JFK - leading light of Xenopolitics

JFK – leading light of Xenopolitics
Andrew Hennessey

JFK is the ultimate human role model. A man of principle and integrity, a man of honesty – a special man – a man who identified the behaviour of Xenos amongst humanity.
In a way JFK was the first politician in my century to identify and manfully respond to the Xeno and anti-human agenda of the Reptilian farmers. I identify JFK as an inspiration of the Xenopolitical movement – although he himself was unable to identify the charade and its players until a split second too late.

This is JFK’s famous speech that irritated the Reptilian governors of the funny farm here –
so much so that they staged a spectacular coup d’etat faster than the human eye could blink to presumably repossess or reprocess his soul. You can see a white vase or alien device getting shoved in his face in one frame lasting a sixteenth of a second from the Zapruder footage – a full minute before any gunshot.
JFK a patron spirit of Xenopolitics was taken out by reptilians a full minute before any human with any gun discharged

photos in the rationalufology photofile

Xenopolitics acknowledges the heroic stand of JFK in this circus maximus.

Andrew Hennessey


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