Andrew Hennessey

There have been more recent sightings of Reptilian flying penis ships over Edinburgh, Scotland – well their full frontal view is phallic and their broadside view is womanly eight legged Gnostic arachnid which can only be the Reptilians into their male/female alchemical wedding illuminati ideologies etc
You could get accused of being a pornographer putting some of this imagery on the net !!

Just as last year 3 willy ships turn up spinning round and round on their vertical axis and then suddenly … in an orchestrated display of highly intelligent theatre and simultaneous swivelling – they simultaneously flash themselves and switch off their lights and a fourth willy ship – presumably james T willy – maybe king willy or king wiener the third – then skates his rotating ship about the Edinburgh skies …

Obviously the flight lieutenants in each ship were standing close by the light switches with their mobile phones at the ready.

This formation flying can either be seen as a somewhat animalistic territorial display often observed in colonies of monkeys or baboons, where sexual prowess and skill is linked to territorial acquisition [R Ardrey, The Territorial Imperative] and therefore thought to be intimidating to other baboons, and also attractive to potential monkey mates.
Indeed a civilisation that decides to build a ship that looks like a penis has definitely some Freudian issues centered around adequacy and perhaps low self esteem. It does suggest somewhat basic central ideologies around individual gratification often seen in the adolescent population of basic, underachieving Earth that is governed by its hormones. However that overruling aspect of the sexual and territorial imperative has driven this species to want to shove their members in the faces of other races and it does rather remind one of the research findings of Ardrey and Storr on the behaviour of the Rhesus Macaques and baboon colonies.

Alternatively perhaps a failure in the engine design of the ship itself is the reason that this ship swivels and rotates all over the sky.
We hear lots about electrogravity theory for ET ships that are based on spinning magnets e.g. from; tesla, townsend brown, de palma etc but that in human industrial applications of spinning magnet technology, the actual magnets themselves have the capacity to rotate in a bearings system independently of their fixings … i.e. the whole room doesn’t have to be made to spin round and round just to accomplish the rotation of the magnet
It might be for example that Reptilian technology doesn’t know how to become detached and have more subtle linkages between axles and that its fixtures haven’t yet evolved couplings with ballbearings.
Reptilians with no ball bearings doesn’t bode well for the level of enlightenment to be had from our green neck neighbors.
As a result the Reptilian starship has to spin round and round in its entirety to generate the antigravity field.
This seems a shame really when you think what the concept of a magnet mounted on an axle could do for the digestive systems of personnel on board this kind of ship.

I suspect that the English blueblood saying of taking the sports car out for a spin – comes from ancient idiom and reptilian practise of keeping it simple and basic.


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