Andrew Hennessey

In those optimistic days of the Millennium amidst the frenzy of disclosures from whistleblowers, concerned ex-pats and a whole circus of allegedly extra-ordinary people making extra-ordinary claims – I had noted that extraordinary events had also been happening to me.
Indeed I have video footage of myself at a Conference in Scotland in 2000AD extolling people to give the Greys the benefit of the doubt.
What a guy I was – fair, upright and generally as na├»ve and stupid and cringeworthy as I am ever likely to see on anybody else’s video collection.
I had been getting seduced by alien mind games and didn’t realise that my soul was in fact on the menu.
If there was a way to do something about this then it had to be through exopolitics.
I did though realise that everywhere I looked on the net – in 2000, no-one was approaching real exopolitics with any of the precision and clarity that any mainstream political party would.
I.e. this is as true over 10 years later, in 2010 as it was then – there is still no Exopolitical Manifesto.
Surely such highly educated people know how to write one?

Indeed truly pro-human political representation for compensation for alien crimes seems to have been entirely passed over. So what gives with Exopolitics ?

In 1999 I wrote a model manifesto that contained many of the things that should go into an exopolitical manifesto but which we couldn’t find published. I also invented the model of the New Star Party – because clearly something had happened to the old one !!

In 2000, however, the only thing I knew about the negative aliens on Earth was that they could do surreal very well indeed.
My subsequent dialog with the Greys then extended to hand-to-hand spiritual combat when I moved to Rosyth – whose weird underground base I had no knowledge of before I moved there. I wrote these unhappy close encounters up in my free ebook The Turning of the Tide – which you can find either on or link from my xenopolitics site. or

Unfortunately I kept hearing from highly qualified people who should know better that all aliens were good.

I’m of the school of thinking that says that we can’t use universals like ALL to qualify the behaviour of aliens e.g. if someone says all aliens are good [Dr Greer, Dr Boylan] then they are committing a logical fallacy of the sort that would fail an academic exam – because clearly neither they or any group of aliens that they can ever claim to have met have met all the aliens in an infinite cosmos. That some must be good, some must be bad from our point of view is the only logical stance.
Clearly the abductees reporting alien militarism are picking up on the reality that fences and boundaries around stellar resources are being maintained.

The joy of my life though was to survive the alien maelstrom in 2003 knowing that my prayers had been answered and my soul had been protected from assimilation. I had survived some really horrible close encounters.

I was attracted because I thought that my issues of having been attacked could be represented to the authorities. Exopolitics through the works of its pioneering three doctors; Salla, Greer and Boylan had much to say but I had noticed the absence of the works of Dr Jacobs and Budd Hopkins’ Intruders Foundation who had great research on those humans traumatised by aliens. I also had contact with Paul Schroeder a US abductee who had some very grievous stories to tell – so I knew that not all aliens were good and that the Greys around here were rather out-of-order.

On a forum where I expected to meet more people with my own set of experiences there was a feel-good feel to some exopolitical posts and indeed I met some very wonderful people on the exopolitics yahoo forum of Dr Salla’s prepare 4 contact.

I had met people who were genuine contactees – in ongoing scenarios – giving accounts of interstellar technology and star wars type encounters in great detail, with encyclopaedic knowledge of interstellar life.
These people should have been featured and broadcast and written up and represented etc but were not.
One such person being attacked by Reptilians and Greys and their defence made by Pleiadean starships on public streets. I was meeting other people who could remember how to fly Pleiadean starfighters from their time in the Orion wars – before they were captured and brought here.
There were many people on the prepare4contact forum with interstellar memories and knowledge.
I was conversing with people whose persons and families were being assailed by dark Reptilians, and I met other people online who were on the receiving end of unhappy close encounters and dark muddy abduction memories.

These people though – seemed to get either continually overlooked and uninvited and rejected and latterly were never featured at exopolitical conferences or media events or in media projects.
What they had in common with me was that they had an important story to tell about the activities of negative aliens.

People with ‘negative alien’ stories were being shunned and often when attacked and flamed on the forums the moderators would censor them for responding in a hurt manner to unjust harassment.

Next in exopolitics emerged the apologism for the activities of negative aliens in that somehow because our souls were impure – that we had created the reality of being an alien victim and that we had got what we asked for or deserved.
e.g. the posts of Stephen Calkins and others on p4c
This reality creation ideology has been associated with much of the flaming on some exopolitical forums.
My case there rests with the story of Paul Schroeder and his catalog of outrageous and grievous alien behaviour targeting his person against his ongoing personal wishes, hopes and aspirations.
It became apparent that highly educated people who really should know better are letting down mankind by not upholding the complaints of victims traumatised by criminal alien behaviour.

Even Amnesty International in London [2009] don’t yet acknowledge the plight of the human victims of alien abduction.

Out of this reaction to the failures of exopolitics to represent humanity and take a pro-human stance, and also on being admonished for demonising the creatures that had attacked my own life – I recognised that exopolitics seemed to be a somewhat one-party monolog where all aliens were good – and out of this rejection and invalidation of my own experiences – the testimony of Xenopolitics was born.

One of the first things I set out to do with, was to dispel the myth that somehow bemused little starbrothers first turned up in 1947AD by citing the archaeological records and historic records that show them to have been here since e.g. 19047BC on; Standing stones, Bronze Age statues and carvings, Middle Ages in European renaissance art e.g. Nuremberg,
The greys have been around a long long time and have had many names; Jinn, Genii, Faerie, Kobold, Demon, Archon, Goblin, and are referred to in the New Testament in the letters of St Paul to the Colossae.
This was a Christian colony in a region beset by malignant Grey activities though in those days – the demonic Grey elementals conjured by Dr John Dee the Elizabethan mage for his keys of Enoch stuff and storms etc were called by the name Stoicheia.
The stoicheia are evil, hostile powers feared then by both Jews and Pagans as shown by the research of Clinton Arnold. They were feared because it was believed that they controlled "fate" or some heavenly realm, and had a hostile influence on matters of daily life - causing sickness, inflicting poor crops, plagues, earthquakes, and 'natural' disasters.
St Paul teaches though that belief in Christ is our automatic protection and salvation from these forces.

My next task was to show that the Reptilian Anunnaki and the Greys had been running a deliberately retarded and zoned cul de sac here on Earth for millennia. Citing my own research into deliberately dysfunction science, medicine and technologies. The fastwalking Repto-Grey farmers have always been able to literally run rings round us in the blink of a human eye – outpacing any military projectile in fake human history – maybe driving off to their condo on Sirius in their flying shields having got some family snaps of them slicing their way through a human army.

The most important question that we can ask is why ?

I think that the answer to that is actually well illustrated in the first 20 minutes of the children’s fantasy film The Golden Compass – tale of demonically hosted people on a planet running out of soul dust.

It’s my belief that the human beings on this planet are being farmed for their essence and are being milked like cattle at some alien burger bar.
For the aliens, the goal is the breakdown and dehumanisation and disconnection of the soul.

To illustrate this I developed the hypothesis of an alien farmers dehumanisation agenda – from bestiality in cartoons and anthropomorphic projections to deliberate licentiousness. Also the ongoing disease, sickness and despair and insecurity that emerges out of there being not enough water and food and shelter for billions because we cannot spin a couple of magnets to get the free energy looks deliberate. Free energy would purify and create water, remove pollution, render logistics easy – it was as if our retarded despair on Earth was the end not the means.
There are no real stock market panic excuses – the oil companies just buy and operate the new free energy infrastructure and monopoly.
It was also as if every leader under every flag on the planet was waving the horned hand on TV – that no human social explanation was adequate to explain the current status quo of dis-ease.

It was as if the humans in their dumbed down DNA were being farmed.

With illustrations of matrix droids and technology in my picture collection, the most important part of the Xenopolitical effort was the illustration of an escape route.
For many the lure of the David Icke reality creation offered by the ‘we are as gods doctrine’ and we can do anything with magic was seemingly our best hope.
Humans generally cannot because our mind, spirit and soul is constantly attacked and hacked and depleted by a world full of visible and invisible farming apparatus and its operants.

Our two-dimensional human handicapping - our DNA prison straightjacket here is capped - and we can't process the way a Harry Potter can - and that supermagi training strategy leads to failure and capture in my opinion.

If we were the people who could decide to learn the violin and then play a Bach concerto to concert standard in two months time – or could chalk up a maths blackboard with Stephen Hawking – then maybe our playing field is more level. These magical ideologies are after all a training strategy supplied by the very demons and devils, greys and reptilians that we are trying to escape from. We can only make it with help - as so much stuff clings to our mind and spirit by day and night.

There is clearly an Angelic network at work saving souls on an individual basis – they protected me here and it is with faith in our one human example of perfect love, Christ that we persist. By loving God, ourselves and our brothers and sisters we connect to that Vine [John 15], and our frequencies are then raised up, our life and powers return and the dark parasitic connections ripped off or out of our being by our true family. We are then carried to safety in a heavenly realm above the hungry duality around here at the bottom of this frequency pit in the Repto-Grey soul farm on Earth.
This then is the work of Xenopolitics – to counter the ideological and spiritual charades deployed by those promoting the anti-Christian, anti-human global cull and the alien harvest of human souls.



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