Scottish Chemtrailz - the underbelly exposed.

Images by Jackie Gillies, Gorebridge, 2nd march, 2010. First there is the white stuff – the gooey blanket of white particles and chewey delivery system from colonel saunders and then there is that extra special sprinkling of the colonels own secret recipe – a light dusting of that extra special stuff straight from the belly of the jet … a tanker of the special stuff lovingly bathed in sterlising UV and IR just to make sure that the health and safety of the tank mechanics is not compromised by the perhaps biologically active backdraft blowing back into and taking up residence in the hold …

On the other hand – maybe its Emirates new green economy class – where holidaymakers returning from the costa del plenty avail themselves of the purging and cold refreshing breath of mother nature whilst offloading their spare carbon on the back-to-nature onboard pedal system which helps power the aircrafts electricals thus saving jet fuel and the planet.

36 seconds – check the special tank and nozzle from the belly Although there are better examples from Jackie Gillies about chemtrail flights - I think its pretty clear that this jet looks like an Emirates airliner with its distinctive red oblong on the underside between the wings. Jet image courtesy of wiki/emirates airlines


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