The Secret Life of Reptilians

The Secret Life of Reptilians.
My Diary

Andrew Hennessey

Planet 1838fhcf9B Draco Imperial Farm last time out was yet another mud and pointy sticks sketch. We were told to go there and support our favourite Imperial family as they play backward Lords – getting the natives to haul blocks and starve in the mud.
We get to wave our swords about – but I’ve done this before several times in better game play.
My usual turbo-charged ballet of steel - the lightning fast sword play stuff is fun, but it’s a bit basic as the apes don’t appreciate the sartorial elegance of the costuming.
People should know when they are conquered.
The human batches tend to be repeatedly erased prisoners of the Intergalactic incursion – and have no memory of their civilisation … all they know is the mud and the cold and the speed and power of the Draco warriors.
Sure you can taste the pain, drink the fear, suck the prana – but the sketches are a bit overplayed.
The Imperium currently have 53 worlds interplaying various states of barbarism and low tech tool use.
They do have good restaurants and leisure complexes - its where we can keep in touch with the Imperial news and family matters – but, honestly – there has to be better ways of getting some soul food than hanging out in atrocious weather in well worn primitivism.
Sure we have our diary droids to capture our best-of kills and accomplishments, but I am honestly thinking of withdrawing my double from this garbage stuff – as its twice the mud, twice the rain and twice the stench.

We did our usual battle harvest last moon – and there was a fair bit of interplay between our doubles and the humans – and we just watched as the greys hoovered up the juices in their mobile collector vats.

At these harvests the phoenix just burst out during the chaos and attrition as the kingdoms of human zombies are smashed and driven down – as they say you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs …
I think though that most of the hand to hand sword stuff I have in my collection – and I just cannot be bothered looking through those scenes anymore … I have lost count of the numbers of the slow motion human retards I have offed.
The hosting figures are up thankfully. The Imperial Progeny Division has noted a 200 percent increase in successful phoenix integrations and many of the ancestral spawn are able to be safely collected in a healthy way from the harvested apes and shipped to a more technologically complex farm zone.

I say complex … but it really isn’t that much fun to mess with the retarded technology in these farms. The expectations of looking cool on the other hand are much multiplied and more sophisticated gameplay can be had amongst the emergent social pretensions of the monkeys.
Plenty delicious ways for multitasking megaminds to crush the aspirations of the slowly processing monkeys - and the social life here is totally bearable.
A relative glut of Lifeforce and milking in the luxurious ease of superior fabrics and infrastructure.
I don’t think they like us to get soft though.
I heard from the 3 millennium plan that the Imperium plans a terminal harvest soon and that the pseudo technology status will be downgraded from pre-stellar to semi-barbarism.
I know theres the Alpha set from the hub, been hanging out with these alpha dracs for some time now and they plan to burn up the junk filled books and head back to basics as soon as the Imperium will allow …
Maybe I get a chance to play a demi-god or a trickster or a flash super hero – but I hear they scrubbed – totally mind wiped that last planetary assimilation and are currently processing their creatives for the farm-hosting worlds.
I suspect they will bring their leaders here to rub their faces in it first … just to help them watch the memories of technology they are allowed to keep by the greys totally fail.
I remember the story of the starfighter hero that they made drive an old broken down bus that went from hovel to hovel … hoping to totally crush his spirit.
They arranged the route so he would have to drive past some messy and dark reworkings of his precious memories.

The Gestation lab is flying in a new batch of primary 2 phoenix that was hatched in barbarism to give them a taste of technology issues.
There are plenty fresh or reworked hosts here for them to attach to.
I know that the advanced hatchery works with more specific issues in the hosts metabolism and that they have developed some interdimensional travel into a local cul de sac for the monkey hopefuls … feeding time can be very devious in this Imperium.

I suppose if the Greys amnesia machines failed it wouldn’t actually make that much difference as all the cul de sacs are innately redundant and are failsafe and fail happy for us.

As we say – no pain – no gain …

One thing that makes life more interesting are the Angelic interventions.
Those interfering busy bodies seem to wander around totally unchecked and in an unpredictable manner – often not picked up even by the Greys scanners.
John 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

The intervention of Christ and these Saints and Angels seems to focus the detainees on the other reality that we try to totally blast out of their souls with the amnesia machines.
The Greys though are usually in on these noisy inmates when they start distorting their patterning by not reacting with the things that are driving them.
Once they start to really not engage these driving mechanisms in their lives, turning the other cheek and forgiving the outrageous – they start to break free of the programming and get picked up by the Angels.
As they say – its all grist to Satans Mill and it all adds to the fun, but the Imperium has an edict out on those goody goody types that get born into the prison.

They’re like - rustling the Imperial herd …


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