Andrew Hennessey

I had come back late from a gig in Edinburgh on Saturday night where I had been playing fiddle at a somewhat unappreciative wedding with lots of insincere draco types there and felt somewhat abused by the wages from which substantial petrol had to be deducted and the demeanour of the people in the wedding party and also the uncooperative nature of the hotel staff.
It was late and as they had a selection of bacon bread rolls at the buffet and some cake - I headed off to Walmart and bought myself a chocolate eclair - and then made some tea and turned the TV on to settle down and unwind.
It was a bad martial arts B movie - and as I walked over to the couch - chocolate eclair in hand - a lady partly materialised and grabbed my hands and pulled the old chocolate pastry from my grasp and sent it onto the floor. I knew this lady – she was a friend but I could not remember where from – though perhaps from some encounter in the 6 or 7 hours that I cannot account for when I sleep.
As she held my hand I could feel myself become more and more aware and start to see around me a very beautiful light filled golden place.
My angels were letting me know that THIS isn't it ... and that there were many more beautiful things to come.
Technically therefore if an Angel held our hand we could walk out of this prison block through all of its blockades and traps, and that this sort of thing could happen to any one of us that prayed for deliverance.
Inspired by the divine poetry of the moment the memory of a haunting song from my youth came to me that is sung by Gene Pitney. The refrain is “somethings got a hold of my hand dragging my soul to a beautiful land”.
I headed off to Youtube where I did a search for – somethings got a hold of my heart – by Gene Pitney and the search came up with the 1967 version of the young Gene belting it out in the bygone days of black and white television, but also found a version made in the late 1989’s which is a garish color video of the older Gene Pitney wandering through alleyways of trash and trashy neon striplights and of him presumably arriving in a beautiful land in a red limo outside a casino or some such garishly lit emporium where inside we see his rendezvous which is a scantily clad lady in eastern belly dancing costume with a golden circlet on her forehead from which rises a golden snake or reptilian motif.
On planet Earth, Dr Deagle in his iron/clay websites and project Camelot interview describes a HU-man being as nesting material or clay – the man – into which the regality of reptilian ancestral larvae link. This process of hosting and linking is also described by researchers like James Bartley.
Let us pray for the soul of Gene Pitney and other fallible human beings like myself who can be dragged by the hand into places that they would probably not be able to recognise in their diminished human state.
The heart that wrote that beautiful song is not a trophy that darkness would be allowed to keep imo.
The only criteria I can have and use in my own defence is by their fruits and by my heart shall I know them as they enact loving commitment to our wellbeing and salvation. .


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