JFK - in loving memory 46 years on

JFK - The Calling of Life Beyond the Soul Jar
Andrew Hennessey

On November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States was gunned down in Dallas Texas. The complete truth behind this assassination has never been told.
He was dead almost one minute before any shot was fired:

Even though the original footage can be shown to have been doctored to look like the car did not stop to present a sitting target – the events within the car are visible – unless on some showings they have been pixellated out by some misleading people.
In a fraction of a second around 254 on the Zapruder footage his wife-like hologram shoves a batwing embossed white vase in his face and he then slumps forward immediately after that – and then was held upright.

Let us pause to consider for how long the real truth has been withheld from our minds even with the Zapruder footage in plain view for almost 50 years

JFK was a brave and heroic man, a true Xenopolitician.
He knew he had opened a surreal Pandoras box with his speech on shadow groups and agendas - and from the looks of the footage - it was a surreal hologram posing as his wife that put him back inside a Pandoras box faster than the human eye can blink ...

JFK probably a prized interstellar captive taken during some Anunnaki interstellar race war and a prize prisoner of the Repto Imperium ... they let him loose for a while then they bring him back in as rebellion and the light of truth begin to re-emerge within ..

The soul of JFK though is not some geni in a bottle that they can keep and recycle for amusement between their playpen organic restaurant planets

Let us say a prayer for the soul of JFK - that he is called home to the Kingdom of Christ - beyond the claws of his persecutors.
Nothing is impossible for God or wherever two souls will gather in prayer.



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