Andrew Hennessey

Welcome to the Halloween emagazine edition of Scottish X files with Andrew Hennessey and Eddie Middleton.
We’ve heard it often enough about how the UK is replete with top secret underground bases. Indeed the famous Rudloe Manor base in the south of England was very recently put up for sale, an emergency seat of government complete with atmospheric dinosaur frieze of an extinction level event.
We hear of other places all over the UK and both the official and unofficially reported lists are extensive. E.g. Brecon Beacons in Wales, Cornwall, Macrahanish in Scotland, the Lothians in Scotland and we also hear of the traditional underground cities of the Greys or faeries especially in Scotland in places like the Scottish borders at the Eildon hills, the Pentland hills outside Edinburgh, Perthshire, the Cairngorms in the north at Balmoral etc
The UK does underground I think like no other per square mile even if there are AREAS 511 on the global grid.
I personally had a run in with the weird pseudo military at Rosyth and Pitreavie which is near Edinburgh in central Scotland.
It took some time for my wits to connect that the place was only impersonating human activity.
I think seeing a small car up in some tree branches really helped in that department.
Pitreavie NATO command centre links to the cavernous and deep facility at Rosyth naval base by underground rail links.
Reputed to be both an arsenal and also a store for radioactive waste from decommissioned Polaris submarines that used to be stripped out at the dockyards.
Pitreavie industrial estate itself though has some extremely weird and deniable security especially at nights.
The underground base has an overground cover of electronics factories and a big supply depot with far too many varieties of van and courier vehicles to make it an ordinary commercial operation for just big stores.
One morning after the full moon the night before, the car park was chalked up with demonic ritual black mass pentacles …
You can see Pitreavie industrial estate on flashearth.com and there is some very weird ball lightning streaking in and out of factories and you can also see a satellite image of a UFO across from the electronics factory.
I had gone there one sunny afternoon, as one does, to avail myself of the enormity of misuse of UK taxpayers monies when outside one of the buildings I noted a security guard – all in black.
He was smoking a cigarette and was ever watchful.
He was producing clouds of blue white smoke with aggressive smoking but kept aggressively smoking the same cigarette producing voluminous smoke for over ten minutes whilst I was there enjoying the xfiles theatre. This was the cigarette smoking man with a vengeance.
My uncle, rest in peace, was a heavy smoker, and I have witnessed him drag his way, as a joke, through one cigarette in under a minute.
What sort of ridiculous charades were going on. There is a Naval term called ‘making smoke’ – well this was a class A alien smoke machine at Pitreavie.

My recent connections with alleged Federation Commander Jackie Gillies at Gorebridge and rather a lot of footage taken by Jackie, and some photos of aliens on the ground locally at that locality seemed to turn up the fact that the aliens were farming the people of that area as well as abducting cattle of the 4 legged kind.
We discovered, as reported elsewhere, that aliens were using the old disused mine at Blinkbonny, flying in with silent hardware holograms switched to human looking military jets. They land and they go away with stuff regularly.
This satellite image from flashearth lets you see what the aliens are making off with – big red barrels that have no legal reason to be there …
http://drink.to/alienmine that all sounds sinister, and the strange security and freaky close encounters that happen to locals there vary from; weird witches in rituals, mad max burning cars, chupacabra, men in suits, allterrain vehicles and sporty types, police on mountain bikes and a big tattooed Grey officer with bright blue eyes.

Commander Gillies took a holiday in the north of England at Alnwick, next to the weird NSA ‘golf ball’ radar and underground base. Adjacent is the eerie Chillingham castle with its vampire bat ‘bicardi’ crest.
The MoD, the Ministry of Disney own huge tracts of land amongst the forest and heathland which they classify as a firing range and enforce strict security on.
Not too far from there at Newcastle is RAF Boomer, yet another dig deep emporium with alleged alien deep levels and a very fast elevator.
At Alnwick though, they farm cattle and sheep on the MoD land and also grow crops to feed them with that have strange metric shapes in the distribution on the field, rather like crop circles except its squares.
From time to time the military in groups can be seen to come from the underground base and arrest and escort a steer up into a lorry.
Jackie was rather disconcerted to note all of the town centre suddenly stand still and look up at an overflying black helicopter.
That was all of the town – from age five to eighty five – which made it a very B Movie scene.
Jackie wasn’t sure if they were afraid or expectant or awaiting instructions – and what made them all in the know as it were ?
He seemed to think in a paranoid sort of way that they were just going through the motions in the town wherever he showed up – rather like that weird film the Truman Show.
Maybe he was just being overly sensitive to the high strangeness around that area, though if people do act under control you might be excused for wondering what they really did with their spare time.

Whilst my connection to the Gorebridge material was ongoing I have personally had various contacts with Intel types, as indeed has ‘Commander’ Gillies. Luckily the Intel types were more trying to be helpful [which is scary]. I was reassured that with proper vision equipment – the sky was full of the droids I took pictures of in my back garden, and many more things besides.
No doubt from the grievous threats made to the Gillies family by an executive wanting to know what he knew about some ships on the moon, of which we have the pictures, then followed closely by the major corroborated abduction at Dalhousie castle of Mrs Gillies and another person – the Intel people seemed to be challenged by Jackies revelations.

I had heard from another security connection I knew that Scotland was overly privileged, and it being relatively tiny compared to major population and land area stuff elsewhere in the UK, to have not one but two rapid reaction forces in attendance.
One for gigantic London, One for the Gigantic Midlands and Two for little old Scotland.
Strange that, though certainly all the big UFO news from Scotland has had extreme difficulty making it into the mainstream.
I’m not complaining about NEVER being booked for ANY UK conference despite being in an International who’s who in 2008.
It’s just that we had 2 hours of mothership footage deploying hundreds of little podships in 2001 and no-one wanted to know.
It was Starwars type hardware on display, though a fleet of these large 2 mile lenticular transports with three big circular blue white drive units at the back were photographed by a fisherman off Puerto Rico a while back too.
I’m not surprised therefore that the cameraman Steve went AWOL.

The common link between my Intel interactions and the circus attendant on ‘Commander’ Gillies – who has recently been inundated by the International version of the GFED because he seems to or alleges to know where the pick up is going to be – is British Underground Military and British Undercover Military resident in the Highlands of Scotland.

Now I have long known about the NATO fuel dumps at Ullapool and Gairloch – its common knowledge, and about the food dump in the Isle of Skye, and Jackie Gillies has also noted and filmed tubular ships along Loch Ness plus a huge hologram of a Loch Ness Monster – which looks like a ghostly refugee of a T Rex – neck out of the water from the film Jurassic Park. This footage IS NOT FAKE – but it isn’t a Pleistosaurus or long necked browser most famously associated with the place.
The monster can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/skywatcherscotland

Jackie has noted that this phenomenon is taking place because alien ships are moving in and out of the water near there and are heading into the underwater base of the mountains.
Highland folklore from both the Reverend Kirk and Campbell is replete with faerie underground stories, so it was only a matter of time before it came to my attention that big Hydro Electric works were also underway and that, recently, secret railway tunnels were being completed to supply the underground scene near Fort William.
There are also the legends of the Grey man of Ben MacDhui and the Reptilian Blue men of the Minches [Kirk] and secret societies of shapeshifters called the MacCodrans of the Seal. [Campbell]
There was another connection to that area. When Mr Gillies had been buzzed by a low flying helicopter the morning after filming a low flying box ship fire off a probe at rooftop height the night before, he had subsequently filmed the illegal helicopter and its obviously ALIEN pilot.
When the complaint was made to air traffic control in Edinburgh, it was alleged to be registered to a survey company on routine filming from Inverness.
It could be therefore that UK high command, having abandoned Rudloe manor and all points south and their cities in chalk and mud, have all headed North to where the granites of Scotland are and set up their shop there as the new Lairds of Post Apocalyptic Scotland.
28 weeks after the Earth changes and with two big forces blocking the very few access routes to the Highlands – the new overlords and would be clan chiefs of the future sit replete having taken receipt of trainload after trainload of all the special stuff.
The best food that only an MoD requisition form can buy, cinemas, luxury farming and seedstock, gymnasiums, winter fashion gear, startrek hospitals, tractors, snowploughs, high cuisine frozen foods, helicopters, boats, ships, sports cars, hydroponics, knitwear and ironing boards and luxury steam irons for the ladies, plus the best lagers and beers, German, French and even perhaps, possibly; Australian, Chilean and Californian wines ..

Plus the very best of the best personnel; special forces, scientists, experts, agricultural experts, their egos being fed and stoked up like the overblown thanksgiving turkeys they are.

The High Command of the new Superstate of Atlantis, the ancient Atlantean Priest Kingdom of Thule breathes again …
After all, in Scotland, the Outer islands or Outer Hebrides have the oldest exposed rock on planet Earth called Lewisian gneiss, so any investment in the bones of Scotland is bound to last forever.
Well that’s the picture.

The problem is that although the Ministry of Disney have undoubtedly blown away billions of taxdollars creating this alleged lavish James Bond Armageddon underworld, the whole deal, military palaces and emporiums including new hydro-electric facilities exploiting mountain lakes or corries was designed by military high command.
Doubtless therefore the architects of this delusion were high on the products they so abundantly distribute to the rest of the useless eaters, because the whole deal is built around one of the most violent tectonic rifts in the Northern hemisphere called the Great Glen fault.

Now whereas the deal with the San Andreas fault and the Canary Islands and indeed Yellowstone are of a primary and immediate nature, UK high command experts will have calculated that being in the middle of a fairly stable plate the Scottish Highlands although possibly heading for the equator in any crustal and plate shift are safe. Shifts of the nature reported by Velikovsky [World’s in Collision] and also Hancock [Fingerprints of the Gods] that put the previous equator from the last time this happened in the Antarctic though ought to have indicated to anyone with common sense that if any rock formation in Scotland was going to move, during cataclysmic geological revolution it would be the gigantic Great Glen Fault.
To build the probably global command centre for all their tomorrows within 50 miles each way of the Great Glen fault is both a criminal and suicidal joke.

It’s very likely that they will have a choice of deep filled sea water or molten magma and massive breakage.
Just because a Reptilian Despair Engineer and Architect of Sorrow said it was totally safe isn’t the point really is it … Feeding is.
Any hydro built around the Great Glen fault cannot have a realistic future either in a sound dam, or drop tubes, or indeed assured water table after massive geological ructions.

Imagine the terror, and utter desolation and anguish of two hundred thousand chosen as their dreams of being kings, overlords and queens living off the best of everything tear apart in the crushing and horrific darkness.

Someone has.

But then that’s planet Earth for you, a despair farm and that melting pot of delusional dreams and aspirations in the north of Scotland has real gourmet potential for some choice Reptiles and Greys and specially selected suckers, set up for the sudden exquisite fall, who had hoped to work in Hell’s kitchen of Sorrows.


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