CATTLE PRATTLE vol. 02 November 08
Andrew Hennessey

As you can see from my article entitled Scottish Alien Extreme Sports which is the story of the 3 paragliders landing on hovering staging complete with colored disco lighting and 3 UFOs nearby probably filming the stunt for the galactic Discovery channel – there are people here on Earth amongst the human infrastructure having an absolutely fabulous time of it. This article is not for them, it is for the people that don’t yet have the attention of the galactic News crews.

On a planet such as this which is basically an intentionally degradative and nihilistic soul farm the ruling Repto-Grey elite perpetually enforce the creation of artificial winners and artificial losers so that the retarded Hu-Man elements of the population can bleed outrage and vindication juices whilst they try to set things right in some highly engineered nihilistic context with deliberately obsolete and dysfunctional tools.
This under the gaze of Remote Viewing telepathic attacks and alien matrix network droids.

Our outraged and gushing vindications, intense focussing and re-driving and re-asserting our goals and our original intentions has the effect of grooming and feeding, educating and anthropomorphically orientating hosted Reptilian larvae whilst supplying the Greys with software ‘how to’ modules.
Dr Deagle notes that the word Hu of Human means Reptile God and, Man means clay and that the Royal Human being is one hosted with many parasitic Reptilian links.
Human therefore means hosted one in his opinion.
That would make the occult definition of planet Earth a hosting nursery of Reptogodclay for Reptilian larvae.
It would stand to reason therefore with the status quo being as it is here for millennia that the ruling Repto-Grey elite have conquered this galaxy and probably have many such nurseries like ‘Earth’ here in this galaxy and elsewhere as there has been no real sign of massive technological warfare.
Clearly Angels of Light carry on the good work here giving aid and I can personally bear witness to that – and also to having footage of a patently Reptilian starship that had been involved in a skirmish, on fire and coming down over Scotland on October the 24th 2008 which would mean that there are active rebels in this galaxy capable of running the high security blockade.
The problem with the prisoners of Earth, who are basically considered raw nesting material by the Reptilians is that they are trained to compartmentalise their lives whilst simultaneously having their spiritual and creative senses diminished.
Many may still have memories of those last moments in a ship on fire off the shores of Orion before they were captured. E.g. the story of Ralph X, however for the many people on earth who still have those millennial memories and skills – there is still the incessant bombardment and tampering and herd management of these fields of Gold, as we strive to find our Hearts of Gold, getting despaired out in the process. We may even cry a lot if we hear sad songs etc.
The problem of the soul captured human is that the DNA is engineered to be like a straight jacket from which it is difficult for the spirit to make progress.
The creation of challenges and struggles within the human condition are deliberate.
As even Bob Dean and Dr Bill Deagle have said the social order is charade and as historical research can demonstrate the history of technological evolution on this malignant Disneyland is a joke.
So why therefore if we could have been staying even as prisoners in glimmering metallic spires and antigravity conveyances for 12,000 years or so have we been incarcerated in a poorly performing pig sty made of mud and straw and disease.
The answer is intolerable as it has to be solely for the purpose of the production of the spiritual disease needed to cause the prisoners to become disorientated enough to become hosted.
In an ethnology were Earth means ‘Place of hosting ancestral larvae amongst where the clay is kept’ ie. The [hu-man] or living nest of incubator material for alleged ‘Royal’ Repto spawn: the Hu-Man of Dr Deagle, [and also of Eastern teaching] we are not really obliged to worship our would-be repto gods that can easily outshine and outdo us whilst we are in our retardant straightjacket of human DNA.
The Hu-Man tends to find himself/herself in a compartmentalised existence staggering from pillar to post in some evil and dysfunctional social maze or very bad arcade game. Whilst our farmers are literally all over us with droids and remote viewing and astral mind merging, suggestion and psychic reruns and replays and weird freaky events like 21 red cars in ten minutes when they try to get us back onto their treadmill.
The problem of the human being is that we take each event one at a time through having no other options. We goto the shops and have an event or transaction in the shop and our rational mind separates that from any other event crossing the road and a completely different event at the office. We have no reason for grand paranoia and conspiracy or so it would seem. The idea that everybody is out to get us may not actually be defined as paranoia – more as observant !
As you can see from the Gary Stollman case.
It would be rather unhealthy both physically and mentally to be in a perpetual state of hypervigilance, siege mentality and existential stress. We may rather have to be more at ease with ourselves and happy with our real royal connections to God that go beyond the puerile ambitions and existential dysfunctions of this Reptilian species. [Not all Reptilian species or beings are bad – logically]
However be that as it may we appear to be stuck on a farm here being deliberately diseased and generally unaware how or why. If we could come to terms with at least the social charade for a starter and the fact that its deliberately a primitive pig sty we might be able to take a real look at what is passing itself off as social activity.
We might think 9 to 5 and offices and events there are disconnected with events anywhere else but that when we rerun events in our day in our minds at night – we are actually participating in covert live theatre and stress milking.
All human activity of any kind is deliberate nonsense with unjust winners and losers that are artificially fabricated plus displays of powers and skills impossible for retarded humans by being who can physically motor at huge speeds. As our own efforts seem futile in comparison and our spirits crushed and outdone the would be overlords and gods of whatever activity it is we think we are good at have no sense of shame that they are participating in a mismatched contest with excessively handicapped contestants.
The Reptilians can produce doppelgangers and milk astrally in our minds eye and or across several static localities. E.g. we may have had an issue at the shops for example – but that the nature of the alien farming is such that the issue doesn’t discontinue in terms of aberrant theatre when we exit that fixed geographical locality and specialised social context.
Indeed we might meet a couple of the same or similar looking people elsewhere on transit to or in the social context of our next locality. One person might look similar as a person in terms of colors appearance etc but could be older or more broken down or more upmarket. As if to suggest that whatever was the point of contention its going to be more of a losing situation for you and or more of a winning situation for the farmers.
These beings just walk in and out of the infrastructure using dimensionality and innate dematerialisation strategies. There are in fact from many cultures stories of beings who can do this on a historic basis e.g. meso-american weavers of cloud, north American skinwalkers, western European faeries and ELs Indian Rakshasha, middle eastern Djinns etc
e.g. see the mobility of non-humanity in human infrastructure here
Folks like Nigel Kerner write of the farming tactics of the Greys in The Song of the Greys, and there are many people talking about Reptilian hosting e.g. James Bartley.
Whilst we stagger about relatively blind like rats in a 2 dimensional and distressing social maze – our farmers are hovering above us either energetically or technologically opening little boxes and trap doors for us here and closing off other conduits there. Repto-Greys that target and farm us probably have their own intelligence agency – not so much the CIA but the RIA – the reptilian intelligence agency and that these offices and teams that come after us are perhaps not so much located in the maze of malignant Disneyland but in the astrally located or co-located parallel dimensions with their own infrastructure and observation technology.
The backrooms of matrix central that are farming us are probably not physically located in this density – and similarly we may think of our own life in the rat maze or Disneymatrix as compartmentalised and that many people are totally disconnected of and ignorant of our activities – but more than likely a farming team is deployed severally through all the different social contexts that you travel between.
Our thoughts are probably highly visible and our lives highly scanned by both synthetic and natural telepathy, whilst even in human terms as Dr Deagle illustrates with his AI 2003 super computer that has humanity rendered as algorithms and interactive matrix – if that is what human knowledge can do – then advanced programming can do a whole lot more. E.g. see the soul capture technology portrayed in the stained glass window of 13th century Lincoln Cathedral in England.
This stuff has been happy to have us running around with pitchforks and wooden clubs as its main intention has been to use us to nurse its reptilian ancestral spawn into the world of the anthropomorphic and higher away from the swamp. You can see this portrayed in the Reptilian statues in the park in Oslo Norway. All of this pig sty whilst real interstellar cities could have been possible millennia ago.
I write more of this in the little ebook called Escape from Earth at
Due to the impending closure of farm KFC2B84U known to the livestock as 'Earth' as enforced by impending planetary geological changes, a new farm currently being set up NDU1212U in galactic sector 3 is now recruiting.
Standard Imperial employment conditions apply with a simultaneous implementation of phase 4 of the ancestral Hosting program.
Vacancies exist in;
Applicants are expected to have level 2 to level 5 capacities and will be required to operate with or without a multiple as both an independent feeder and with Imperial livestock profiles and hosting facilitation as directed.
Vacancies are in the following farming categories.
2. THE FARMING PRACTISE EXECUTIVE has selected vacancies for the following skillsets in the new farm NDU1212U
Closing date for receipt of applications is end of KFC farm year 2012
The Reptilian Empire is an equal opportunity farming consortium and welcomes farm applications from non-Reptilians.


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