Andrew Hennessey

In a new found and alleged commitment to Disclosure the Exopoliticians take to Facebook to conquer the world with workshops and book sales and conference ticket sales and of course their own unique brand of irrationalist Boylanesque gaga.
This further expansion for more networked living space into the uncharted steppes and Urals of this digital Eastern front could be the wintery graveyard of the Exo circus.

With no cover from SS reptogreyspook rearguard who usually hide on yahoo forums with fake Ids sillyevilname@ yahoo.com etc soundswierdanddangerous@ yahoo.com facebook makes it very hard for subversives and psyops to give anonymous support to the Exo doctors.

Psyops usually lay down covering fire with character sniping and lay on smoke and mirrors and other diversions to cover the retreat of the exposed Exo Uberman when they encounter barracking from rationalists asking simple questions like ‘prove that’ or ‘how do you know that ?’ the Exo offensive deep into the territorial heart of the lives of millions of realists will be totally exposed to the freezing wintery critique of millions of sensible and accountable people who will ask and expect reason and accountability from Exoland.

The usual psyops cover and diversions, that have protected the Exos on other forums, however, cannot be done on facebook without total legal transparency and in fact people fomenting irrationalist and semantic chaos can be very easily weeded out.

Consequently the EXO incursion into the digital and educated network land of Facebook – although allegedly desirable – is probably a huge strategic mistake for Exopolitics – who will be totally exposed to reasonable and wintery comments for their outrageous claims and assertions. Millions of educated people intolerant of BS.

You can see how the Exos dodge rational refutations of their claims and avoid being confronted by evidence when Boylan bans images from his weird cult. For him being exposed to rational counterexamples of his theories isn’t good. They can’t stop the presentation of such empirical evidence on facebook.

Facebook although offering and networking more living room for Exo ideas is probably going to blow Exopolitics away.

That’s why Facebook is probably the Stalingrad of Exopolitics in my opinion.



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