so was it some nerds at JPL-Caltech that faked the images or is the Mars Rover really in some alien VR sandpit all wired up ?? The images are faked and you can tell from the middle ground that these are not piles of sand at 200 yards [before the alleged alien starbase plain] but mountains at 20 miles. The question is Who Did It ?
The images use beings inside a conical forcefield - a standard issue probably Grey device [as they are keen on triangles and pyramids]seen and photographed on Earth at Gorebridge in use by the Greys there, deployed over personnel and ships visiting the alien base area.
Are NASA guilty off rebroadcasting some alien archive footage that utilises real scenes from real starwars places that use real in use general issue hardware ??
doubt that - or are in fact the aliens themselves pumping images into the nasa hardware - probably because I have filmed a similar sort of phenomenon at Gorebridge - the hologram performance of an alien head of state being decapitated as he stood with his wife and siblings - and then I have the siblings grief as reaction.
The Greys are probably responsible for the galactic newsreel footage in both cases


guadalupejoe said…
hello Andrew....
guad Joe here....i just read your post on the Mars Rover you believe that Andrew D Basaigo of Project Pegasus is a fraud?

then we must get this info out to Alfred Webre who has endorsed the man...Alfred of

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