Andrew Hennessey

Here is some pseudo scientific speculation about how Jupiter can become a binary in the tradition of the Tesla.
Many people are already familiar with the idea from e,g, Arthur C Clarke film 2010 and also the ideas of the Lucifer Project that one of the planets in our solar system could become or be deliberately made into a binary star for our sun.
I noticed that many star systems have big gas giant planets around them and that many of these seem to get hotter.
It could be that in our solar system – Jupiter is a binary star waiting to happen in our dualistic cosmos – but what therefore could be the trigger.

1. The creation and inpouring of new energy and matter for nothing at Jupiters core using the chaos law of emergence from the aether – the back bone of free energy systems. This might produce a semipermeable shell of totally new semi metallic transitional elements around the planets core – creating a capacitor
2. In order for the charge in the capacitor to be driven up high enough to kick start a cold fusion process it would also need massive solar activity – more than usual.

My prediction uses the hidden and buried chaos law of Emergence And makes several assumptions already made and practiced by Tesla in his Theory of Environmental Energy 1910 in that energy pours into the cosmos from the ether, supplying new
particles and mutating others into newer and bigger atoms and particles. Whilst its known and officially approved opposite force entropy degrades and creates newer and smaller atoms and particles.
The supply of new energy into the universe from the chaos of the subatomic ether is called the law of emergence. This law has been much studied and modeled at the Santa Fe Institute by Kauffman, Langton, and at the Neurosciences Institute by Edelmann and at Cambridge, England by Goodwin.
All of these scientists can model the fact that order emerges from chaos and in fact recombines and degrades and then rebuilds itself into some complex and structured equilibrium. This can illustrate that the universe grows and regulates complex matter. E.g.
Kauffman’s ‘Self-regulating auto catalytic polymers’ model.
Emergence and entropy act synergistically to create and recreate new end based systems.
Contrary to the second law of thermodynamics that predicts that matter continually and forever breaks down into minute and homogenous pieces, emergence is the other side of the coin – it drives structural re-assembly.
Kauffman has demonstrated the recombinative power of emergence in his ‘self regulating auto catalytic polymer model’ at the Santa Fe institute. []
New energies have been noted in the form of dark matter – pouring into this cosmos creating surplus, [New Scientist], whilst as far back as 1920, Olbers noted that if there was no ether the night sky would be white because all of the photons in the cosmos should be here by now.
It can only be ether that keeps our night sky dark by acting as an impedance to the passage of photons.
Ether, Emergence and Wave theory, in the context of fluid dynamics were explored as early as 1901 by Lord Kelvin with his atomic vortex theory of ether – but it was the assumption of Einstein to the impoverished throne of disunity in the early 20th Century that took mankind away from the fluid dynamics model of energy.
Recent cosmologists and high energy physicists have created ‘sub atomic ether/plasma’ by boiling up particles into a fission driven gluon soup – but the reality of natural fusion is largely ignored in a world view dominated by disintegration, fission and entropy.
Against the backdrop of emergence, which is a largely ignored and unexplored law of chaos science – new kinds of physical theories of the cosmos can come into being. When combined with fluid dynamics and turbulence studies they provide the essence of a wave based physical theory of the cosmos.

The following conjecture about the possibility of fusion within Jupiter assumes that matter is being continually created and uses Tesla’s 1910 Theory of Environmental Energy with which to predict, borrowing no paradoxes from 20th century physics.
Recent astronomy has provided evidence of distant solar systems containing hot, gas giant planets akin to Jupiter in Earth’s solar system.
I intend to speculate that by the laws of symmetry and self-assembly within the duality of matter and energy that all physical systems tend to reproduce and grow. Ie. That matter can be created from nothing contrary to an established human physical law.

From this reasoning I speculate that all solar systems with gas giants tend to become binary star systems.
How though could Jupiter ever become a binary star for our Sun given its presumed state of low energy as calculated by our current and prevalent physics?
I will present a trigger mechanism for Jupiter based on Tesla’s Physics.
Jupiter has a centre of gravity, most probably a seed rock around which the gasses and liquids have then gathered. Jupiter is comprised of predominately non-metallic elements many of which could be compressed by gravity into superconductors around the
Into this planetary atomic environment comes the energy of the subatomic ether channeled through the centre of gravity at the planets core.
Earth’s centre of gravity has been reported to be an electrostatic environment.
It has been reported by mythology that there is a crackling, smoking electrical sun at the heart of the Earth [‘The Smokey God’].
The ether is in and around all atoms and all particles as the ether directly drives their very existence as standing waves in etheric turbulence. Much like the red spot in the eye of Jupiter – particles are harmonic storm systems directly linked to the medium from which they emerge. Harmonic attributes and arithmetic are constantly to be found even amongst cover-ups like quantum theory and super strings.

Most of the emergent force however would be focused at the planetary centre of gravity, more so than at the periphery of the mass of the planet.
Through the core of Jupiter comes the force and energy that drives the creation and assembly of new particles and atoms and this force will seek to radiate out beyond the planets surface, dissipating as a creative force as it gets beyond the planetary mass and atomic and particulate ingredients.

The force of emergence, brings new energies and subatomic particles into Jupiter through its core and will alter, mutate and grow the atoms at the planets core.
This will have created over vast time, semi-metallic transitional elements around the seed rock of Jupiter, like a very porous skin comprised of several kilometers of inconsistent semi-metallic atomic aggregates.
These semi-metallic elements will act like a capacitor, holding the suns electrostatic charge and creating a huge potential difference or voltage between the core and the semi-metallic skin.
What would usually happen because of the electro-porous nature of the skin, is that the variation in the force of emergence and the variation in the Sun’s electromagnetic output that the amount of charge held by the leaking semi-conductor would tend to dissipate?
When, however, the electromagnetic output of the sun is unusually high e.g. now.. where most of the planets in the solar system are currently warming up, less of the electrostatic charge around Jupiter’s core will leak away and will build up a massive potential difference between the skin and the core.

When the charge in the semi-metallic skin reaches a critical threshold under these new solar conditions it will or could cause a change of state in its constituents overcoming the physical and atomic constraints to its discharge and will forcibly discharge its massive voltage triggering a cold fusion reaction in Jupiter’s core.
Jupiter will then, I predict, follow in the footsteps of other binary star solar systems by self-assembling itself into a fusion driven binary star.
Another twist to this tale and all the what if’s is that IF this theory predicts correctly then there is another problem with Jupiter that needs urgent seeing to.
As an entity involved in fusion Jupiter tends to the light metallic end of the spectrum but in the year 2001 it was hit by a comet comprised wholly of Plutonium – a very heavy metal.
This comet was not Shoemaker-Levy number 9 in 1999 but in the order of Shoemaker-Levy 12-14. The hit of the plutonium asteroid was in 2001 and was announced by Peter Sissons on BBC UK Evening News as an ‘and finally’ item towards the end of the programme.
With a large amount of heavy metal plutonium in the fusion mixture – Jupiter could easily get indigestion, creating not only fusion but fission reactions driven by the extreme weight of the Plutonium.
Jupiter might not only be a nova – but potentially could also explode and eject matter into the solar system creating havoc amongst the planets.
The presence of a large amount of heavy metal salts could potentially be disruptive and antagonistic as the elements engaged in fusion would have been primarily lighter.
Some may say that maybe hostile aliens more than aware of the physics of Tesla attempted to destroy the solar system by asteroid attack.

The solution though is relatively simple too – a massive injection of transitional elements such as carbon and iron into the fusion mixture – before it fires itself into life.
This maybe gives us 10 years to fix the problem before the solar activity predicted by the Mayans creates the possibility of fusion in Jupiter.
We can treat the planets explosive indigestion with a dose of carbon – probably with about 100 – 1000 times the mass of Plutonium that went into Jupiter.
I’m sure there’s plenty pure transitional elements floating about nearby in the asteroid belt.
To conclude then, by our current world view of physics, none of the above is possible, but then there is no theory in today’s physics apart from Tesla’s that could explain the interstellar craft that currently flood into our camcorders.
Thus far I have been totally unsuccessful finding confirmation of that Shoemaker Levy 12-14 plutonium comet in 2001 – and I’ve been looking and asking the usual suspects.
Another ironic note is that the comet hit in 2001 – very Arthur C Clarkesque … but in Clarke’s sequel 2010 also a film, Jupiter becomes a binary star. It doesn’t go supernovae in the film though – that one has a happy ending.
I think, personally, that someone ET is trying to tell us something …. Although with the sun now gone very quiet and cool like in the semi ice age of the last Dalton minimum of sunspot activity – I think that we can forget about a binary star in our solar system for the time being.


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