This post and these images prove to me what I suspected to be true about the Greys/Archons/Stoichea/Faeries/Djinn in our machinery - especially our Information Technology. Here we see the Temple of Athena Nike at the Acropolis in Athens - and the results of putting it through a filter - three unhappy looking bits of demonology - one skeletal waving a finger of warning etc etc

This shows that allegedly random processes in IT and all digital data can be invaded and manipulated by demonology. I think that we should say a prayer of intention before we do some job on a computer.
Please note though that the Angels of Christ can intercede here too - and I have a very beautiful Angelic intercession in my digital portfolio - this says to me that the computer before our very eyes is a battleground contesting rights to our very soul - long before we make any other contact with anyone - the struggle of light and dark commences when we switch it on.

Myself being saved in Christ - these beings have no power over me - so I chopped their finger off.


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