunnaki would use this system as opposed to any other software system in the Universe is the fact that these are directly the language and remit of field theories and of a natural law.
The processes logically described are not arbitrary as humans would have them - signifying anything or nothing - they directly correlate with logic and the physical behaviour of reality in flux - chaos made into programmable logic.

every system in the universe is in a state of flux and these transactions are always of the form A to B through some common C. The transactions are either valid or invalid, integrated or disintegrated.

00001111 A time1
00110011 C
01010101 B

there are 8 basic forms of the transaction A to B through some common C at time1 where zero is disintegrity and one is integrity of transaction
at time 2 the nature of the transaction or event can spontaneously become any one of the eight possibilities and the whole transaction at time 2 – ie. 8 times 8 can be described by any one of 64 logically real events.
With the right metaphysics to explain these transactions it is possible to build a model of a natural law and universal systems theory.
If everything in the universe can be broken down fractally into transactions of the form A to B across some common C – then the human being can also be mapped out by this process.
Note the terms macro, meso and micro which can be explained as ingredients, infrastructure and assets/qualities
the tripartite language [G] is a metaphysics with which to model the integrity and disintegrity of the human condition.
These small transactions can be nested and nested to model the complex relationships within the human condition.

The purpose of this demo is not to illustrate the in depth science or computer science or systems theory but to illustrate that if tripartite metaphysics is actually a natural and universal law – that in context, when the human condition is rendered as ones and zeros in Boolean logic – it can be represented as a programme.
basically all human issues can be rendered as 3 part boolean logic [with the appropriate metaphysics]

I should point out that the metaphysics I developed to describe boolean logic symbolism [also used as I CHING] has absolutely nothing to do with anything ethnically or historically Chinese - it is a rationist account of transactions and can be seen at;

This could well be the kernel of the ancient alien matrix.

It should be again noted that this is a Christless, soulless materialism which works best when humans are operating at lowlife frequencies.

1.0 Every social and personal system is nested within another
system whether physical or psychological.
2.0 Every system is a container of and for energies of one
context, designed by evolutionary need to hold and process
the energies of a lesser self-regulating system.
3.0 The processing of energies takes place through the meso
such that its structure and mechanics e.g. organs, can
compartmentalise, and invest in by; anabolism or
catabolism and other structural orientations and aggregate
responses, the precursors that have emerged from the
lesser contextual idiom. The lesser idiom is incorporated by
the greater systemic complexity such that the uptakes
using the greatest bridging gradients available at time1 can
be fulfilled.
4.0 A systemic container is either sound or not sound in any
given context. [C] V [not.C]

5.0 A container is constantly augmented to maintain its
function or not. [F] V [not.F]
6.0 A container provides potential for evolution or does not
provide life chances. [P] V [not.P]
7.0 The negation of [C, F, P] i.e. [not.C, not.F, not.P] implies
that the factors causally exist for the purposes of Logic. i.e.
the fact that they can be rationally refuted make them for
the purposes of [T], empirically valid and discernibly
'a priori' for any social identity in every social system.
8.0 The active participation of the individual's social identity in
its social bridging activities and local feeding gradients and
other non-local demands from bridging activities arising
from the social exploitation of its resource base will result
in the manufacture of a bridge down which a transference
of energy will flow from the target resources to sustain the

[C container integrated in terms of some x]

In human society, the set [C, F, P] for; Container, Function and Product have the attributes of [Cx, Fy, Pz], where the properties of
[x, y, z] can belong to numerous social domains e.g. in a telic sense:
1. Information technology, 2. Biology, 3. Chemistry.
Human information is being integrated with viable and inviable human conditions e.g. integrated and viable container/human life or disintegrated and inviable human life/container
The Meta-Language [G].

MESO F F Fy Fy F F Fy Fy

The organisation and development of Bridging Activities by; tools, artefacts and information releases feeding energies at various velocities down the bridges and resolutions of the interface constructs to the actively exploitative system at time1.
There are various bridges built to exploit the aggregate ratios, scales and interactivities by various domains, properties and identities within human activity. These take the form of many kinds of perceptible artefacts, tools and intellectual processes derived from many aggregates, scales and social aspects of both society, information and being.
Human Society is berthed upon the intelligent perception of and agreement with the integrity of; chemical processes, biological processes and information evaluation through the production and storage of artefacts, tools and information on a common platform.
The following three scales of example belong to the human idiom, though, it is true to say that in all but the level of detail that we can agree on to like and share - they are in fact common to all Being as the one example.
Human Intelligence has a very high opinion of itself in terms of its labels and labelling, but, unlike pond-life large social organisations are founded upon a common understanding of the details and history of its social context and data, and its temporal and social reality.


where x = income and earning potential.
y = individuals systemic maintenance rates - interacting
systemic tolerances with the intensity of energy and
mechanical attrition from the external and internal
usage. [homeostatic system]
z = evolutionary potential - rate of identification and
available investment for bridging activity at time1.
Within the context of the family unit where to 'have' or 'have not' systemic integrity describes the relative efficiency of the bridging activities:

Cx the family sourcing of, the emergence of, and the
establishment and maintenance of the abode
Fy the financial mechanics of the lifestyle and the social
placement of the abode in relation to the topography of
local and non-local bridging opportunities for both self
and society.
Pz qualitatively: the social life-chances of the family unit,
real and implied and the precision of the self-regulatory
judgements have an evolutionary potential which is
either 'realised' or 'not realised' at time1.

In human society, capital is the chemistry of human and social growth and evolution. In the Adam Smith model [1776 CE], the best tools, artefacts, products, information and the most efficient bridging activities release the best social [and chemical] energy and capital supply.

The same model of: Container, Function, Product in the language [G] can also be applied to other essential and functional attributes of human and physical society.
In the last example: the integrity of the tripartite system in [T] was endowed by the presence or absence of capital in relation to social function. Further successive and highly detailed social modelling can be constructed by nesting; social roles, occupations and functions within social classifications of Bridging Activities. Society can be generally modelled using the Universal Organic State Model or Universal Process Archetype [UPA] and its linking model that joins and models activities between the different scales of interactivity.

Basically everything and anything can be encoded in terms of;

00001111 A time1
00110011 C
01010101 B

and that includes you – all they do is nest the stuff to handle the more complex issues – and there is a systems theory that comes from these threepart ideas that makes it all very feasible.


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