Andrew Hennessey

When we think we want to talk about reality as it pertains to our lives and what we think of as our history and our historical and scientific and even social evidence and the artefact record I have become more and more reluctant to accept the conventional norms, accepted standards and histories and indeed we know that our lives and historical records have been a battle between forces of Light and forces of Dark.

Some of us know for example that the Greys or faeries can create matter, artefacts and objects, out of nothing relative to our timelines in an instant.
That is not to say that somewhere else they were burning the midnight oil in some other timeline before shoving a brand new encyclopaedia in our faces appropriately tarnished to look old.
The folk lore record corroborates my own personal experience and opinions of these beings – though that as we know doesn’t always apply to everybody else.

History can be rewritten in moments and fake historically aged books can be made to materialise, fake artefacts of appropriate provenance can be used to re-engineer lives, fake artefacts can be aged and rusted and partly disintegrated and then implanted in undisturbed geological strata .. and new forests and landscape growth can be promoted overnight.
Indeed it may be that all sorts of buildings could be made to literally spring up as demonstrated in the film DARK CITY.

If all the knowledge we know is susceptible to chaos and sabotage and misrepresentation by alien colonists and farmers – what then is the human reality that could keep us sane through these disconcerting mind games.

I can state my opinion, but that’s all it can be.

My own vision of Christ, for example is safe for several reasons;

1. I know and have experienced that I am protected by Good Angels.
2. I know that in every universal and natural case or instance of anything there is always a first born occurrence in a line or series of things [e.g. human beings] from the highest frequency and source right down to the most dense and slow moving and re-iterated of these. That is why I can look up to a Divine Human Family and my hierarchy of attendant Brothers and Sisters, knowing that they in turn are connected to the roots of the Firstborn, Christ. Regardless of what becomes rewritten or unwritten on Earth – the universal and obvious truth of the firstborn Divine Human Family connected together and resonating empathically and supplying one another in love has a natural and obvious model in Christ the True Vine of John 15

We know for example that some human institutions in which we invest our hopes and beliefs tend to dishearten us and their policies and applications, use of resources and social reality can be sickeningly inappropriate.
In my opinion though … this is the whole point of being Human on Earth – to notice just this and to want to not be part of that anti-human and anti-life behaviour.

False sciences and politics, practises of irrationality and psychology, pointless wars, pointless shortages, technological and medical redundancy, pointless disease, desolation, attrition and death.
I also know that many of the recorded; names, places and dates and details are prone to sabotage and misrepresentation.
In this unease the Human Being is challenged to recognise the Way that leads to Life or the way that leads to Death and this through the simple act of self-respect and love for others and our Creator.

Into this alien controlled - since at least 19047BC - ever mutating physical reality .. there is the constancy of dark powers and dominions some of whom I have photographs of and also the countervening powers of Light that have endlessly laboured in my own life to keep them at bay.

In the face of such darkness and chaos and clever evil tricks – the scriptural basis of my own life and Faith can come under attack.
Faith in the power of love will save me – not the power of my intellect – for I can become trapped in empty arguments and predated upon.
Without trusting such academic or empirical reference points, the predation generated by pseudo-human or the reptilian overlords, the Annunaki or HU, we can discern with reference to a natural law and process that there would have to be a first and closest to the Source in every series of beings.

The Son of God is firstborn.

I also deduced that a High Energy paradigm of Saints and Angels would have total power of combination and recombination of all matter, and DNA, biological bodies, and could create matter; bread, wine or fish etc by the power of will from the higher energies of the Source. They could heal and perform miracles.
The Greys are reported to use computers and technologies to do things like this but from the testimony of some abductees are more likely to wither than heal.

From the perspective of being up Holy Mountains and seeing the Kingdoms of Men laid out before them, it can be seen that their high energy timelessness takes them out of the human and earthly timestream such that they can see the consequences of materials around them in the futures of those in those timestreams as if from a greater perspective. I also believe getting above timestreams possible because they are predicted by a particle physics model I developed which works for me ..

It is also possible for me given my belief that Earth is a Reptilian and Grey nursery literally thriving on despair [the majority of it artificial and alien controlled] that there would be a network of Saints and Angels operating amongst Humanity to try to illustrate the Way to life beyond the death of the body. Also this might include strategies to recover the individual soul in terms of its own social landmarks and conditions.

There are then many basic realities that can be discerned from documents e.g. even the scientific ones, though many of those excluded and buried their refutations in alleged peer review processes e.g. Big Bang [never happened 1992], Egyptology [no Atlantis from Sphinx watermarks], Tesla [real unity was rejected 1910], Chaos Biology, [1990 versus Darwin = No Chaos Biology], Cancer Cures [many e.g. artemesia annua sp.]

In a world where people can be replaced by one of two means e.g. Reptilian shapeshifter with natural control over DNA and illusion on the frequency of the human mind or, Grey with a small black hologram projector box, and where all our physical and mental reference points can be tinkered with and our geography and history and culture rescripted – there ARE certainties even within such information chaos that are based on changeless processes and transactions that take place regardless of how we describe them or what labels, spin or adjectives we use.

Not taking opinions as verbatim, and then deciding for ourselves what actually checks out and makes sense. In that respect I don’t think that we should be taking shortcuts.

With so much information chaos and so much sadistic psychological dissonance, and so many seemingly clever forms of torture disguised as social realities coming at the Human Being from every angle, the howl of the matrix harvesting process threatens to tear us into its turbulence.

It’s a natural thing that plants e.g. a grapevine does … they embrace their own cell integrity, [in our human terms the love within] and then draw and share water from the Source at the roots to share it with surrounding cells and so be integrated with and maintain the overall structure of the plant or the body of the Christ. [John 15]

First we must wilfully detach ourselves from the need to engage this chaos, becoming partly free of it, and then we must do another thing, we must feel our own love inside ourselves, as if we were a loving integrated cell in the grapevine, and have the faith to know that that love resonates with and connects us with the Greatest Love, and in that realisation, in that act of truth and Faith, that we love and empathise and resonate and sympathise with our Firstborn Brother Christ, and in that moment of Faith might be our redemption.

I find that some people on the net when criticising or attempting to refute Christianity do so by attacking the failures of the infiltrated institutions of the human church and also keep humanising everything – that all the errors are human failures etc - when the place is and has been slithering with reptiles [devils] and hopping with greys [demons] ... the issues are really more interstellar and complex than they are being made to appear by these ‘critics’ ...
All of the mess we take for history is a charade manufactured by the HU – the reptilians – but even if we cannot trust books or history or people or churches or libraries or anything - one thing is TRUE - that there would have to be One divine example of a Human being in the highest human heaven and that that Son of God would have life in abundance and that we by imitating the behaviour of nature in the
respect of loving one another and respecting self and loving the source – we then behave as if cells in the vine plant ... doing with our will and mind, our faith and spirit what nature does unconsciously and doing that we become the perfect cell in the vine of john 15 and become as empowered as any being could be – simply recognising that love, society, family and commitment and honour are part of the way to live forever without dying or melting. Because when we resonate with the
Divine archetype of the firstborn Human who is Christ - we absorb the energy like a vine cell absorbs its water, we resonate with Him and become refreshed in our spiritual pattern and overflow with abundant energy - not because we read corrupted books but because we love .. one another and love God - that is the second Covenant that Christ brought us – the sufficiency for eternal life.
It is true because the idea has a natural analogy in the vine itself and the way the vine lives and stays alive - it is self-evident because love is that water of life and it is also true because Christ came here to deliver that salvation to us ... evident in the Way His teaching resonates true as the true vine of john 15

The place though is and has always been crawling with devils and demons reptiles and greys - salvation from this place is a disengagement with its sick and artificial values and its liars and cheats. Not engaging with its processes and set of frequencies is effectively turning the other cheek !!


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