Leeta said…
i must say, the green looks like an insectoid being. at first glance.
Emily Cragg said…
Dear Andrew,

Please calm down. Intrusions by the Orion Group Reptlians and Greys have been going on on this planet for millennia. Getting hysterical will not help. They intend to take over this planet, is true. But they're doing it by POSSESSING the minds of our own humans leadership, as in the old 1956 movie, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," not by simple overt invasion. ... Our only defense is mental. A connection to Eternal Personalities is the only way OUT of this mess. Keep in touch. I'm trying to walk the line, here; and I've gotten kicked out of Open Minds and Project Camelot and Astro Vera. All the Forums are infltrated.
Ben Emlyn-Jones said…
Blimey, Andrew! It must have been hairy taking those pics! You're a gutsy bloke! Take care, mate. Don't get too close!

I've heard that there are several bases like this in the world. Area 51 and Pine Gap are just the most famous of hundreds.
lewis said…
andrew i have been interested in ufos all my life i have had lots of things happen in my life to do with ufo stuff from as little as three years old
i would like to go to the mine at night and get as close as i can
i now whats going on and so dose most people but they just close thair mind to it
as there are never any clear pictures or video for them to say that must be real so i am willing to put my life on the line for this and do what ever i can to bring that proof to everyone

so keep up the good work andrew
caledonia said…
hi Lewis

a couple of things to watch out for ...

1. people acting under control
2. treetop height probes/droids
3. their onsite security which can include shapeshifting people and vehicles
4. newly erected electric fence as tripwire across the public right of way
5. mad max type biking/bikers

take care


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