Exopolitics without portfolio

The Exopolitics movement has thankfully expanded to become a global umbrella organisation that can facilitate even the most differing opponents on the one platform. e.g. Dr Salla and Dr Greer in Spain in 2009.
There are probably hundreds of highly educated helpers - but not one has as yet in several years produced anything more focussed or longer than a short mission statement to guide the intentions of the movement.

This movement in all its facets has the overtones of quasi government and uses the language and glossary of governance e.g Star Councillor, Galactic Diplomat etc and the movement of exopolitics called Exopolitics - which is the discourse between humanity and interstellar and interdimensional life for and on behalf of the human race has not yet successfully steered the pro-human agenda towards producing detailed manifestos, budgets etc that would make it fit to recieve powers delegated by government.

Xenopolitics is a legitimate branch of exopolitics as it illustrates the historic nature of the alien presence on Earth and looks at the empirical evidence of its interaction with humanity that is written in the folklore and artefact records.
Xenopolitics contends that the alien presence here is ancient and embedded and that it has at least a negative agenda for some humans.
I do not ever say anywhere that all aliens are bad - that commits the same logical fallacy as saying that all aliens are good.
No-one we know or any being we will ever meet has met them all !!!

Xenopolitics offers a valid critique of Exopolitical ommissions as part of its ongoing pro-human agenda in the hope that the brand of Exopolitics which is ever
expanding and growing and facilitating more and more divergent beliefs will, if it takes itself intellectually and politically seriously write the pro-human legislative mechanics that will enable it to be of service to mankind.
Xenopolitics will not offer any politician to do that because it is an investigation, not a political party, so the best hope for true exopolitics currently resides within the diversity of Exopolitics that has embraced more than one opponent in its time.

It is unfortunate that Exopolitics has not as yet formulated a manifesto which could be used internationally to dovetail with local national government and which can allow powers and budgets to be delegated and responsibilities to be allocated.
This ommission should be looked at in my opinion.

At the moment this following definition seems to apply to Exopolitical aspirants
in that they have no brief, no portfolio

In a democracy by the people for the people - there are a number of things the public would like exopolitical ministers that liase with governments to do - like tell the gresy to leave various people alone because they want left alone.
These ministers can then talk to the 'countervailing' benign powers that will make that so.
Exopoliticians therefore need a portfolio - a brief that serves the people that they are electing and qualifying themselves to represent.

There is social organisation in humanity and a need to facilitate and nurture within humanity and to create and recreate and maintain agreements and reconcile disagreements - with family, community and grace - and that comes out of the spontaneousness of a loving human heart. Humans have that innate need to love and be loved.
Large human social organisations need to be managed and hence the need for policies.
Large social organisations in other realities need politics too ... but perhaps some don't - thats what we need to establish on Earth we need to examine the reason why there are no real detailed exopolicies.
Worst case scenario is that exopolitics on earth becomes a non-event, an elaborate and multifaceted smokescreen to cover the tracks of greedy corporations and malignant aliens.
Best case scenario is that a real steering group emerges that will get the pro-human political agendas down on paper and thoroughly articulated.

This manifesto when presented to benign interstellar life will illustrate the true worth of human civility and social and moral responsibility.


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