Andrew Hennessey

I made a point over the years of collecting the best NASA and ESA photos I could find of Mars, as I noted the best ones tended to disappear off the net.
I even discovered a pyramid and mining complex at Ianni Chaos that people refuse to talk about.
I have pictures of pine forests, lakes, scrubland, old Sumerian style temples, metallic domes, parked ships of various sizes and descriptions and big land works of a non-natural appearance – plus of course the glass tube pictures. These big often meteor hit tubes that look like plexiglass with a strange skeletal ribs giving them form .. may have been used to drain the Martian oceans at one point in the past.
All of these photos are available in the RATIONALUFOLOGY photos folder on yahoo .. link ..

I started to notice though that players like Hoagland and his enterprise mission and other people on the scene were not discussing these images or anything like them … they were making imaginary cities out of martian craters and dustbowls, taking natural manysided mudcracks from dessicated flats and alleging they were alien, they were discussing and promoting imaginary cities with weird fantasy names – cities obviously fantasised out of photos of piles of martian rubble … and worst of all … there were actually paid intelligence agency personnel taking quite ordinary photographs from mars of nothing much in particular and by the use of photoshop and magnification and pixel errors and blurring and the misuse of scale – and by taking miniscule scale out of context – they were manufacturing cosmologies of gibberish out of the pixel noise of those highly magnified low resolution images.

We have been regaled with tales of mini-humans – living in the cracks between the pixels of the smallest pixel of a rock – yet despite this scientifically impossible rhetoric passing itself off as skepticism to undermine the important Martian photos – Intel argues its case and we seem to listen – but we don’t hear the science:

Their activity served to totally undermine public opinion as to the veracity of the other more obvious photographs that really do show evidence of real vegetation, water and works of civilisation.

What worsened that for me was the total non-appearance of the excellent photographs we have in the RATIONALUFOLOGY Mars photofolder in the last ten years in the genre of Martian discussions.
They choose to discuss facetious and imaginary garbage over the real empirical evidence. It is abundant and good empirical evidence at that.

We must put the lies about Mars in perspective.
Governments with Human responsibilities have to have been shuttling massive economic assets there for decades at least.
The real NASA images show a realistic supply of water – free energy technology, non-petrochemical society – a nearby abundance of foods and medicines, a nearby vision of life without the artificially created oppression of Earth – where the Reptilian warders and the Greys keep and farm their starwars captives in handicapped human forms – for their own evil purposes.

The Mars images prove that Human beings are being deliberately abused and denied basic rights to food, medicine and shelter by their Draconian overlords on Earth.
On a planet where HU means reptilian and Man means clay or earth then you can see the significance of the how we have to struggle with our demons sometimes in those Norwegian photos.
This planet in that respect rather reminds me of the hosting lab in Aliens 2.
Having Humans catch onto their artificially created and regulated disease ridden predicament by seeing the mundane status quo for otherworld non-prisoners waving at us from the comfort and luxury of the Martian Hilton isn’t in the interests of the Overlords. They need us to keep buying into the arcade games here that pass themselves off as society.
We can see a vision of free lunches, free energy, free movement, abundance of social process and facility and a totally different academic paradigm that really works without any paradoxes right in front of us.
You can see therefore why making the images of good things on mars seem stupid is reasonable from their point of view.

Andrew Hennessey


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