an apple of the Fall

The legends of the Fall from Heaven have it that the dark Angels wanted to be gods themselves.
To this end they probably ingested the apple – the condensed fruit that was the knowledge of the laws and processes that govern the material universe.

They are energy hungry in their state of disconnection from the free life of the Father our Source and they needed to have life force or soul essence to keep their depleting numbers alive.

For without it they would ultimately wither and perish if they could not set aside a store of essence whether by farming captives or storing in artefacts or being able to draw essence from the lands of their inhabitation.

Much has been said of the matrix – a web or farming process in which captive humans dream of escaping their contrived virtual reality cul de sacs.
The alien matrix language though is a systems theory directly related to natural laws within all transactions and can be used to map all things that function and process in the universe, including humans and their society and requirements.

With a clear insight into where the energy is stored and where it is going – the Greys and Anunnaki could properly process and ingest the Beings that fell into their dark dualistic hungry frequency pit.

Did they have to specifically use the system of metaphysics that I have produced is the real question. Humans after all make up arbitrary things with issues in that what they sign does not correlate with what they actually signify.
No such problem with three part metaphysics – an ancient and secret school degree which also with the scientific and philosophical terminology of the 20th century added in – illustrate it as a natural and universal law.

The Theosophical Society, Naga, underworld Tibet, The Secret School – all have ties to this theory – the atlantean mind machine interfaces of the allegedly fictional Vrilya spoken of by Bulwer Lytton that so interested Hitler, but whose basic threepart metaphysics is publicly on show in Volume 1 of the Secret Doctrine in; Logos, Outpouring and Vehicles.

I also in 1990 came across a more developed Secret School Degree of the Theosophical Society dated 1921 in their broom cupboard with ‘in the event of my death please destroy’ written on it in green ink.
It had a lot of the threeness ideas written out in Hindu terminology.
The threeness ideas that I developed though were for mind machine interfaces and intelligent robotics and could also use them to model human beings, human society and in fact any and every transaction in the universe.

Here is what I wrote about these ideas I formulated in 1991

'COGITO ERGO OPULENTUS' I think, therefore Opulence.
A Final Theory of Everything sounds pretty final. Well actually it is and it isn't. The Six Keys to Civilisation within the General Systems Theory at the end of the work are going to need a computer rather bigger and a society rather longer and incentive rather greater than usual to fully utilise them.
Truly, that just doesn't sound like planet Earth.
It would have taken two years of my life to assemble such a database in those days when I thought it was important.
In my opinion, the one thing about planet Earth was Scotland - it was about pride, and vision, passion and geography and a very hard wearing endeavour to take the 'King's Shilling' without true perception of the fact that it was open season on the lost tribe of Orcus from Pictland Fife. (i.e. 'the Scots')
Not exactly generous to the last, the 'tight fisted' and ignorant Scot, displaced Gypsy and Wanderer, Tinker and Loser always seemed to get a bad press for his or her grapes of wrath from within the Grey Havens of his erstwhile Atlantean Elves.
Indeed, for myself, it always seemed destined to be 'Solong !!'.
There had to be a reason for this - and no doubt there wasn't - it's just that I had to find it - the rational explanation for why science and all that Elitist pretention didn't deliver and consistently failed to do so.
Unfortunately, having taken a wrong turning in the laboratories of the dark tower of the evil alien technomage Seth, somewhere near the janitors cupboard and the toilets, I came across a handbook titled 'usuary'. It had written on it in green ink 'in the event of my death, please destroy' and the title page was marked with what I mistakenly thought was the Jewish flag containing the Seal of Solomon but this was the emblem of the Theosophical Society..
'What's this ??' I said to myself, and then I regretted being schizophrenic because without any song and dance the 'Ancient Tome of Zool' opened up and showed me.
It was the six keys to the Universe of material duality, and consequently all the dosh I had dreamed about, every scam, every battle, every politician, every joker, every robot and starship, every ruling ring in the Universe was miiiiiineeeeeeee !!!!!
The real disgrace was yet to befall however, for being absorbed in its powers and principalities, its databases and its spooks, its empiricism and empire, blinded by rationality, its dry rules and its regulations and the consequent spiritual millstone of disconnection, I had no-one loving and beautiful and Christian in my life I could recognise to share it with !!!
Now arguably during my two decades from 1983 – 2003 working with these constructs I was also engaged in a potentially soul-destroying struggle with the demonic greys.
It might be that this is material that I wrested from them – it might be that I was given this materialism to sicken and dull my soul, to entangle and ensnare me – and it could be that it might still produce these kinds of problems for my soul.

Either way though the Boolean Logic

Time 1
00001111 A
00110011 C
01010101 B

all processes have transactions that can be logically modelled A to B through some common C in Context – plus the metaphysics that state the interactions happen according to an inverse square power law –
which is good for biology- osmosis, chemistry – Fajans rules, electricity – Ohms law, gravity, Human psychology – Lewin’s Field theory etc etc

All things can be re-iterated as threepart transactions.
In matrix/material reality modelling All objects and events in the universe are not simple atoms – but are made up of complex relationships made up of many different simple transactions interacting – these can also be modelled with this threepart language using nesting, nests within nests within nests etc in an organic systems theory I called 6 keys systems theory.
[It has a 7th master key which is to do with the operational context of any event]

6 keys systems theory isn’t hard – all systems have three zones – a core an infrastructure and assets at a periphery that’s three zones and within each zone for the purposes of homeostasis is a further subdivision of the zone into self-maintenance and external application – that makes 6 key zones/processes in everything and every event.
It is all tied together in all idioms and scales by an inverse square power law.

I could model every system and transaction from zero to its own context driven infinity with a finite number of transactions I called essentialist arithmetic.
They weren’t really decadal arithmetic numbers – but numbers of essential processes ongoing.
This produced a set of numbers that always had a finite number for infinity – which is cool if you were modelling teleportation and stargates because the end product of using essentialist numbers to encode the mixture of energies was always integrated in terms of itself and not by distortions in its new, fully unknown context and new scale/magnitude of locality.

This was the material that fell from Divine Grace – the knowledge itself is not evil, but its use and context has been to feed the wrong sort of hungry.


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