Andrew Hennessey

The Exopoliticians and alien apologists say that we create the reality that we deserve and are solely responsible for it. This anecdote illustrates aggressive alien harassment.

I used to stay down in Leith, the picturesque port of Edinburgh just over 10 years ago and there were many interesting and special and scenic buildings of architectural interest, whilst the place had a thriving up-market social scene in amongst the usual problems and issues that one would associate with a port and certain quarters of a city.
Full of restaurants, music, the canal and the swans it was a regular arts district down on the Shore.
The further one went from the Shore where I was staying however, the more likely that you were to encounter some social issues from areas of unfortunate housing and education.
In my time staying in the better part of Leith, I worked with a band of musicians and we had an old Mercedes van.
My artificial dream last night was that I was asked to park my van somewhere in Leith because I was to attend an event in Leith, and try as I could, because of parking restrictions and one way systems I got further and further away from the shore and into the rougher outlying districts.
As I searched my memory of the streets for good and safe options to park .. it seemed I was drawn further and further away from the nice places that I wanted to be.

Having now moved to the North East district of Edinburgh also near the sea, there is a tourist street in Portobello called Bath street that has a folk music session in a bar at the foot of it by the sea and sand.
You can’t ever get parked in that nice street either.
I was asked by a venue owner to park my vehicle locally.
I had an image of me also trying to park my van/business vehicle not in Leith but in Portobello and perhaps by association there is a disguised threat … that the area of Portobello where I now stay is not a safe place to park for me.

My mind is getting the social geography of the Leith locality mapped onto and transferred onto my new and more recent map of the Portobello area.
This might make it unconsciously more easy to accept or expect an irrational or surreal attack on my person or my property in that area.
We may have to agree to be a victim … but we can certainly be worked on to accept these misfortunes.


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