the failure of the Disclosure Movement

its clear to anyone that Exopolitics and the Disclosure Movement are an impractical and surreal failure.
There is no indication from a recent Government communique in the UK that there is any willingness to Disclose ET affairs and instead the surreal proclamations that Obama will welcome ET or V in a baseball stadium or whatever are as unlikely and as laughable as ever.

What makes it laughable is the joke circus attendant on a limited amount of facts in view.
With no endorsement from the Governments - there is no forward step towards truth and what little of Disclosure there is is flooded out with channelled nonsense and the proclamations of those under the delusion of 'omnipotence of thought'.

We should totally ditch the Disclosure Movement - the only thing it Discloses is the time, place and ticket price for its next circus meeting.

What should be our next step ???

As a native Scotsman I find it iresome to agree with one of our ex prime ministers who truly tore the guts out of Scottish industry and made us dependent on the anarchic Ukraine for our national energy supply - but Margaret Thatcher had it right - though for all the wrong reasons when she stated that 'you can't tell the people ...'

Maggie said that no doubt fully aware of all the lawsuits that would come about to the fiscal detriment of her multinational patrons .. but she is right for another reason ..

When you start delving into this idiom and actively look for those having a bad time from negative aliens ... you end up with the greys and the reptos dodging about behind the theatrical props and the stage scenery of our dreams and our day time occupations.

If you tell the people that all this psycho surreal alien stuff is real and totally deliberate - you will disease their spirits and souls and make them even more liable to be harvested by the alien warders and soulminers ..
I suggest that you tell the people everything IF they want to know ..

but if they don't want to know - then ignorance of aliens is their best defence
imo and that the greatest shield and strength they can have is the knowledge that the Love of Christ will supply them and protect them and ultimately call them home - easily overcoming the matrix droids that try to lock them down ...

what next after Disclosure ???? - gardening, exercise, good diet, zero television, zero exo net, drinking lots of water, prayer ....

andrew hennessey


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