SERPO - the con trick

Andrew Hennessey

The story so far - a small elite group of specially selected American patriots head out in an awe inspiring journey to a dark cold barren world to meet up with some space brothers and watch ships on fire off the shores of Orion and see seabeams glitter in the dark near the tanhuasser gate ..
These brave all American heroes braved spartan and difficult conditions to raise the star bungled banner in the early light of some cold dawn on a distant star ... [takes out paper tissue, wipes tear etc]

The reality - human interstellar corporations must have hundreds of thousands of people out there living the dreams of avarice that these beings can fuel their minds with .. Hundreds of thousands .. Not twelve Neil Armstrongs - I'M NOT BUYING SERPO

They allegedly sent 12 or some small fixed number of all American heroes to some far flung they said dark and dismal sounding outpost ...
The truth is probably more like 120,000 multinational personnel are living their fantasies beyond the dreams of avarice in an ET energy to matter environment - or maybe they think they are !!!

They paint a picture of a hostile and inaccessible galaxy – and they are probably right.
Sounds like a bunch of teenage Intel nerds into comics and sci fi - I knew Burisch was a fake when he came out with the ganesh particle [it wasn't Tesla enough] and serpo didn't ring true for me either because its never been about 12 all American astronauts heading out into the deep colds of deprivation - its more like hundreds of thousands of corporate spacefarers living in extreme luxury being supplied with all the richness of fabric that could be manufactured from their wildest dreams ...

There are probably millions of human slave exports on transporters heading out to other earth type repto-grey farms.
Does anyone know if the SERPO legend was sophisticated enough to include a marine biologist from e.g. Russia ... maybe an algae expert specialising in indigenous species from lake Baikal in Russia .. Who was so important for the future of the human race and the cleanliness of its oceans that he was taken to serpo to see if we can import a natural organism that wouldn't mutate too much in our oceans etc maybe Intel had to do some sort of cold war exchange to get him.
It was just a simple clunky fairytale for rednecks – nothing too fancy e.g. they usually include some sort of French guy … J

We got all the other social archetypes - but SERPO sounds so insular

Was it multinational ? no ….. The all American dream …
SERPO a confidence trick by Americans for Americans.

Extracts from Prepare4Contact November 2007, Andrew Hennessey/ scottishatlantis


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