Andrew Hennessey

Although I have been somewhat critical of overt sexual displays in Extra Terrestrial technology, it is also true that I do not know the interstellar history behind such a design decision.

It could be for example that megapopulations are asexual or non sexually reproducing and that the kind of social specialisations within gender are being attacked, destroyed and driven out by either cyborg or hive orientated beings.

We know that in nature on Earth, the hives in the bees, ants and wasps, [hymenoptera] do not allow sexual diversity in the lower and most numerous castes – and it could be that Hive orientated caste systems would envy and make war on the creative and spontaneous and individual freedoms of gender as these properties in huge sexually orientated social systems directly compete with and potentially threaten the performance of the relatively tiny sexual pool within the vast asexual hives and their highly controlled populations.

The allure of such freedoms of gender threaten the stability of hive control over their vast artificially neutered populations.
There has probably been big and frequent interstellar trouble over this.

In which case, although hermaphroditic in its ideology, the ship design, at best, presents a patronage of the paradigm of the masculine and the feminine and the reality of individuality or allegation of individuality and freedom within that alleged social context.

At worst though – it could just be some self empowered allegedly omnipotent Reptilian magus on a trip and in yer face !!


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