Andrew Hennessey

We hear from central figures in UFOLOGY such as Sitchen and Dean that our Reptilian creators the Annunaki went away and left us whilst on the contrary, from researchers like Michael Tsarion we can see that our entire culture in historic and contemporary terms is driven by and saturated with Illuminati symbolism and historic and contemporary agendas.
The shining ones or the illuminati are depicted as Reptilian by e.g. the 19th century Scottish painter John Duncan in his famous painting ‘the riders of the Sidhe’ that shows the DeDannan or people of An, the Aryan Annunaki.

This planet in my opinion however, is basically an intentionally degradative and nihilistic soul farm where the ruling Repto-Grey elite perpetually enforce the creation of artificial winners and artificial losers in learning and feeding scenarios for their alien progeny.
The retarded Hu-Man elements of the population are made to bleed outrage and vindication life-juices whilst they try to set things right in some highly engineered nihilistic context with deliberately obsolete and dysfunctional tools.
This under the gaze of Remote Viewing telepathic attacks and alien matrix network droids.

Our outraged and gushing vindications, intense focussing and re-driving and re-asserting our goals and our original intentions has the effect of grooming and feeding, educating and anthropomorphically orientating hosted Reptilian larvae whilst supplying the Greys with software ‘how to’ modules.
Dr Deagle notes that the word Hu of Human means Reptile God and, Man means clay and that the Royal Human being is one hosted with many parasitic Reptilian links.
Human therefore means hosted one in his opinion.
That would make the occult definition of planet Earth a hosting nursery of Reptogodclay for Reptilian larvae.
We the handicapped straight jacketed humans – the incubator clay and fairly rational nesting material amongst our turbo charged farmers and their grey janitors are shunted from pillar to post like a ball in a pinball machine so that ‘the descent of the serpent fire into matter’ can be as educational a grooming as possible for the dark ancestral progeny of the Annunaki.

Our reasonably sentient souls, many still with older interstellar memories intact, some with memories of having been reprocessed historically through computer rooms, [Ralph X] are inserted into the straightjacket of capped human DNA or ‘incubator units’ where it is hoped that they can struggle their way through the obstacle course of artificially constructed evils and obstacles that will render them negated and their essences and psychological processes and problem solving strategies [the real emperors clothes] the property of either the Greys or the kind of reptilian swamp larvae depicted in statues in an Oslo park in Norway.

What nobody tells us HU-mans is that society is totally not a level playing field and that the purpose of society for human beings is not success but diseased failure so that we can educate alien progeny.
Around us ET winners and resident Reptos with zero handicaps play Bach on a violin whilst simultaneously making a multitasking descent of Mount Everest on a snowboard.
Whatever X it is we think we are slightly good at .. there will be an endless parade of the magnificent gods of X whilst our minds and are bodies and our focus and our memories, our short term and long term memory, even muscle performance and our tools and equipment are covertly hacked whilst we try to achieve.
The problem of the human being is that we take each event one at a time through having no other options. We goto the shops and have an event or transaction in the shop and our rational mind separates that from any other event crossing the road and a completely different event at the office. We have no reason for grand paranoia and conspiracy or so it would seem. The idea that everybody is out to get us may not actually be defined as paranoia – more as observant !
For example one lady in 2008 saw 21 red cars in the space of eleven minutes as the Grey janitors tried to stoke up a sense of paranoia and social disease.
As you can see from the Gary Stollman case……

…… It would be rather unhealthy both physically and mentally to be in a perpetual state of hypervigilance, siege mentality and existential stress. We may rather have to be more at ease with ourselves and happy with our real royal connections to God that go beyond the puerile ambitions and existential dysfunctions of this Reptilian species. [Not all Reptilian species or beings are bad – logically]

Some human beings like Gary find themselves incarnated amongst abusive and unhuman family situations.
The problem for sensitive and generally loving and creative souls used on these Earth-type retarded nurseries is that the world around them denies the widespread existence and use of telepathy.
The world around them denies that people can; dematerialise and remote view and can hack into your vision and memories and present you with false and exhausting dreams, or can fabricate deliberately abusive and exhausting confrontations.
All of this to milk your juices and groom alien progeny.
Some elements in the world will deliberately present the surreal to pull the rug of reality out from under your feet. These beings in the world will deliberately and unhumanly conspire to dumb down and degrade the qualities of your spirit and soul. [Michael Tsarion]
These beings in the world will use imagery and nihilistic presentations and artificially created social theatre to lead your mind down into the deeps of darkness like a millstone – causing it to drag your soul down into the dark oceans of emptiness and chaos.

Perhaps the more disconnected our spirit and soul is from our eternal source the more complex foodstuffs or chunks we surrender during disintegration under stress.

Our HU-man mind therefore is a flawed tool, easily sabotaged by either natural and or technological alien telepathy that no-one ever seems to tell us about – even when the perpetrators are allegedly close to us, even alleged relatives.
We cannot hear about the real telepathic status quo in books or workshops though maybe someone will come along one day and actually tell you and confirm the truth by live enacted examples.

One of the greatest betrayals of the human being is the conspiracy to conceal the widespread use of telepathy and the ease by which a human being can be read and accessed and subverted.
Indeed no-one tells us about a sky full of floating biometric and psychometric junk which many will be able to see with non-human and less deadened eyes than ours. [see satellite photos]

Its true though that like every other living being in the universe that a form of telepathy by sympathetic resonance is shared by even the “incubator unit” known as HU-man with the trees and fish and birds and bees.
This though is not functioning at the high end superfast encyclopaedic cognition of either the Reptilian “enlightened” or the humans with “network cards in their brains” who are the hive assets of the Greys.
Many of these beings have the ability to bi-locate, rematerialise and do all the stuff that we used to be able to do before we got caught and made to forget that we could.

The HU-man being even as manufactured by Annunaki though does have an innate sense of telepathy. It is that “gut instinct” – that heart-centered interpretation that often goes contrary to what our limited intellects have been led to believe.

That innate gut instinct that bypasses the intellect and intellectual mentality is actually studied by a newly emerging science called Emotional intelligence.
According to Daniel Goloman, “Emotional intelligence research has shown that in the first few milliseconds of our perceiving something, we do not only unconsciously comprehend what it is but decide whether we like it or not. The cognitive unconscious presents our awareness with not just the identity of what we see but an opinion about it – our emotions have a will of their own, one which can hold views quite independently of our rational mind.”

Here the HU-man being in one of these artificially abusive social situations on planet Earth-type repto-nursery is presented with some social situation where some people will be pretending that they are not being abusive and are merely being perfectly natural – but your Emotional Intelligence probably knows better, using ones own telepathic intuition to read a possible charade that appeases the mind but diseases the heart.

If abusive telepaths run the repto-nursery and we HU-mans are not that capable of sorting out immensely complex ideas very quickly, then there is obvious room for manoeuvre for our farmers who can literally run rings round us both intellectually and physically while we blink. [Banks IM British Calendar Customs, 1937]

Massive contradictions from people behaving badly often in slightly covert ways creates a dis-ease in us, a schism, an innate contradiction and schizophrenia between issues of the mind and issues of the heart.
These situations though are deliberate farming and grooming theatre for alien progeny usually by their necessarily contentious nature not reflective of ones innate state of mind at the time, as the whole object of the exercise is to provoke vindication or dissipation in a relatively peaceful being.

According to one recent academic in 2007 called Hein, Emotional Intelligence has been shown to be innate or inborn. This can tie matters of the heart to matters of the soul.
This basic form of telepathy can make us Emotionally Aware. “Emotional awareness means knowing when feelings are present in ourselves and others. If we are emotionally sensitive we will feel things sooner than others will. If we have no emotional sensitivity, or we have numbed ourselves from our feelings we won't have any emotional awareness at all. Sensitive people living in abusive environments and insensitive cultures learn ways to numb themselves from their feelings because so many of their feelings are painful.” [Hein S]

It is this incessant warfare upon our Emotional Intelligence and our sensitivities and souls that keep us numb and vulnerable and blind to getting sabotaged by Reptilians and their assets.

Artificial social abuse in a repto-hosting nursery world will involve e.g. Reptilian telepathic attacks on the heart centered HU-man being and their telepathic Emotional Intelligence to desensitise, socially destabilise and disenfranchise them from their alleged peers.
A being diseased in this way would be prone to fail at many things through lack of self-belief and get quite distressed in the process.
Hein notes a general tendency and broadly dehumanising behaviour in practise that could be used to blunt and disease our sensitivity to reality.

“This is because, in many ways, society teaches us to ignore, repress, deny and lie about our feelings. For example, when asked how we feel, most of us will reply "fine" or "good," even if that is not true. Often, people will also say that they are not angry or not defensive, when it is obvious that they are. .. Through all of this the child and adolescent learns they can't be honest with their feelings. They gradually stop being emotionally honest with their parents, their teachers, their friends and even themselves. They learn it just doesn't pay to be expressing one's true feelings.” [Hein S]

If HU-man beings cannot learn to fly by their gut instincts and other non-verbal cues – their minds can be deluded and distracted by bad beings.
Our true sight that can help us see beyond the veil of deception and the shadows created by evil beings is one that we are being trained to totally discard and distrust.
It is a faculty in HU-manity that is much targeted .. a defence mechanism that we are trained to distrust and discard, it is a part of our soul which if bruised and numbed can be hooked onto by Repto and Grey parasites.
The HU-man is at a disadvantage however as even the color frequency effects and other associations triggered by such; events, conversations and artificial dreams can be covertly and overtly read from either near or far while we process the issues in our own somewhat retarded time space.
Our farmers can read it all.

By use of false mind appeasing flattery the repto-farmer will approach perhaps making a few minor concessions of much needed kudos to the HU-man victim of this Annunaki designed artificially abusive and derogatory social herding zone.
The intended HU-man victim is somewhat prone to need some sort of acknowledgement and recognition and affirmation in a life that has been rendered artificially desolate for alien farming reasons.
Then the sudden ripping sensation at the heart as some violent and toxic act of social and spiritual betrayal is enacted [verbally and by psychic force] that is intended to break open a whole chain of our sacred assumptions and wrapped up psychological investments like they were a bottle of good champagne.

The problem for HU-mans is that society or what we have taken for society isn’t designed for us to be winners at anything in. The planet is a charade. Maybe not for the three paragliders filmed landing on a hovering staging with disco lighting amongst three UFOs in the Moorfoot hills in Scotland in October 2008, but for most of the humans e.g. who are cynically made desolate by lack of funds in the third world countries that could be refunded by only the price of a payload of a modern military jet.
HU-manity were artificially and unjustly designed to be heroic failures and losers.
But if we can relearn to trust our bruised hearts and the things that our heart our soul and our eternal telepathic connection with the Source, our Father can tell us then we will not be harvested by these evil farmers.

The basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence identify the lifefield and sentient connectivity within all, and human and anthropomorphic life. Our lifefield processes data and events outwith our current timespace because it is of the soul and our soul is not of the matter of this density.

Contrary to Reptilian/illuminati teaching our soul is not resident in the electrochemistry of our DNA in this density and cosmos and planet but rather is an independently thinking and processing spiritual vehicle that finds it hard to overcome the inertia of our deliberately engineered process handicaps to get the issues through to our easily distracted minds.
Emotional Intelligence and its capacity to recognise and analyse therefore is really an innate property of the Soul quite independent of Earth and this density/cosmos.

The deadening of Emotional Intelligence that is noted to take place in society and the creation of disease in our recognition of good and being deceived into intellectually thinking something is good when it is not is simple routine farming practice by our Repto farmers and their Grey janitors. It is a war on the soul [for agricultural reasons].

The mere fact that we have Emotional Intelligence should tell us however that we have a destiny and provenance beyond the evils of this Repto-Grey nursery world. That we are more than just incubator units captured processed with amnesia after some star battle in Orion.
In my opinion, if my heart is attuned to the Saints and Angels and the family of Christ I will be raising my heart and spirit to the highest expression of an archetype of love that I can resonate with – and this in turn will feed and supply me in my hours of darkness on Earth.
Regardless of Repto-Grey editorial of beliefs and texts on this evil farm a first-born expression of anthropomorphic society and love and family logically, archetypally, has to exist and extend into the highest frequencies somewhere above us and has also to intend to reach down the frequency well to us, recognising who are in sympathy with the loving ideals they represent.

This idea, more than any expression of corruption produced by Reptilian controlled human institutions is a very rational hope for my embattled human mind, for our hearts have the innate capacity to lead us home.

I know from my own experience that there are good and sentient non-humans on planet Earth working to save those who fell and that many entertain angels unawares in their daily lives.


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