andrew hennessey
the farm will have an input mechanism – probably unending interstellar wars to feed it


1. input could be interstellar captives and slaves and a feeder mechanism

2. process - I think that there are at least two or three farming processes

A. milking the livestock by falsifying their social performance, creating despair
and superceding to feed off the outrage and vindication phases of the victims psychology

B stripping and disintegration by enforced disorientation and existential trauma

C. enforced and artificial soul pairings and hosting a reptilian Hrumachis/phoenix in the dynamic spiritual niches and bonds in such a relationship over centuries of computer controlled re-iteration in various states of tool dependence and independence
the ouput being nursed and surrogated reptilian larvae that can be educated to take their place straight from the swamp and right into the hitek repto empire ?

3. the output from the farm – would be:
a. nursed and educated and technologically orientated reptilian juveniles capable of addressing issues and solving problems analytically with reference to a technological and digital environment
b. recycled slave stock between despair farms/technological earth type cul de sac worlds e.g. 100 earth type dysfunctional worlds in this galaxy
c. broken down beings, soul parts, soul dust, star dust etc
d. software ‘how to solve problem’ modules for trade between megapopulations
e. overfarmed stock would be suitable for robotically orientated consciousness AI interface


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