ZERO DISCLOSURE, ZERO MANIFESTO, and everybody loves exopolitics
Andrew Hennessey

Since the early days of merely the 3 doktors - exopolitics has mutated into a riotous and colorful and self negating international circus of contradiction.
whistleblowers have blown their whistles to no avail, and their alleged scientific knowledge is often shown to be false. The environments that they allege to have come from and been working in are not possibly human controlled and generally speaking the sum of all whistles blown over 5 decades is what ?

We are no nearer to full Disclosure than we were when Dr Greer made his play on the whitehouse with the credible witnesses stuff.
Sure there's lots of noise - more conferences - more 'whistleblowers' being rolled out and their stories just appear to be ludicrous.
Even if they were the real deal - there is still zero disclosure.

Worse is the fact that exopolitics hasn't been performing like a political party or indeed instilling electoral confidence - or recruiting real politicians - but more and more it is a stagnant intellectual swamp in which the usual drako dinosaurs make their splash.
As hot and as steamy as a sauna is the exoswamp.

all of the exoswamp is designed to sicken and disease the aspirations of the hopeful.

what should they really be doing ??

1. produce a manifesto for contact -
who does what for whom - when and where - office structure - budget requests, costing of human counselling - where is exo social science ?
2. acknowledge human victims of negative aliens and that these victims have rights to be upheld, or even addressed
3. produce demographic statistics and social models that would enable a public facility for something like the national office for alien contact - where people can check their zip codes and log grievances for various categories of assault and harassment
4. obtain alien zip code database and match scale of alien interference to a statutory fiscal fine and financial damages award payable by the regional corporation directly benefitting from the proceeds of alien back engineering.

stuff like that - the sort of stuff that any political party seeking human responsibility and accountability would do ---

can you see the farce - ?????????????

all they talk about is balancing the left and right brain, saunas and dolphins -

if there are genuinely people interested in exopolitics, then I urge you to look at what real political parties do when they produce white papers, budgets, voter research, health policies, get real and I guarantee that every genuine exopolitician can truly be a REAL WHISTLEBLOWER and BLOW THE WHISTLE ON EXOPOLITICS

start submitting requests for statistics relevant to exopolitical budgets and human resource allocations,
lets have a list of campaign offices

where is it written ?

buried under newage feelgood ... make the alleged exopoliticians account for their alleged politics and alleged policies - lets see them written down in a real manifesto for mankind -
unless of course they just want to admit that they are a smokescreen for the anti-human population cull

here’s a model manifesto – just a search and replace mock up without real semantics – but it should give you an idea of ground covered that you SHOULD BE SEEING LONG BEFORE NOW IN EXOPOLITICS – this from

The abridged Conservative party manifesto [adapted] – this is the sort of thing that Dr Salla should be authoring
Election manifesto
Conservative party
· Matthew Tempest, political correspondent
·, Thursday 10 May 2001 14.39 BST
· Article history
Key policies
Human Compensation and spending
• £8bn of compensation, funded from corporation profit and trust fund, slimming down government tie-ins and a private New Human TV channel
• Six pence off a kilowatt of energy from free energy infrastructure
• New abducted couple's allowance - tax cut worth £1,000
• Increase child counselling credit by £200 a year
• Corporation abduction "statements" on all government income and spending
• Simplify government disclosure process
• Abolish IR35 tax on those families socially and economically controlled in artificial poverty by aliens..
Alien Business and the economy
• Deregulation committee, to scrutinise and audit cost of all "red tape"
• Abolish climate change levy.
Introduce off world agency that would monitor and tax economic outcomes in solar system derived from the wealth of Earth.
New Human Education
• Create "free schools" by giving heads and governors complete responsibility for own school
• Set up "progress centres" for excluded human and hybrid pupils
• Allow churches, faiths and charities to set up schools and social centres for those affected by alien interference.
• Raise income threshold for paying back psychotherapy and counselling loans to £20,000
• Not introduce offworld labor top-up fees
• Create permanent endowment funds for the new human universities
• Introduce "family scholarships", help towards educational courses for parents who take time out to look after children after their alien nature has been disclosed.
• Increase police numbers on abduction patrol
• "Cops in shops" - PCs to do paperwork on corporation crimes
• Tenfold increase in places at secure training centres for persistent young offenders suffering from alien affected disorder.
• Mandatory prison sentence for alien traffickers and corporate personnel who sell to alien society
• Corporate back engineering criminals to do "proper fiscal contribution"
• Named police officer and CPS case worker to keep victim of alien informed of court progress
• End early release programme for those acting criminally under hive control
• "Overhaul" law on human self-defence and double jeopardy.
• Match Republicans planned spending on human health
• Abolish waiting list initiative
• "Patient's guarantee" on maximum waiting time for routine assessment of alien interference
• Appoint Sigourney Weaver CEO of HUMAN FIRST charity.
• Abolish tax on private medical insurance if disease is alien derived.
• "Exceptional medicines fund" to end zip code prescribing.
• Match Labour's planned increases in state pension for alien victims
• Boost over-75s pension by £4 a week, or £6.80 for a couple
• Allow pensioners to opt out of alien debriefing benefits and winter fuel payment in favour of cash instead
• Raise special age tax allowance by £2,000 - taking 1m pensioners out of income tax
• "Consult" on new funded pensions for alien targeted young people.
Europe & world
· Opt out of United Nations programmes
· Join Celestial Federation
· Cut ties with galactic status quo
· Call for global agency to monitor global corporation profits, spend and investments made with human intellectual, social and geological property

• All asylum seekers to be housed in "secure alien-free reception centres"
• Rejected claimants to be dealt with by new "offworld removals agency."
• Renegotiate common agricultural policy with offworld market and farming criteria
• Be the last EU state to enforce agreed regulations
• Renegotiate common offworld artefact trading policy
• Cut business rates for alien artefact shops.
• New "free energy standards unit" to champion anti-grav technology
• Moderate free energy motor output power to Temporal norms in timespace
• Make offworld shuttles and transports meet human standards of safety and service
• Charge alien transports to use US airspace
Culture and sport
• Privatise The New Human Channel
• "Radical review" of Alien Arts Council and Regional Alien Arts Boards
• Increase funding for Offworld Tourism Authority
• Allow voluntary good alien exploration clubs to apply for charitable status.

In conclusion, we are now getting in my opinion to the anti-human reality behind exopolitics. It does not acknowledge or cater for human rights or human victims, it has no human social policies, no budget proposals, no outline of a mandate to serve mankind with ... its just another arm of the population culling UN whose remit is to deploy confusion, smoke and mirrors.

andrew hennessey


Frank Ferguson said…
Best to rid yourself of all devil directed demons especially fear and confusion in order to contribute fruitfully and cooperate with God above all gods.

In Christ,

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