the real alien goals of the Cabal

The real alien goals of the Cabal (imo)
Andrew Hennessey

Dehumanisation & Bestiality intended to Disconnect the human soul

1. Loss of human social and nuclear family values and loss of images of human grace in e.g. anti-hero movies, education, media. This isolates the youth and disconnects them from a vision of an earthly family – a black reverse of the as above so below.

2. the encouragement of indiscriminate sexual license and impersonal paradigms. This encourages selfish and abusing sexual license and gratification and removes the human personality from a vision of commitment and social nurture.

3. encouraging the reward system for the unjust taker and abuser and promoting the values insecurity and fear of a human jungle where anything goes. A system of rewards for abusers to re-inforce their new choices. Do what thou wilt is all of the law of thelema according to psychotic magician alasteir crowleigh

4. traditions of all sorts are being disintegrated – including familiar landmarks and traditional social services. This keeps the people being disconnected from their vision of social humanity from re-acquiring their roots and re-orientating themselves in terms of prior good social examples.

5. use of anthropomorphic cartoons to destroy the aesthetics in human symmetry from an early age. Animals are made cool to be and animal aesthetics and aspirations that are pseudo-human render human social visions as caricatures.

6. Cul de sac stockyard science and technology forcing the world view of combustion and oxidation and burning and degradation upon the human race by e.g. barring free energy and using internal combustion engines, nuclear fission and breakdown instead of fusion, oxidation and decay e.g. rusting and old age and entropy [celestial beings never run out of energy and replenishment being connected to the source of human Grace by resonating with and drawing from Christ [John 15] imo.] This media vision of incessant and eternal decay is also fed by ideas that would lead to the disconnection and abandonment of the soul far away from any form of being in a personal and loving human society.

7. The frequencies of animal brutality driven by aggression and sex hormones and re-enforced by media cues etc are probably incessantly driven by alien matrix broadcasts whilst the human being – being animalised can be modelled and driven as basically as any ape colony fuelled on adreno-cortisones and territory. Use of color, neuro linguistic programming, sounds of tribal music etc all drive this base human state

8. An environment of constant terror and fear forces those driven to think in terms of meat issues and tissues to be hyper vigilant and pay as much attention to the evils of the circus in their lives. This constant personal extrapolation into whatever fear-filled scenario is specific to us – causes us to be dragged along by the torrent of alien machinations – by getting swept away by this cultural torrent of incarnate evils we panic as spirits and souls and thrash out like drowning swimmers and at that point some dark shepherd will come into our lives to offer solutions to our worldly dilemmas by selling us on the idea that there is no heavenly help or prayer or brother or sister that can save us.

9. The matrix machinery then has our number because we agree to accept one and thinking there is nothing else except the torrent of evil in the artificial and terrifying world we buy our ticket for the alien matrix. The more we can disengage and turn the other cheek – the harder the matrix ticket salesbeing will find it to herd us to the alien harvest. If we pray to Christ for help – we will receive it – I did.

10. One of the most hacked books on planet Earth is the bible and especially the new testament – the story of the divine energy of the Holy Spirit triumphing over worldly materials and of mankind being saved and sustained by the grace-filled values of human love by resonating with the most powerful and loving example of human symmetry in the form of the firstborn human Christ. [John 15] We have to buy the Repto-Grey farming idea of being graceless and disconnected and unhuman to get assimilated and fail here imo. There are the dark hungry ones though who have no powers of love – but are always hungry – prevailing not only by doing what they will but also being naturally limited by only doing what they can get away with without losing too much energy.

11. The real goal of the alien life force harvesters imo is to disconnect the human souls from their ability to resonate with the source of all human love – their first born example of Christ. They do this by inventing diseased things to drown them in and by shaming them into giving their humanity up.

andrew hennessey


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