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Swine flu make no mistake at all is a horrible virus that many say was genetically engineered by a multinational corporation - Fact is though that many many more people have died and are always dying from the common flu than the current variation of swine flu.

The Polish health minister herself a family doctor forbade the Polish participation in the vaccination program stating that her country refused to sign the multinational corporation secret clauses that exhonnerated them from liability for any side effects of a largely untested virus with potentially dangerous adjuvants.
Good sense and good scientific practise prevailed in Poland then.The symptoms for swine flu described by the UK National Health Service partially match some of the symptoms for barium toxicity. It is alleged October 2009 by e.g. a German airline pilot from Frankfurt that large transport craft – probably adapted C17’s are spraying Chemtrails, and it is alleged by others that a chemical soup of various antagonistic metal salts and other substances are being dispersed over populated areas.

Co-incidently we have an alleged swine flu pandemic as well as a pan-global allegedly barium spraying program.



· unusual tiredness,
· headache,
· runny nose,
· sore throat,
· shortness of breath or cough,
· loss of appetite,
· aching muscles,
· diarrhoea or vomiting.

alleged Barium in Chemtrail in conjunction with ongoing exposure may produce toxicity symptoms such as;
vomiting, diarrhea, and/or abdominal pain as one of the early signs of toxicity.

Do we get sprayed by Governments from the sky ?
Yes we do is the answer …

barium chemtrail reports

here are some of the facts on barium from the US department of Health study.

Public Health Service
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
August 2007


In the absence of evidence to the contrary, ATSDR assumes that humans are more sensitive to the effects of hazardous substance than animals and that certain persons may be particularly sensitive. Thus, the resulting MRL may be as much as 100-fold below levels that have been shown to be nontoxic in laboratory animals.

Human data consistently identify the gastrointestinal tract as a target of barium toxicity; most case reports of individuals ingesting soluble barium compounds report vomiting, diarrhea, and/or abdominal pain as one of the early signs of toxicity.

Toxicity—The occurrence of adverse effects on the reproductive system that may result from exposure to a chemical. The toxicity may be directed to the reproductive organs and/or the related endocrine system. The manifestation of such toxicity may be noted as alterations in sexual behavior, fertility, pregnancy outcomes, or modifications in other functions that are dependent on the integrity of this system.

Two reports of food poisonings with barium carbonate (Deng et al. 1991; Lewi and Bar-Khayim 1964) provide some suggestive information that children may not be as sensitive as adults to barium carbonate toxicity; however, the lack of detailed examination of the exposed children and lack of exposure information limits the interpretation of these data.

Effect. Symptoms of barium toxicity, such as hypokalemia, gastrointestinal upset, hyper- or hypotension, ventricular tachycardia, and numbness and tingling around the mouth and neck (Das and Singh 1970; Deng et al. 1991; Diengott et al. 1964; Downs et al. 1995; Gould et al. 1973; Koch et al. 2003; Lewi and Bar-Khayim 1964; McNally 1925; Ogen et al. 1967; Phelan et al. 1984; Talwar and Sharma 1979; Wetherill et al. 1981) are well documented.

Numbness and tingling around the mouth and neck were sometimes among the first symptoms of barium toxicity in humans (Lewi and Bar-Khayim 1964; Morton 1945). Occasionally, these neurological symptoms extended to the extremities (Das and Singh 1970; Lewi and Bar-Khayim 1964).

The developmental effects of barium have not been studied extensively in either humans or animals. One limited statistical study evaluated the degree of correlation between barium concentrations in drinking water and human congenital malformation rates of the central nervous system (Morton et al. 1976). Results of the study indicated there was a negative statistical correlation between these parameters, implying that a lower risk of congenital abnormalities was found in populations with higher barium levels.

Two animal studies evaluated the potential developmental toxicity of barium. Reduced survival, underdevelopment, lowered body weight, decreased lability of the peripheral nervous system, and various blood disorders were reportedly noted in the offspring of rats
following inhalation to barium for an intermediate exposure period (Tarasenko et al. 1977). The investigators also noted increased mortality and systemic toxicity in the offspring of rats orally exposed to barium during conception and pregnancy.

No studies were located regarding cancer in animals after dermal exposure to barium. However, results of one skin-painting study with mice suggest that barium hydroxide extract derived from tobacco leaf may act as a tumor-promoting agent (Van Duuren et al. 1968); the purity of the barium hydroxide extract was not reported. In this study, mice were treated dermally for an unspecified period of time with either barium hydroxide extract alone, 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene (DMBA) alone (an initiating agent), or a combination of DMBA and barium hydroxide extract. After 1 year, none of the mice treated with barium hydroxide extract developed skin tumors. However, 3 out of 20 mice treated with DMBA alone and 7 out of 20 mice treated with a combination of both barium hydroxide extract and DMBA developed skin cancer.

Magnesium has been reported to antagonize the neuromuscular effects (Dreisbach and Robertson 1987). Additional studies examining the efficacy of administering soluble
magnesium salts to antagonize the effects of barium would also be helpful.

In fact, potassium is a powerful antagonist of the cardiotoxic and paralyzing effects of barium in animals (Foster et al. 1977; Jaklinski et al. 1967; Roza and Berman 1971; Schott and McArdle 1974) and is used as an antidote in cases of acute barium poisoning.

HAARP uses the magnetic soup of supercharged ions to propagate its mind and population control messages and enhance its impact.




Known colloquially as the 'Tesla Center', Ohio's Wright Patterson Air Force Base is the reputed repository of that energetic inventor's prodigious papers and patents. Two scientists working on the chemtrail project at 'Wright Pat' told Columbus Alive reporter Bob Fitrakis that besides climate-modification, temporary 'chemical antennas' utilize barium sprayed by air force tankers to conduct radio and radar waves over-the-horizon. Extreme high-energy pulses beamed from HAARP could also be 'ducted' by barium chemtrails, affecting countries thousands of miles away. HAARP was last ordered to full power one-week before Sept. 11, 2001. [All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion]

here is the patent for the chemtrail machine

and here are notes on HAARP geopolitical warfare


Prakash shai said…
The chemical compound is prepared by dissolving Barium Oxide in water
Barium Hydroxide Manufacturers India This results in a Barium Octahydrate that can be converted to Monohydrate upon heating in air

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