Andrew Hennessey

They had been planning this one on Sunday early October 2008 for months in their luxury Marchmont condo in Edinburgh. Gerald, Jeremy and Julie had been in constant communication with galactic TV and the Federation X starsystem.
Gerald, Jeremy and Julie had been inserted by the X into downtown Edinburgh and live the life and identities of the normal well to do yuppies with all the latest luxury goods and gadgets and seem to do well in their marketing and fairly creative executive jobs.
Their hobbies by social profile would tend to include, snowboarding, skiing, water-skiing and of course paragliding.
Perhaps inspired by the rather more fictional Vin Diesel portrayal of Xander in the action and spy movie Triple X of an extreme sports icon who would go to any lengths to manufacture a spectacular stunt, they had the lifestyle and connections on Earth and in the X system to set up one of those extreme sports filmshoots like in Hollywood but for real.

The X obviously have a lot of fun on planet Earth – perhaps not reptilian but fairly big sized human types – they tend to see the fun side and the sunny side of the street in a gulag where continents comprising billions of people are requiring sometimes just a basic cup of water or something more than mud and sugar in their African pancakes.

Earth though is known to be a proving ground for a mixed social order of beings that can include by my best guess [positives in the minority];

Reptilian species A – positive and negative
Reptilian species B – positive and negative
Reptilian species C – positive and negative
Reptilian hosted Hu-Man assets [social and prana grooming/incubation]

Federation Intermarriages and mixed species soul groups For and Against
Good Angelic Co-operatives and Intercessions

Over the millennia, though the would be gods amongst us have come to parade themselves as the winners to help us along with our despair and help us feel as oppressed and isolated as possible.
To that end they have always been happy to play the well endowed abundantly supplied superiors and outright megastars.
Galactic stagemanaged multimedia encounters making sport perhaps with and of humanity over the millennia had been quite far from my thoughts though this being more a farm.
For example the equivalent might be prime time birdwatching on Earth.

Diamond ships that a guy in Japan who films them regularly says belongs to the Kings of Light were involved in this Sunday stunt in the Southern upland hills just a few miles south of Gorebridge and eighteen miles south of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

Obviously Councillor Elvis had been in touch with the Galactic Network news and sports channel to arrange for film teams to capture the event.
One has to ask though if this was perhaps a dress rehearsal for Ben Nevis or one of the more spectacular Scottish or European mountains.

So it was then that on Sunday afternoon Jackie Gillies the UFO cameraman from Gorebridge who seems to get to film everything was out walking in the afternoon towards his usual vantage point where the suddenly uprising escarpment of the Southern Upland hills precipitously rises to a quite modest height – perhaps a grass carpeted uprise of about 5 or 600 feet to the road and then another few hundred feet on top of that to the flat topped moorland hills which tend to be good place for sheep and other leisure activities.

Jackie could get a good view of the escarpment from where he was and suddenly noticed the diamond shaped geometric glimmering of a bright and somewhat barbed ship about 400 yards long.
Switching on his camera he starts to film it as it hovers in front of the escarpment below the hilltop.
As he films a similar semi materialised ship flies across his view.
Then he pans up to the sky and sees three Para gliders with stylish parachute canopies swooping above the hilltop. The sportsmen or women were regularly proportioned and were manoeuvring round and round the stationary and visible diamond shaped UFO.
Executing turns they circled around it and descended.
Suddenly Jackie is distracted by a remote viewing soul light only a few yards from his person – but he brings his camera back onto the UFO and paragliders in time to see the materialisation of a hovering flat topped platform area with artistically designed oval lights at regular intervals around it. There were blue, yellow, green and red ovals – somewhat like the Disco lights that a colleague goes out to gig with.
Then – there we are – Gerald, Jeremy and Julie all drop onto the landing zone with no diamond ship visible in this spectrum.
The galactic sports network call it a wrap and Gerald, Jeremy and Julie get a lift back to their 4x4.

One wonders if they will be doing this one again over Mount Kilomonjaro while it still has some snow or the African Rift valley.
There are certainly a lot of Kenyans very keen on chewing the fat with the galactic network.
We have this outrageous footage of course and I think that Jackie is wondering whether or not we should be endorsing the activities of these showboating yuppies by making it available.
We might be glorifying and endorsing their callous extra terrestrial lives.

I personally reviewed all of this footage this afternoon 26 October 2008 and note that some excerpts of this footage minus the paragliding stunt had been previously reported to the P4C list as a youtube file in October


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