hi folks,

the tune is the road to the isles .. you can see the scottish mountains called the cairngorms .. then at the end the cuillin mountains of skye and also me outside eilean donan castle.
I am totally exluded from scottish culture - in that I cannot make money at anything written, painted, composed or dancing or textile design for a new kind of tartan style or new fiddle design or playing ceilidh or rock music .. totally shut out of the picture ... so the guy in the kilt - me - is a bit ironic - as he doesn't get to play anywhere or get his CD's sold .. but its just something I needed to get out of my system ... My heart wants to be in the kingdom of heaven not the kingdom of scotland ... but you can see from the commando memorial at spean bridge that many souls pass through this world hopefully on their way to the high mountains and places of love beyond this desolation.
so in a way this little tune is about my journey - out in the cold ...
and I'm glad I am where I am ... as I could have been drowned in worldly sickness and tempted to fall into it all ...
sometimes being the individual is the hardest loneliest path ... though it is unlikely that any soldier firing gas propelled lead pellets could have made any inroads on the evil farmers here who can run rings round the slowness of humanity .. unlikely that mankind will ever get another opportunity to turn their back on the games of soul death and move up ... to the high mountains of heavens Kingdom.



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