Andrew Hennessey

October 2008 was a very busy month in Scotland.

It starts with regular sightings of the alleged Annunaki phallic ship – probably a small battleship or escort that continue regularly from about the 25th July when it had been first filmed overflying illuminati central in Edinburgh by Jackie Gillies. Because of extensive cloud cover during july though it had not been filmed again until the end of September – but had usually been seen mid evening on a Friday night and then mid evening on a Sunday following – as if someone had come in to party.

Certainly one doesn’t imagine multistellar or multinational companies having board or executive meetings on a Saturday.

Still although Glasgow [named after the gaelic for blue-green – after the blue men of the minches] maintains that its miles better – perhaps the discerning Annunaki starship sailors were more inclined to avail themselves of the recreational additives to be found in Edinburgh during October.

Certainly with the commencement of Operation Joint Warrior – presumably nothing to do with the mass import of Cannabis – which was a huge naval exercise off Scotland’s west coast which involved the US, UK and NATO forces and perhaps the docking logistics of Ullapool with its famous sub-tropical gardens warmed by the benevolent incoming from the gulf stream – there was a lot of conventional pre-stellar hardware moving around in Scotland.

The Scottish Highlands and western islands are replete with massive underground storage and base facilities and many legendary non-human cities too.

There is an argument in fact that the UK has moved its primary command centre there, helped along by an insider allegation that two rapid reaction forces in the north of the UK are guarding not very much by way of real numbers of population, that and the fact that surveillance dark choppers piloted from somewhere near Inverness have been filmed with some very strange co-pilots on board after a UFO flap in Gorebridge.

Loch Ness replete with alleged alien underwater base entrance, new hydro and alleged underground railway and facilities has in the month of October 2008 had its forest walks closed for two years to protect the innocent hillwalkers from an attack by suddenly lunging dangerous falling trees.

In October from the 6th to the 18th a road called the A86 which runs past the desolate peat and heather and rocky wilderness of Rannoch Moor closed at nights for 4 weeks both lanes. Totally closed during the hours of darkness – could stuff be moving in or out somewhere unobserved ?

In October in the month of Scotland further south of this area at the picturesque village of Pitlochry complete with salmon ladder at Faskally Woods – the local papers are running the story of ‘Aliens in the Forest’ which is basically a fantasy lightshow in the woods for 17 days commencing the 16th of October.

On the 24th of October as previously reported slightly south of that at Dunkeld there was reported by a witness as a cause of a traffic stopping pileup the site of an alleged low flying potentially crashing UFO at 17.30

Then perhaps filmed next was the other participant in some dogfight.

At 18.40pm there was filmed the footage of the downing alleged Annunaki starship that had previously been filmed on 4 nights from the 26, 28th of September, the 30th, 3rd and 5th of October by Jackie Gillies

The sight of the crashing alleged Annunaki starship – Annunaki because of its numerological and kabballistic and ideological inferences in its highly unusual and designed structure.

6 part phallus from the front male therefore from the front and a web of 4 forward structures and 4 backward structures from the side – 8 being the kabballistic number for female and the spider and eightness is associated with illuminati organisations such as the Mothers of Darkness etc, where 8 is the number of Isis etc etc

Male front and female side is echoed very much in the theosophical ideologies of hermaphrodism and the balance of the left and right brain into an integrated and empowered magus.

These illuminati ideas are called illuminati because the Annunaki are illuminated ie. They can shine – a celtic and reptilian ideology portrayed by Scottish painter John Duncan in his work ‘the riders of the sidhe’.

According to Nick Pope the UK establishment UFOLOGIST he was looking at a natural event or manmade space debris. His guide dog though had conferred with the British Astronomical Association so that we are reassured that the best of British had been keeping a stiff upper lip during the flap.

What we were seeing in that footage was a very large highly designed ship not covered in atmospheric braking and burning from the nose all the way round the periphery as if it were a meteor.

It did seem to be arching downwards and descending in a fairly controlled descent although it could have been previously skipping the atmosphere – but it was in fact at time of filming well under the cruising height [cirrus clouds] for example of a transatlantic 747 and should have showed up on Edinburgh Airports Airtraffic Control reports.

I can confirm that the event was neither reported by public or pilot or recorded by the Control Tower.

The smoke and fires though appeared to be coming from midships from a gaping hole in its side.

Our estimate that at its height and rate of descent and heading north by north west it would have cleared the central belt but be unable to have enough altitude to clear either the Cairngorm Mountains or the Grampian Mountains and we strongly suspect that this ship headed for the Scottish Mountain facilities to either crash for the night with the Grey man of BenMacdhui in the Cairngorms or head for the more level plateau with some deep water Lochs on Rannoch Moor – as it probably would not have cleared the Ben Nevis range.

The alternative scenario is a deep water crash and retrieval amongst the NATO ships in the Scottish coastal waters who tend to be used to handling exotic cargoes.

The thing is though that the A86 road that runs past Rannoch Moor is now recently closed at night every night for several weeks during October between Newtonmore and Aberarder from the 6th of October.

Beyond Rannoch Moor are some quite big mountains and then lots of sparse but frequent villages, the town of Fort William and of course the network of clever military bases petulantly built and nestling around the major great glen fault.

It might be that in that highly black Op big budget area that assets maybe even prisoners were being moved out – flown out in convoys and that perhaps the alleged Annunaki ship that looked to have two machine gun laser turrets was the escort ship.

Predictable, somewhat boastful and somewhat arrogant it may have made the mistake of trying to park in Edinburgh once too often on a Friday night at the same time and that the fearless interstellar traffic wardens had clocked this and had been laying in wait for them to issue a ticket.

It might be that we have been witness to an act of great heroism.

It also tells us that if we feel oppressed and imprisoned here then there are still people out there in that galaxy that want to do something about that.

Another postscript to this story is the story of an alleged fireball or meteorite coming down in Canada on the same latitude as the Annunaki dogfight in the month of October. It was reported to sprinkle smaller white fireballs on its way down – were these the escape pods ?

Why 57 degrees North for both events – well perhaps when ships fly long range they do not aim for the centre of a planet but for the shoulder offcentre about two thirds of the way up – so that if they have to come out of transit suddenly and they cannot brake quickly because of some failure of components produced by Reptilian defences they can obliquely skip the atmosphere.

It may be that there is a general increase in the number of reported ‘meteorites’ recently ?

It’s very obvious from the photographs that is an unnatural change in the long term status quo on Earth.


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