Andrew Hennessey

We hear from so many different sources of dimensions of higher and higher love and higher and clearer and everlasting harmonics beyond our notion of time and space on Earth and its plane that resonate with ever growing clarity and power only a heartbeat above our heads. These endless Kingdoms or many mansions of Life are full of love and joy and relationships and even our limited Earthly or galactic knowledge can people only some of these places with sets of beings and hierarchies of society, soul groups and social interactions.

On the cosmic plane of Earth though, chaotic materials are; spiral and helical weather systems that are galaxies and atoms, or helical superclusters or atmospheric storms or vortices which pass through endless folds of endless curtains into other adjacent theatres or cosmic bubbles in the foam.

In this chaos cosmology of whirls and turbulence, the endless Life that is the One God continually pours out a foundation of life at the bottom of a huge pyramid of ever increasing and accruing sentience. [e.g. Logos, Outpourings, Vehicles, Vol. 1 – Hindu cosmology from The Secret Doctrine by Blavatsky, or, Kerner, N]

These little sparks or seeds may grow and evolve through other series of forms and archetypes – like hermit crabs.

In the process they accrue attributes and specialism and adaptations for certain habitats and niches.

Nigel Kerner in his ‘Song of the Greys’ speaks of the tidal ocean of God’s Life as an impersonal process that ebbs and flows on the beaches of endless crystals of sand, leaving little bits of foam – new life form sparks - on every tidal retreat.

Kerner goes on to illustrate how this process is being farmed as foodstuff by the Greys who artificially manufacture synthetic amalgams of sparks to birth and or fuel a hybrid human-like [anthropomorphic] species by garnering in the soul outpourings of the more creative and life-filled beings that they predate upon.

The Greys farm and strip [Streiber, W] their captives to supply the missing soul bits, attributes and specialist humanoid characteristics to their new and alleged next step the non-sexual humanoid Grey hybrid. [Kerner, N]

I think this being is merely a Trojan horse or a means to the end of accessing humanoid civilisations and forging empathic feeding strategies with selected creatives within other dualistic ET social realities for the benefit of the Imperial hive and its industries.

The Life Foam in this analogy is the endless supply of new Life from the Source, our Father as it seeps into the hierarchies of Life that are not sentient the way we are. E.g. the animals, the insecta, the reptilia, the fungi, the bacillus etc

We humans on the other hand are not isolated bits of sea stuff, but socially merged and resonating sentient and nurturing, tool using life forms who strive to be as simple, coherent and fruitful as a Vine.

Relative to us, the Greys and their exclusive insecta type caste system come from the atomic and relatively distant end of this interacting Life Foam as individually and collectively we as humans are now different by virtue of being socially engendered, diverse, dualistic and are also a multitude of similarly endowed beings [Life in the World Unseen, Borgia, A and The Life Elysian, Lees, RJ].

For reasons I cannot explain, the Humans of earth and the earth plane are being socially engineered at this time and in sore need of reprieve. [Hempel D and Delooze, M]

The legends of the Reptilian Annunaki, alleged creators of humanity are global and some evidence for their continual presence in mankind more than visible. [Sitchin, Z and Gardner, L and Alford, A]

On this earthplane there is a continual cycle of predation and energy deficit, and energy acquisition on this planet and potentially every other in this cosmos there is competing nature redorangeyellowgreenblueindigovioletblackwhitegrey in tooth and claw and container.

Our cosmos – this plane of existence appears to be part of a place where the worm does not die, nor the metabolic fires quenched for it is a place of continual hunger and eating. [cf. Hell] [Kauffman, S; ‘autocatalytic self-organising polymers’ (a model of perpetually recreating and emerging DNA from a chaos of basic ingredients)]

When I hear stories of the Fall, I am aware of the mythology of Lucifer and the many ideologies created and uncreated around both the actual physical process and the myth by various groups of Beings who have an interest in both deceiving and farming the human race. [Flavius, J]

Angels fall down from heaven to become incarnadine and selfish and service to self and self-empowered is the core of what we are being presented with.

If there is a quest to find or steal the Light however, it is probably because being disconnected from and hateful of the loving vineyard of their brothers and sisters in Christ and the One God, they need to locate the Lights of others to feed upon. [cf. the lotus eaters]

When our former brothers and sisters fall from these highly energy and knowledge enriched and loved states however, they fall down into unhuman and dehumanised relationships of a disconnected nature. [Book of Enoch etc]

There the meaning of what it is to be nurturing and loving and facilitating and tolerant of innocence and error is distorted and perverted and broken.

There the reason for being human is lost and distorted and replaced by the reason for being animal – the reason for being less than human and an over-riding all conquering predator bereft of justice and social facility. [Do what thou wilt is all of thy law, Thelema, Crowleigh A]

As it was in Isaiah’s time over two thousand years ago – the circus of fallen evil today knows no changes in its way of death and blood as yet. [Icke, D]

Isaiah 57: 3 But draw near hither, ye sons of the sorceress, the seed of the adulterer and the whore.

4 Against whom do ye sport yourselves? against whom make ye a wide mouth, and draw out the tongue? are ye not children of transgression, a seed of falsehood,

5 Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree, slaying the children in the valleys under the clifts of the rocks?

6 Among the smooth stones of the stream is thy portion; they, they are thy lot: even to them hast thou poured a drink offering, thou hast offered a meat offering. Should I receive comfort in these?

The symptoms of the disease of the human soul we all recognise in terms of violations of; trust and life and that which is sacred or beautiful or aesthetic or moral or just or fair or sensible or a sense of family or love or relationship or logical or sane or social or prudent or tactical or strategic. It is chaos and anima and the desolation not just of the temporary human being but of the eternal principle of the best of what it is to be human for its own sake.

Perhaps people we know want to take on the characteristics of animals or birds or assume the energies of animals or some other non-human creatures.

[Fraser, The Golden Bough]. Perhaps they visualise themselves as less than human. E.g. a collaborator Mr G, of the Greys is looking forward to flitting between all sorts of natural life forms whilst recreationally indulging in their sensory limitations and assets.

A Transhumanist for example felt safer and more protected wearing the metallic skin of a robot – however insensitive that was to feelings of joy and organic life – it offered protection from pain. [>H List, 1997]

Our sense of being human becomes distorted by our immersion in the energies of animism and material props.

My own response to the dangers of distortion of my humanity is a Christian one.

A Buddhist or Eastern Mystical response might be to let go of every form and be nothing to any reality or form and in being empty, devoid of influence and distraction have the greatest stability.

A Gnostic magician might build a locus or working using empathetic magic and rituals and talismans in the hope of restoring their lost balance.

A Theosophist unless they have ‘a hard brain and cannot meditate’ might refer to masters or mahatmas and hope that by doing their bidding ‘without cavil or delay’ [Besant, on Morals of the Secret School] that they may be rewarded and sustained by some alchemical art.

When I think of being the best human I can be I think of Christ who is God’s first born and an archetype and brother. If I conform my errant mentality and imitate the natural law He espouses by his new covenant I will be sustained. In His new covenant as a loving soul and committed brother – I may by Loving my brothers and sisters and by loving God and by loving myself in equal measure be what it is to be a healthy being on any scale and magnitude anywhere in the Universe. I would then be like a healthy plant cell in a vine that is able to function by passing on the waters of Life from the One Source, its root, to its adjacent fellows and by also retaining a measure of that self-integrity and loving essence for himself.

Of course how we then actually perform when stressed and put to some service and use by God is another issue.

I think that Christ is the template by which we can continue to live. His power and example, his abundant Life and Love in anthropomorphic resonance with my soul, like a waterfall of Life can renew my Human Being in all its aspects throughout the many cascading and descending spheres in which I can hope to eternally and happily persist now and in the future.

However, if our minds become too trammelled and occupied and pre-occupied and sophisticated and convoluted we can become un-natural and not perform the same simple self-regulating mechanism that all life from the simplest to the more complex uses to remain at ease with the flow of Life within it.

I think that problem is why I am now here on Earth.

By resonating with the template and example of Christ we can return to and be refreshed by a more natural state of humanity instead of becoming diseased by our own sophistry.

Above our heads therefore is a Loving Vine [John 15] that extends and rambles in a carefree manner through all sorts of mansions and harmonics and spheres, but we at the bottom end of it, are like fruits dangling from the lower branches.

At some point though – some Beings, formerly of the human and dualistic paradigm that were full of Life, energy and knowledge, relationships and friendships and loves and society and creativity and sharing wish for nothing more.

Before the time of Christ in the Abrahimic lore, in Psalm 139 of the Old Testament there is mention of the Souls who abandon the human, who ‘melt’ down and take the ‘wings of morning’.

The process itself is probably not all one way – as an efficient and evil vampiric predator could have a strategy for rebuilding their commitments and feeding game plans when they become burned or melted down too far in the ongoing struggle of the hungry cosmic deserts.

In those sandy shores or deserts where Kerner’s more simple Soul Foam washes upon the beaches of material incarnation and creativity – the predators gather like beachcombers.

The bigger catches though are those beings on the lower end of the Vine and a more Complex form of Life – the human type Life.

We can be tempted to let go.

We are fruits of complexity falling down into a universe of organised simplicity.

These organised predators might conceive of tools or props for their complex prey that strip them of, or diminish, the very attributes that they can be made to hope to enhance.

Being complex types its only reasonable to accept encouragement to cast reasonable doubt and self-doubt on our own assessments of our alleged abilities or alleged inabilities and buy into some solution to an alleged issue.

More diminished down here near or on the Earthplane we can get easily taken by liars and cheats and snake-oil salesmen.

Later when or if we get there - as ascended Human type angelic Beings higher up the ladder we have it all, all kinds of powers and attributes, and we can be vested and invested with faith and power that can move mountains without need of talismans or tools.

Such talismans symbolise the presence of our material burdens but also our lack of faith in and connection with God our source. Our need for props is symbolic of a diminished focus on God and our loving brothers and sisters and symptomatic of service to self. These props, Trojan horses into our souls are reminders of our state of dis-ease or imbalance - our magical insufficiency rather than an enhanced efficiency.

A predator can commence mind games around the presence or absence of such alleged assets and our faith in our success or failure with these props becomes invested not in God but in the fruits of our own ego and our own mind based performance. Our mind becomes lost in a maze or matrix of mind games and our heart becomes disheartened and disconnected.

Sluggish and Senescent, Sophisticated and over-ripe, slightly fermented and easily dislodged the human souls who have not in time maintained themselves and their brothers and sisters and returned love to their wellspring and first born Brother. In the retarded and artificial matrix of either soul farms or some half way galactic or aetheric house beyond here they are then disorientated and shaken free of their inheritance and their eternal Life and they Fall down into the dust.

Some might wrongly say ‘falling down to heaven .. on Earth’

They are content to be dust, stardust or electrons, quanta or photons or electro-chemicals and to be part of a cycle of materials anciently described:

Psalms 17:11 They have now compassed us in our steps: they have set their eyes bowing down to the earth;

12 Like as a lion that is greedy of his prey, and as it were a young lion lurking in secret places.

13 Arise, O LORD, disappoint him, cast him down: deliver my soul from the wicked, which is thy sword:

14 From men which are thy hand, O LORD, from men of the world, which have their portion in this life, and whose belly thou fillest with thy hid treasure: they are full of children, and leave the rest of their substance to their babes.

15 As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness.

There depicted in Psalms – the Children not just of the World but of the Wheel of time and the material cycle of this dense hell.

The Discipline of Raja Yoga also teaches that having and perpetuating child bearing activities can lock you into an almost endless cycle of returns.

Perhaps for someone like myself who had been living elsewhere in the lower vine and who had been drunken with their own mentality and were selfishly sleeping, as I’m sure that’s why this author came here, we may awake before we fall.

Psalms 57:6 They have prepared a net for my steps; my soul is bowed down: they have digged a pit before me, into the midst whereof they are fallen themselves. Selah.

7 My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.

8 Awake up, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early.

Down in the cycle of living and dying dust beneath the Vine of Life there is driving anima and non-human and un-human and un-loving deceit.

The Greys for example appear to be stripping and mining our abilities and knowledge and human processes [Collier] and behavioural models and responses out of their captives – allegedly according to Kerner and Streiber to build the next generation of ensouled and superior humans within some biological remit.

Yet none of these alleged new humans they produce innately embody the reality of either biological or non-biological [angelic high energy]; sexual congress, duality, society and family as these traits are artificially engineered out of hierarchical societies in earth-based natural populations of bees, ants and wasps. [Hymenoptera sp.] and are allegedly targeted elsewhere in cosmic alien megapopulations [Krapff, P]. To their adherents they merely promise more engineered biological forms in the future, not high energy, high frequency universal independence and capacity.

This is not to say that a Queen and hierarchy in a more evolved and spiritual hymenoptera based soul group and alien mega population would not one day wish to completely flood themselves and their domain out with competitive replacements.

It seems to me more at this stage in our Earthly farm that the behaviour of these beings when they are not getting their own way is loveless, brutal and clinical.

From the abductee Paul Schroeder … ‘When the Dark side aliens seem addicted to you truths emerge more dreadful than mere body tampering and theft .If the truth, weren't so very scary, I wouldn't haunt you for your slant . A very different endgame than one pretends is naturally inherent at our death, the death of abductees. Reptilians and greys INTERFERE with ones soul transit; they garner souls and transfer them into soulless bodies they've created, as hybrids or clones ,bypassing the whole human spiritual recycling of HEAVEN_EARTH_HEAVEN_EARTH, with all the attendant helpers from the universe of Light. Imagine awakening, again, in an infants body with amnesia, again, but this time after time, no Heaven or rest or blueprint or attending angels between lifetimes. Your only spirit unseen guides and helpers are from the Darkness as reptilians and greys who orchestrate your emotional life replete with temptations, addictions, sinister acts and thoughts, bad luck and horrors so that you're always their delicious property for the milking, a landlocked spiritual Nightmare. When greys say; WE HAVE THE RIGHT, in a response to abduction complaints, it means that they have invested much in us; that's why they know so very much about our previous lifetimes ..’

On this planet which is a great crossroads – the mind of a human being can be ceaselessly; wiped, replaced, substituted, switched off, implanted, reprogrammed, redirected or overborne by the actions of non-humans upon our more retarded beings in our technologically and socially and quite deliberately retarded nihilistic cul de sac … yet unfortunately in Paul’s life – all the activities of Good are really the activities of Universally dominant Evil in disguise whilst any goodness that is in the Universe simply looks on impassive and uncaring and un-helping.

Paul in his own brutally oppressed dualistic state cannot identify the logical presence of some good somewhere in the Universe and the thing is although having seen a form of Angelic reality the event had no immediate consequences of release from his alien farmers and fear feeders.

Paul Schroeder has not yet been physically saved. Let us pray for him and ourselves that we may be saved from the Evil one and its powers and principalities.

Our worst nightmare on Earth is not so much things like planet X flyby, pole shift and tilt, mountains becoming seas etc but it is the reality that we don’t know what to look forward to.

Every image we see or hear or read about could deceive us or mislead us, and every author this one included is prone to error.

Channels tell us to look for no more technology or tools, or to be emptying ourselves out as beacons of love – whereas I think we should look forward to being filled with the utter fullness of God. We hear that we should surrender to or visualise scenery in landscapes and mindscapes devised by other allegedly human minds - these being allegedly safe places to navigate our soul towards in the event that we may suddenly be disembodied for numerous and various reasons.

When we have others think-create our final destination for us and paint these pictures we have allowed something to grab our attention and our soul.

Our attention and spiritual intentions have then been hijacked and re-routed into some off-the-peg corral or virtual reality type matrix.

In my opinion we should be wary of heaven-type scenery triggered and implanted in your mind by the written word and other media.

To see with our real eyes, and I’m not pretending to be knowledgeable in these matters .. we need to see with the heart so that we can navigate more surely as ascending souls through the possibilities of a maelstrom of competing realities.

What I suggest therefore – because this would work for me – [ it might not for you – because for example in Neural Linguistic Programming it was found that people orientated their consciousness and recognised the world differently by specialising in one or two of their five or six senses e.g. it was found that they had; tactile language, visual language, audio or olfactory etc] is not to focus on an image of any landscape or geographical looking mindscape supplied by worst case some dark Reptoid or Grey farmer, but to focus instead on the goodness of the final destination and the things that can happen there.

Do this in terms of your own personal way of ‘seeing’ [touching/hearing etc] things …

For example the best things we could hope for in our own terms;

1.The Loving social and healing network of Christ’s archetypal true vine,

2. the empowering return of ancient and sacred memories and the gifts of new knowledge and skills and opportunities, Youth and Beauty, a secure Kingdom full of beautiful technological and natural facilities with ethical libraries and advanced social fabric and media.

3. Beautiful works to do and loving recreation.

4. Perhaps for some who are ready, there might be Life with a loving family.

5. the renewal and creation of friendships and exciting travel and exploration.

6. Rescue work and missions of mercy.


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