Andrew Hennessey

In terms of the various conspiracy theories e.g. the Georgia Guidestones and also the United Nations recommendations for global population reduction mankind has definitely seen catastrophes affect the foodcrops on this planet.

e.g. the destruction of a bumper Malaysian rice crop that would have ended global rice shortage by a furious storm out of nowhere.

From our alleged safe world of the television we are treated to the horrifying sight of an African village making mud pancakes out of; mud, diseased water and sugar. The mud added the ballast for the empty stomachs - and no doubt innumerable problems for the kidneys and other organs in the body. The Africans though may have a stronger inherited immune system but with no vitamins and co-factors and minerals in their diet - they were going to die.

In the western world, we are allegedly better off. We have supermarkets fed by multinational farms and huge agrobusinesses.

We can revel in the Aladdin's cave of multicoloured global bio-diversity full of exotic splendour and peruse the set of 'everything' of fruit and vegetables.

The incoming directives of the new global legislations that restrict and make illegal some aspects of all foodstuffs and supplements by December 2009 had been of some concern to me.

I had heard that things such as garlic and peppermint were being reclassified as and made the legal equivalent of industrial toxins to enable them to be more tightly regulated by the profit seeking pharma industry. [i.e. The Codex Alimentarius]

Of course there were always valid arguments for overdoing our own nutrition intake, which I acknowledge.

But many of the supplements we now take for granted are going to get squeezed off the shelves or made much more inaccessible.

I reconciled myself with the fact that I should be eating a balanced diet in any case and that merely vitamins on their own especially the water soluble ones aren't much use on their own - as they need minerals and co-factors to give one any benefits and they can be easily washed out of the body before that can happen.

So with my time to buy certain supplements coming to an end it seemed like a good time to get back to basics and start living it up on fruit and vegetables.

For the following 6-8 weeks I lived the life of a TV chef - maybe not as good - but practise would make perfect.

A fridge load of very very good-looking fruit and vegetables was continually stocked and replenished from several of the UK's finest supermarkets.

Then 8 weeks into my new fish and vegetables regime I noticed that the corner of my mouth was sore.

It was a complaint I had during my childhood when I was a wild child who ate everything bad.

It was cured then by vitamin supplements every time.

Angular cheilitis is inflammation and fissuring radiating from the commissures (angles) of the mouth secondary to predisposing factors such as nutritional deficiencies.

How can this be I thought.

Then I discovered that the fruit is picked green so it will last longer on the shelves after it makes the journey to market and that green fruit when picked has little or no vitamins at all.

Supermarket fruit has very little flavour I find at the best of times - no matter what fruit - it all seems to taste like tasteless green grapes so I guess it also makes intuitive sense that it doesn't have much nutrition.

Ok that explains the fruit - but I was eating lots and lots of root vegetables, which ought to be soaking up nutrition from the soil.

I hear that big agrofarms tend to intensively farm their soil, exhausting it and depleting it - so that there is very little uptake of nutrition into the vegetables but worse still is the toxic concoction of sprays that it is repetitively drenched with.

I remember being a labworker at the East of Scotland College of Agriculture many years ago and took receipt of a sample of diseased strawberries from a farm near Eyemouth in the Scottish Borders.

The strawberries looked bright red and the real deal ... but they had been incessantly sprayed with a routine regime of about 15 herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

I would never look at strawberries in shops without real suspicion after that.

What had been happening to me is that the more vegetables I had eaten, the more chemicals I had consumed and that had not only cancelled out any nutrition in my food but had also depleted other reserves that my body had too.

I was vitamin deficient after having been on an intensive; fruit vegetables and oily fish diet for 8 weeks.

The truth is that although the people in the African village that was featured on television were eating a diet of; diseased water, mud and sugar, theirs was a more honest desolation.

The Aladdin's cave of exotic supermarket fruit and vegetables is actually a tainted fools gold in my opinion.

Consequently I have re-discovered many things about indigenous and locally introduced edible plants that are classed as noxious weeds.

For example, the Nettle was introduced into the UK by the Romans, which after its sting was neutralised by soaking became, like spinach an important source of iron and vitamin C.

Other noxious weeds such as the Dandelion are excellent contenders as salad vegetables etc

I can see that once I spice things up again I could finally be eating something that's good for me.

I have to ask the question though, that given what the average basket of shopping looks like for the average household - what is keeping people, especially the very young and the very old on their feet ?

When the chemical recycling plant at Bonnybridge was allegedly [e.g. a farmers dispute on deformed cattle] producing too much dioxin, whilst Bonnybridge was also - co-incidentally, the UFO capital of planet Earth.

The famous A70 abduction case with Garry Wood and Colin C, [circa 1992] saw Colin taken underground where he recollected that he saw rows and rows of naked people in big glass jars tells a story of alien farming.

Were the alien farmers worried about pollution levels of toxin in their human assets in that area of Scotland ??

It seemed so.

If many human beings in Scotland are on a desolate diet of sugar and agrochemicals for years at a time - technically there should be many more casualties from malnutrition than there appears to be.

How therefore are the population of Scotland being sustained because the majority ought to be metabolically bankrupt?

Are the aliens putting something into the desolate diets of people who are away with the Faeries ??

By the biology textbook there ought to be tonnes of big metabolic issues - so are some people running on para-biology in Scotland ?


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