Andrew Hennessey

Now before I roll this one out, let me state for the record that I really really hope that a major change happens in the horrible status quo on this Repto slave planet. If something really major happens with pole shifts and earths crustal displacement such that big ships intervene, flights of Angels descend, we Ascend and etc it frankly couldn’t be soon enough for me.

BUT, do you remember Y2K on the Internet ? and a whole series of alleged something or others between then and now that didn’t happen.

We all tend to feel collectively gutted after these farces don’t we.

This article will hopefully show that if a geological 2012 doesn’t happen then it isn’t the end of the world !!

There could be an Angelic 2012 or even a Geological 2014 or 2010.

The historic Status Quo on this planet is entirely artificial and alien controlled imo but alas so is the data pertaining to pole shifts.

In my own mind there is no doubt that aliens control this planet and that they are anti-human in disposition, and I’m also pretty sure that there isn’t much that’s good in this galaxy given that they are all accessories to the fact of 20 millennia of soul farming where the only changes taking place for the long term recycled inmates under the frequently departing repto-grey alliance spacecraft – has been the style of historic footwear and license plates that we have all been collectively sewing.

I am not saying though that Ascension and or repatriation is not going to happen – it must for many of us and because Angels and the Higher Dimensions of Love do exist Ascension is a certainty in many different ways for most of us.

Its just that the actual fixed Mayan date idea of a fixed date in December 2012 being the exact date and time and hour at which something gravitationally huge is going to happen between planet, geology and star because the Mayans predicted it – has to be a fallacy.

I’m not saying that Earths crustal events and pole shift will not or cannot happen.

I’m saying that the idea that even an Extra terrestrial civilisation can extrapolate gravitational data from galactic mass, solar system behaviour and planetary spin to such degrees of accuracy over thousands of years in a chaos based process such as our solar system and its galaxy is a fallacy.

In reality it could be 2012 plus or minus a couple of years.

If it doesn’t happen to the minute in December 2012 – we haven’t necessarily been Blossomed or been Badchilded it just means that natural chaos is unaccountably running through the energy, mass and gravity of our solar system and galaxy.

In 1992 a Paris University think tank produced the refutation of Newtons Laws of Planetary Motion – where the previously held idea of the harmony of the spheres in orderly clockwork was blown away by modelling the paradoxical quirks in planetary orbits by a Chaos Theory algorithm.

Nature is based in Chaos and fractals – in the rocks, in the sea in our cardiovascular systems in the trees and planets and atomic motion, and in our weather systems and in our cosmos and its galaxies and their plasma behaviour, in our aether – Chaotic processes dictate the motion of the planets and galaxies, and of course tectonic plates and rock formation movements etc

On a planet where you can see the alien matrix droids parked outside your bedroom window on satellite photos from flashearth.com [well some of us can], on a planet where aliens can manufacture printed paper out of thin air, who can make and decay artefacts and also have the technology to rematerialise them underground making it appear to archaeologists that they have been there for a long long time .. on a planet where governing aliens who write and control and edit the books can use energy over matter technology and can dematerialise and rematerialise anything, anywhere – and that materialisation can be people from their beds into spaceships or strange artefacts to be found by e.g. Michael Cremo for his ‘Forbidden Archaeology’ research [2001] on such a planet we cannot set our faith in what we think is the historical record as it appeals to our mind.

The scientific and historical record has to be very false.

Consequently although I am not saying that Mayan pyramids were built yesterday, on a planet where it academically and allegedly takes 500 years to adapt an ox harness to a heavy horse for the plough hence postponing industry, science and urbanisation levels of society and population in western Europe for half a Millennia [Burford, in Chant and Goodman, 1999] – things are obviously Not Right.

We think we know – but do we ?

We cannot say that by any historical or scientific record we can expect a pole shift in the face of Repto-Grey engineering of our society and its historical and scientific records.

Disney cartoons on Ice Age or Jurassic Park don’t count as research.

What we can do instead though is take a note of seismic activity via our own homemade empirical networks.

IF Primary, Secondary AND Tertiary [fairly dormant] fault lines have become more and more active – we can work out for ourselves without recourse to our television or magazines when our plate geology is starting to change.

What we know is SEVERELY edited.

e.g. in the Western Islands of Scotland there was a small hairy red haired race of dwarves that stayed in stone igloos and were the subject of an investigation by a Home Office Ethnologist.

Also the Isle of Skye Parish records, records the vote of the Faerie People in a village dispute.

These ideas do not exist today in the melee of soap opera and celebrity.

All sorts of things disappear off the pages of history seeing as how human history belongs to the Repto-Grey farmers.

The other possibility that will happen whether or not it is preluded by geological cataclysm is Angelic ascension and intercession.

If nothing does happen at the prophesised time – many many people are going to be desolately sickened.

I did say that this planet specialises in the engineering of despair and other such alien harvests.

Angels of Light though don’t really respect the clock or geology or obstacles to our salvation and salvage so maybe they will come in at the time we hope for the most … an Angelic 2012

We know this because love exists and we know that Angels come into the world, sometimes into our own private world.

The main issue though is that the exact date given for a geological 2012 might because of natural chaos be a total non-event at that time – but that does Not Mean that it will not take place very near the actual date of the prediction.

More realistically and logically we should all be thinking with chaos theory in mind - in terms of geological 2012 plus or minus 2 years !!!


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