stripping our eternity

Andrew Hennessey

The things we take for granted as part of our daily lives on planet Earth is that someway and somehow – some progress has been made with the invention of sciences, medicines and technologies and that some way back there have been wars and older wars and older technologies and more primitive cultures and that somehow a banana eating ape then progressed from the African savannah in an orderly and logical way through the coffee shops of the Italian Renaissance, travelling the world for the price of a loaf of bread and who then developed all the science and technology that we all appreciate in the 21st Century today, having made a hundred thousand years of adaptation, war and natural selection.

We can see the proof of this in our media and culture, our films and our books, our children’s educational material - this idea that back then wasn’t as modern or as good as now.

The problem with this linear evolutionary scale and ladder as portrayed is that it is a fallacy.
There are accounts of Space Age technology in our folklore e.g. the Mahabarata and other Vedic lore. We also see the proof that highly technological extra terrestrial culture has been taking off from places in and around our towns and cities in e.g. Europe, South and Meso America, China, India, Australia and Scandinavia and the Holy land for thousands of years … so how is it therefore that we as a people call ourselves the ‘human race’ but that itself is a fallacy that ‘humans’ or all that appears human are one kind of being descended from a dysfunctional primate.
There are tabula rasa – blank slated amnesiac humans – and then there are whole cultures of shape shifters e.g. Greys, Naga, Skinwalkers etc
I found it interesting that in Chinese mythology, godlike beings fly through the air and make war like the Japanese Ogre Magi.
In Celtic mythology, the Light Lance of the god Lugh sounds like a heavy phaser weapon from Star Trek.
From my own personal experience I have seen beings move beyond the time frames and sensory capacities of the real human being, and these others live amongst us.
Humans by comparison live in slow motion.
From satellite photographs you can see some of these beings streaking from the windows of their houses, or indeed a local cameraman films balls of light manifesting a return from a UFO on Saturday night .. the neighbours perhaps having gone out for a pint of some convivial and essential fluid refreshment at the Lunar Hilton.

For the rest of us we have our distractions .. the political circus, the dangers of war and mass extinction, evil fanatics etc Vandals, Huns, Goths, Saladin, King John, Caligula, Machiavelli, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, from age to age the darkness of evil howls at our door.
It is clear that even from the accounts of 17th and 18th century England and Scotland that alien abductions were proceeding for various reasons such as those given by Paul Schroeder in 21st Century USA

The human race though is given the impression that science and rational people are somehow moving us forward with careful consideration and valuable peer review. A myth today more often viewed for the cynical joke that it is.

Given centuries of secret extra terrestrial neighbours therefore .. why are we not all flying about in antigravity chariots, why are we not checking out our galactic stock options by now, or our new real estate on a new terraforming project. Why are we not using the free energy that was available to Faraday at the end of the 19th century or Tesla and Townsend Brown at the beginning of the 20th Century?
The old excuses of vested interests in the Petrodollar actually don’t wash .. because in truth our extra terrestrial brothers and sisters who have been keeping us in this dumbed down funny farm and stagnant cul de sac could have introduced anti-gravity long before the invention of the internal combustion engine and the petroleum paradigm.
In any case, even in terms of our human Disneyland, Oil companies could simply have bought the antigravity monopoly to preserve the stock market status quo.
Basically there ought to have been nothing wrong with us having interstellar chariots in Egyptian or Sumerian times.
Some might say that ‘we’ did, or rather the Annunaki Reptilian overlords did.
Why were the flying shields reported overflying Greece and Rome not merely part of a larger interstellar sociological infrastructure under overt hitek control.
So why are we not even as slaves flying about in antigravity sleds between impressive interstellar metallic domes and spires.
Why were the grand designs of the Renaissance not enacted in a sumptuous interstellar canvas of high technology and artform and more technologically produced Reptilian slavery …
Basically why are we all staggering about between cardboard boxes, mud huts and all the dysfunctional planned obsolescence and entropy, instead of as mere slaves with some sort of hitek collar and computer monitoring making the coffee, doing the housework and going missing on the night of some full moon etc but at least being driven to the altar in some sort of hitek conveyance.

We can argue that we are being farmed and processed as physical slaves but that argument isn’t sufficient to explain a planet of historical contradictions and strangely behaving zones and spiritual nihilism.

It isn’t our physical processes that are being farmed, demeaned and diminished by dis-ease filled culture and low-tech entropy with its endlessly depleting failures. It is our soul that is the target.

If you look at all the historical infrastructure that alleges to be human in the last 20,000 years on Earth – none of it had to be that way at all.
It could all have been gleaming spires and domes and anti-gravity sleds and energy to matter and matter-to-matter manufacturing etc.
None of the social order we take as being human was necessary at all – for we know that non-humans with interstellar knowledge and ability have been running the planets surface and its more ancient underground since at least the Wars of the Fall of Atlantis.

Some of us e.g. Ralph X have memories of being recycled between lives via a huge computer control room above the planet. Ralph as a non-human alien and spy, remembers handing strategic secrets over to his civilisations enemies and his memory of flying his little alien craft to that meeting via its control stick has already been enacted in a crash as a world war one German pilot. After the crash – he was then recycled by machinery into another human life.

If the planets surface is some sort of soul farm and breakers yard that could have been interstellar 20,000 years ago, what therefore is the purpose of enacting some sort of evolutionary process that involves the invention and discovery of certain forms and applications of technology.
Surely these discoveries – like Edison’s light bulb idea he suddenly got on a bus would have to be totally controlled and introduced.
The printing press of Gutenberg for example appeared overnight relatively speaking during the Renaissance in Europe.
According to Burford in Chant and Goodman, 1999 taking 500 years to figure out how to harness a heavy horse for the plough postponed intensive agriculture, social specialisation and a major scientific revolution.
What might be the meaning of the procession of inventions and ideas that we have taken for granted as natural to us – the real paradigm changers though could well be mostly artificially introduced.
Given that our souls farming environment is an artificial, painful and demeaning and sometimes grotesque life .. we may be getting broken down long term over several thousand years by certain kinds of attacks on our spirits and our more ancient memories, skills and prowess we have acquired from our million year social lives we have had before we came here or were captured.
There may be cruel retakes of our past weaknesses and failures engineered to play out in different contexts in a series.

The era of swords and projectiles for example is perhaps an era of our basic choices and the exercise and perhaps engineered failure of the acts of will that the practice of the sword espouses.
The sword is symbolic of the will etc so we might be made to feel inferior in contrast with some alien superman in our relatively deadened state.
The era of social conurbations and conflicts based on the performance of timber, cannon and stone, malfunctional hierarchy and knowledge suggests that we could have been processed in such a way that would drive us to let go of our social vision and become dis-eased with it.
Maybe we once were wonderful interstellar socialites but after a few workouts with loaded social dice and deliberate falsification of our true worth and abilities we can be made to feel that we should give up on societies and what they have to offer.
The era of [alleged] science and technology is perhaps a time zone designed to end our obsession with the use of reason and technology as a hope we should have for escape in any future.
Nothing works the way it should.
If I was a Reptilian overlord trying to break down a proud starship pilot like ‘Han Solo’ after capturing him in some distant war – I would make of him a bus driver in an old rickety bus … which has a very long runway.
The route would take him past all the things he used to love, but many of these things would be in a dilapidated condition.

Soul stripping though is also a Reptilian and Grey activity whilst we can see from NASA satellite imagery of some neighborhoods .. the equivalent of matrix droid R2D2 sitting outside the window.

Planet Earths stockyard surface is a carefully managed breakers yard for souls that has been intentionally designed to be unfulfilling and outrageous and despicable and contrary and contradictory and unjust and annihilatory, and spiritually diseased – a planet that seems by and large to espouse and embody and laud the will to desolate.
The constant struggle of Light has been to salvage and rescue its Children from these abominations.
This central theme of desolation and entropy embraces any and every act of combustion and fire – arguably hellfire.
Our bodies burn and oxidise by biochemistry, the fires of industry burn and break down and combust and oxidise, even our nuclear industry burns and breaks down its isotopes in acts of disintegration or fission and our central theme of oxidation and empowerment in the technological centuries has been first the steam engine, but then the internal combustion engine.
Any number of antigravity or more primitive fuels in the same engine would have produced cleaner results from a human point of view.
None of these technologies ever needed to be invented.

The emergent space age spiritism of the 21st Century talks of harvests, Star dust, and from the film The Golden Compass [first 20 minutes] you can hear of people who host demons that they have been bonded with needing to eat soul dust or dust. Such dust therefore might well be the output of this funny farm on planet Earth.

Reptilians and Greys may be about to produce the most bizarre contradictions in our lives in the most cartoonesque kind of way.
By doing surreal they hope to disassociate us and disorientate us.
They allege through their contactees that the time for the harvest is here.
The greys have openly promised to rehouse the harvested in yet more biology.
After a few thousand years of careful loosening of our grip on our ancient provenance and soul memories that might actually include re-runs in different contexts of social failures we have made or been made to have in previous eras .. they might actually think that they have got some more bits and pieces to put into their vats and jars.

The truth is though that we are more than any kind of dust – and we have endless life and joy beyond combustion and the biology of cats and dogs and demons.

Our escape route out – is the Way of Life .. a network and vine [John 15] that connects us to beings of enormous magnitude and frequency that are more than able to pull us out of harms way when the dark reptilians and greys switch on their big vacuum cleaner.
Already UFO gurus are talking with people who have technical know how about things like the Matrix and who also speak of other soul processing, soul capture and upload grids.
The technology though is not human and may well have been in place on Earth for thousands of years already.

One guy already network connected with the greys speaks of being able to inhabit endless animal forms and other forms too – experiencing recreational opportunities.
If that is so .. who or what might already have been in our farm animals these last few centuries ? and did they have a good time ?

Instead of antigravity chariots running on free energy between glistening spires, we have hungry almost organic automobiles, rusting and burning and producing smoke like little animals.
Our once proud citizens of advanced intergalactic civilisations are now drifting between petrol cars and vehicles as if by habit accustomed to the bunny rabbit lifestyle of carrot, combustion and stick.
Like small furry animals the cars scoot up and down their rabbit runs to their rabbit warrens driven and operated by the spiritual paradigm of combustion and metabolic breakdown.

Our memories of our last intergalactic leap before our capture, held up at the lights in some dismal log jam on the freeway.
The captive spirits are made to feel hopeless on a road to nowhere – their aspirations and outlook diminished by derogatory social practises and a refusal to supply anything else for them to use.

The end product of this farm is Not physical slavery – for if that were so there need be no pretext of social primitivism to keep us all diminished.
The degrading threshing machine that has been what we call mankind’s ‘history’ over the last 20,000 years has been artificially contrived and controlled under very hitek circumstances, and probably very much with the calculations of the geological clock and the effect of earth changes on the points of reference for the herd taken into consideration.

I think my only hope was to be Christian, keeping certainty that no infiltration of any human institution by Repto-Grey nihilists was going to take the certainty of my escape from my mind and my soul.

Here are some examples of social nihilism that may be attempting to violate and usurp the human mind and the human condition – perhaps in a punishing way to overtly break it down in this farming process.

I read about what a friend had written about outrage and realised that the process was the same for him as it was for everybody else like us.
Our problem is that we are being buffeted by repto-grey chaos theatre designed to milk the essence of our distress.
I put it to you that the production of your outrage is a feeding necessity for a certain kind of repto-grey vampirism.
I tried initially to model this stuff in terms of the game of soccer or football and the fouls committed on the park.
The game of football being the game of life.
Our problem is that we believe in the game of football.
A player can come running up behind you and kick you in the back, then go rolling about on the pitch as if you did it to him and his team mates then mob the referee and you get a red card.
Our main problem as believers in football is our appealing to the referee in the social context of the foul. In these social situations where some run off the mill social transaction has become distressing what should happen is that we are vindicated by the fair and reasonable behaviour of others in these scenarios.

You can appeal to the referee i.e. People in the social context and not get vindicated at all, even worse you can then be falsified and further condemned.
Obviously the natural reaction is social outrage.
But then that outrage is entirely misplaced.
This stuff we call society isn’t about science or status symbols or technological evolution and it isn’t about enacting the values that it claims to enact – these tend to be charades that promote chaotic feeding opportunities.
It is actually unreasonable of you to assume that any social context you find yourself in that behaves like that has any worth or meaning at all.
You can appeal to the referee, the linesmen etc but we both of us actually have been conned into thinking there is actually a game of football going on in the first place.
It is the semblance of a game of football.

You are outraged because you feel it is your social right to be vindicated by your peers and are being denied.
You then ask how is this so … that society is social for everybody else except me ? that everybody else has the appearance of a wonderful time.
That’s not true either.
How can so many disconnected third parties co-operate in a negative way to make sure that you don’t have a nice day ?

I went into a coffee shop the other day for a latte and the shop was in the university quarter of town.
My appearance was neat and respectable, my demeanour genial, my stature calm and body movements smooth, my age mature, my clothing casual but expensive, my use of language and accent educated and respectful and in every way that I could see neither unacceptable or unusual in the social context of the usual clientele that could comprise, e.g. post graduate students or people engaged in other professional work connected with various departments within the University.
In fact even a telepath would have recognised that I was in a good mood.

The shop is not busy and I’m first in the queue and behind me is a middle aged studious professional type who is the only other person waiting to be served. He arrived just after I came in.
I order my latte and pay my money electronically and as usual am told to wait at the serving area for my coffee. This I happily do.
The guy that was next is then served and he orders and also pays for his order.
The young educated red haired lady of the Aryan [classically Draconian] racial group then proceeds to get busy making the coffee.
She then produces the coffee for the man who came after me – and serves him first, putting his order down in front of me for him to collect and then keeps me waiting a further five minutes till she eventually and somewhat reluctantly produces my drink.
In that social reality that should always operate every time in any shop the unwritten law of first come first served had been blatantly broken.
If I had been an ethnic minority in some racist state of the US in the 1950’s I might have been able to easily understand what I had just been subject to.
Yet we were all typically Caucasian.
How is it that two complete strangers operated a conspiracy against a third party that they had never met before ?
All the things I could see and hear about myself and my own social performance were perfectly normal as far as I could see, but then I only have human sensory apparatus to judge that with.
What mode of recognition and what ancient priority had been asserted over a tabula rasa human being ?
Is this some sort of Reptilian thing going on here I now wonder ??

The next example of bizarre behaviour is a bit less obvious and involves more construction and it involves a bizarre co-incidence to do with my musical ability.
It isn’t a very strong example of hive control in my opinion but it has enough unsubtle things about it to make it a good ‘what if’.
The stuff in the coffee shop is outrageously in your face – but this story is only slightly good in comparison.
It does show however that if people are walking into repto-grey chaos theatre all the time then we should not dismiss the satellite footage from flash earth of all the alien droids in and around urban areas as part of some alien surveillance and hive matrix process.
In another post I had posted that having successfully played excellent gigs at an elite venue where over the years I had been told that I was not a good enough musician to play there – two people wearing identical clothing to what I had been wearing [same stripey T shirt and dark trousers] were later observed half a mile apart at night on two different road junctions almost in the middle of the road turning round and round on the spot !! as if trying to ascertain where I was going now …
Some alien software process had been halted by me ‘winning the impossible game’ as it were.

Well I know I can’t play Mozart because frankly my brain cannot process the stuff. The numerous differing hand positions and changing finger orientations on the fingerboard of the violin when run together produce far too many spatial orientations and re-orientations and muscle positions for my sense of pitch to work with.
Classical music therefore isn’t my genre. I do though do everything else but my one real asset and if you will a gift – is my ability to improvise in any genre including classical.

So I was heading up in the general direction of the University and on one of the main streets near there I saw the not out of place sight of a student string quartet, and they were standing there on the street maybe waiting for a taxi or something. They had been there at least a few minutes including the two hundred yards of walking that I could see them with.
They had big double bass flight case, cello flight case, violin and viola case.
Cool I thought – I’ll bet they could immediately and precisely play absolutely any kind of classical music that was put down in front of them.
I had arrived at where they were by then and was proceeding past them and I thought my thought of consolation, having never been able to play Bach myself that I least I could improvise on any concert stage anywhere.
Suddenly the string quartet came to life and seemed to recognise the fact that they were all very late for somewhere.
It was very odd, but as I cast a last wistful glance back at those highly cool musicians they seemed to be fast walking in double quick time up the street after me, their big flight cases bobbing up and down coming my way big time.
I got to the end of the road and crossed it and they got to the end of the road and stopped.
They had not reached any venue or any other socially useful amenity.

It wasn’t until I had reached the place that they were initially static that they then recognised some urgent need to hastily proceed. They happened to be proceeding fast behind me after I had walked beyond them.
Their sudden undue haste was pointless and very uncool and it also co-incided with my presence.
It also co-incided that it highlighted what could be perceived as my musical weakness as my professionalism appeared to be getting challenged and getting chased and displaced by some scenario that alleged itself to be ‘superior’.
I don’t personally believe that classical players can improvise better than I can so I don’t in any way feel inadequate in my own genre.

It was a very strange co-incidence that had a slightly surreal comical keystone cops element to it. It could almost be explained by its context and locality.

It’s all about timing in this case, but I’m certain that the String Quartet itself had no conscious recognition of me or knowledge of me or my life whatsoever.
It might be though that some other controlling intelligence had unconsciously driven them all to do that.

Clearly if there are Reptilian shapeshifters and Greys successfully operating telepathy and essence feeding and scanning technologies and droids and can move at incredible speeds and switch us off when they want etc then whatever we take for society is an engineered charade.
It is engineered to be contrary to what we think should happen.
It is Chaos Theatre.
Our distress and outrage, our life essence outpourings or energetic efforts at self-vindication would be its only goal.
Clearly the farm stock get the bad deal.
We get the frustrating and perpetually obsolete tools and software, decaying hardware and unworkable social logistics and ridiculously performing hierarchies. We get the distressing negative and nihilistic media and culture with its dehumanising and unhuman values and ethics, and we get obvious environmental desolation and perpetually incurable diseases.
But that alas is what it is to be human.
To be handicapped with interstellar amnesia, to have no memories of previous lives or loves, to be abducted and milked, or implanted or farmed or put in a big glass jar and frozen … and even to have our minds interfered with at any time during the day whether at a concert or whilst shopping.
Our values can be those of creativity and love, in that we care what we do and how we feel and how we make others feel. We can be responsible and caring for the most part.
The WE I am talking about is those of us who have a hard time.
I’m sure that WE are the only people who are having a hard time.
WE are human … but what has got into everybody else ?

There are two of several assets I have that make me feel at ease with
the world and all its ills.
But somehow these attributes came under attack in a predatory dream.
The first is my spiritually uplifting and sometimes tasteful use of
color which was able to turn my old parents house full of bad memories
into a place of peace and happiness.
The second was my sense of humor where I was somehow being second guessed in a stage show comedy act where the things I thought should happen next were then represented to me as something even better than I could have done myself. I might point out that the representations of better comedy genius were infeasible and not actually that good.
In the first dream, I am somehow back in my days of living in a
tenement or condo and I have moved into a small place and decorated it
really really garishly. There were very strong wall colors and
hangings and the clothes in the wardrope were terrible .. the
apartment was unbearable in terms of the color clashes … but on an
invite by the zeta infested hive assimilated neighbors downstairs,
their house was relatively tasteful and had more of the usual décor
indicators that people with class usually have despite their position
in life.
Possibly also as I headed back upstairs, what examples of incredible
decorative class and genius lay behind the other doors to my garish
and mentally diseased accommodation.
Dream number two immediately following was also to serve as the
blocker and screen memory as it then clearly got out of hand and very
outrageous such that whilst as I was supposed to be concentrating and
replaying the events that would follow … the events in the first dream
.. a disease with my personal taste would somehow subliminally sink in
and be consciously forgotten.
I'm looking at a stage comedy act involving a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
duo where Mr Hyde under control with a stupid looking set of special
effects was going to perform some stunt.
Engrossed, I forward my criticism to some party about the logistics of
how that routine could be improved. Suddenly the newly improved and
refined version with my suggestions is represented but with additional
things grafted on that belonged to another stage act I had previously
seen on TV and acknowledged as good.
Its as if my own sense of comedy genius was being second guessed and set up to be diminished and dampened and made to look nothing extra in the face of so many other gifted comedy people.
At that point some amputation scene got out of hand as the circus act
went for it and the dream terminated.

I think I have been targeted by Greys who are trying to falsify and
annul the beautiful things about my spirit.
Probably sometime during the day in the town I am going to see
reminders of that brilliance that they are making out they have
probably in terms of their interior decorating skills and or cultured
sense of humor .. maybe in the shape of being focussed on a shop
display in a classy department store I usually go to, or some interior
decorators van and also maybe some Edinburgh international Fringe
Festival Comedy act which it actually being festival time .. the city
is currently full of.
As I usually take a walking circuit that goes through such a
department store and heads up through the Royal Mile where the theatre
acts usually congregate and busk, I am reminded what a sad and
pathetic bunch of losers our allegedly supreme alien invaders and
farmers are.

This morning for example I am reminded how adept they are at degrading attacks when I am presented in my dream of an image of a menacing but sickly yellow looking big bulky dying weed, then the image of a bleached white haired monkey, followed immediately by a stark vision of a windows computer blue screen crashing ….

They seem to want to negate the things that keep my life beautiful and
it takes the form of IF X, THEN NOTX.
It's like the X FACTOR – where you have a constant negative critic.
It has to be said though that I do have a colourful sense of humor and
I look forward to the rest of my day … I will be sure to report any
hybrid genius that presents itself for marks out of ten !!!

Supreme aliens ape-ing my sense of humor and decorative ability, I
often wonder how many dreams, hopes and aspirations they have
butchered in the hours before dawn.

We know they are here – we just don’t realise how they get people and indeed how many people they actually got.
Maybe the governments have a light version of the alien demographics database they were given by a seedy corporation that could tell us how many were entered into the Zip Code Lottery.
In the Matrix films we see the evil Agent Smith forcibly enter into the characters and personalities of the people that live in the social virtual reality simulations. They are then taken over to serve the machine hive against what it perceives as the enemy.
What If I’m the enemy ??
And me such a nice, cultured and stable kind of guy !!

Here are some stories that illustrate an interruption of what we think of as ‘normality’.
Is it possible that something alien has caused these behaviours ? or if they are a feature of social chaos am I being too aware of the semantic nonsense that they represent.
If however, there is some anti-human process at work that acts upon the unconscious minds of its innocent victims as portrayed here – could that agency be evil telepathic aliens ?

A busy Sunday afternoon at Walmart and the shoppers are queued up at all the checkouts. The self service 10 items or less checkouts have formed 2 queues and people had been proceeding through those checkouts under supervision by one educated looking lady supervisor for more than an hour before I join my queue with one and only one item.
I notice that I appear to be making progress in my queue faster than the second queue and the tall young red-haired [Aryan] gentleman with a basket full of goods looks across at me then at the supervisor.
At that point the supervisor who had been watching everyone go through the automated scanning and goods payments assembly lines halts the entire 2 queue process to make the young gentleman next in all the queues there and proceeds to personally check out his basket full of 20 selections.
Whilst this is going on a young lady then jumps the queue in front of me taking the next available self-service counter before I could get to it.

Quite obviously this first person thought themselves too special to be overtaken in a queue by myself.
So on first appearances what was wrong with me ?
On my non-verbals – my clothes were casual and respectable, my haircut and well shaven appearance did not present me as the sort of desperado that could be sometimes seen there. Was I moving about in a jerky, agitated and impetuous manner that might convey the idea that I had an impatient or garrulous state of mind such that people might feel they needed to get away from some sort of dangerous personality ? No.
I also clearly had one item and was no immediate impediment to the schedule of this overlord.

How did the queue supervisor recognise and know that the person that was being overtaken at the checkout by myself required special treatment ? How was that information conveyed to her ? and what belief system was she operating that she would automatically acquiesce to an unfair demand in a recognisably unfair manner ?

I also don’t need to ask the question if that person that demanded to be served in front of me was a better man than I am as I know that when this kind of being loses the plot like that it has proven itself ridiculous.

Of course, socially speaking this kind of prejudice arguably non-human racial prejudice would be a very hard thing to prove and to substantiate.
It was absurd that a 2 queue system that had been operating successfully under the nose of the same supervisor for at least an hour was suddenly suspended to merely benefit one individual. Also it was bizarre to see the obsequious supervisor personally pack his bags in her own designated area.

My next close encounter in Walmart was far more obvious.

The restaurant appeared fairly empty so I thought I would do some of its cheap but nice Sunday lunch.
They do some meals there like roast beef which they serve with all the usual roasts and vegetables and because there are usually huge amounts of food I tend to ask for a childs portion – which ought to do any adult with an expanding waistline.
The older lady behind the counter, who I had never seen before, asked what I wanted.
I then pleasantly asked for a child’s macaroni and cheese – which is advertised as a dish with chips and vegetables and also comes with fruit and a soft drink.
Again my demeanour is genial and pleasant, my appearance clean, my age and maturity and social standing obvious.
The lady then states that I asked for an adult portion and picks up the adult sized plate and prepares to serve food on it.
Smiling I then reply that I was wanting a childs portion.
So she then picks up two childrens plates and states that I ordered two portions.
Having seen this comedy routine before with someone else, I remain happy and peaceful in mind and gently state that I wanted only one childs portion of macaroni and cheese.
She then puts some macaroni and cheese on the plate and hands it to me. I then ask her to just give me what usually comes with this meal.
She then takes the plate back and puts some chipped potatoes on it.
Seeing that she was about to hand me the plate back again, I then asked her to put some vegetables on it too, at which she says is that beans, to which I replied no, lets do the peas and carrots.
I finally get my plate of food, still though not being offered the piece of fruit and soft drink that comes with it for every other customer.

I have to ask because I need to know .. what malevolent hive turns people at a moments notice into malevolent cartoons ?
What hijacks their minds and their beings so that they can do evil to others ?

What can I take from my Sunday expedition to Walmart therefore ?
I had already guessed that these controlling beings are attacking and attempting to falsify the quality of my creative intelligence and social intercourse so that I could feel cut off and denied.
The participants may not be conscious of their behaviour and may be influenced at an unconscious level to operate like this.
I can tell from the NASA images that alien droids and other alien surveillance dog me around – so maybe I am singled out for ‘special attention’.
Maybe evil dominions, powers and principalities do have a legion of helpers, or maybe they merely temporarily invade what assets come to hand – but it is very difficult for people on the receiving end of this to articulate these scenarios and vindicate themselves in real time.
To interact with this kind of thing and engage in social justification and levelling one on one therefore isn’t good at all.

As the reptiles may say – you’ve just got to have a thick skin.

Whitely Streiber in his log cabin interviews, talks about the Greys ‘orchestrating happenstances’ for people who they then later strip and totally deplete of their attributes and who then remain depleted of them permanently.

Soul stripping activities rather than the socio-economic grind may then merely be the main part of what it is to be doing our time on Earth.

It’s the great New Age miracle – the book and movement centered on the Celestine Prophesies where lots of happy synchronicities lead us to a worldly and happy Nirvana if we follow our heart.
We learn to surrender to the now and go with our heart, but What If our now is getting messed with by Alien invaders ?
What If our mind space and our aspirations are being usurped and our spirits are being assaulted by alien invaders intent on uploading and harvesting our souls in some sort of matrix.
What if the happy synchronicity stuff is just alien propaganda so that if we are having bad and unhappy synchronicities we are just too ashamed to speak out because we are being led to believe that there is something wrong with us ?
What If NEGATIVE SYNCHRONICITIES are the NORM and that the good stuff only happens to Hybrid colonists.

What though is a synchronicity .. it appears to be a re-enforcing resonance of commitments and ideologies in our life that we have seen before or a co-incidence that affirms we are locked into either a path of goodness and hope or a path of despair and imprisonment.

There is a whole belief system and New Age movement of reality creation predicated on good co-incidences and a general wish by those involved in it to shame those who report bad synchronicities – as if they were inferior souls.

The status quo for this planet though is the mining and stripping of creative souls – stealing their dreams and parading those stolen emperors clothes before us to sicken and depress us.
Thus if we become disassociated, disconnected and disenfranchised of our aspirations we then more easily surrender to be rendered by these evil alien Fiends.
The status quo is the grinding and breakage of these souls into the ‘dust’ referred to in the first 20 minutes of the film the Golden Compass, or the idea behind the film [1983] and book by Ray Bradbury called ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ … the world an evil carnival run by Greys and dark Reptilians like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory .. the world a place to be tempted and fall to sell our souls so that we can indulge our dreams or do something ‘properly’ with ‘enlightened guidance’ and then fall and be uploaded into a matrix or be recycled as bits and pieces of soul dust for the general consumption of the soul undead.

Paraded before us in a pageant of accomplishment are those who do things ‘properly’ whilst for the majority there are memory blanks and skills deficiencies SOME of which might come from alien sabotage and mind hacking.

So maybe what I have said strikes a chord within you .. that you recognise that maybe negative synchronicities would be the absolute norm on a soul farm that operated like this.
You’ve heard me say this .. some may realise that this has been happening to them … but where do we go to get some empirical evidence for this that we can tell all our friends and psychiatrists about ?
No worries, look no further than the TV gameshow Deal or No Deal ..
In this gameshow there are about 18 unmarked boxes full of amounts of money large or very very small.
The contestant must guess by luck where the small amounts of money are so that they can keep the big money till last.
During the show – the ubiquitous Mr Big the Banker attempts to buy them out.
Some people have a plan about what order of boxes they want to dispose of … and very often you will hear that contestants got the idea out of thin air that they saw the number 6 written on something then found a dice that had the number six facing up and so on and they then realised that number six just had to be the winning quarter of a million pound box.
They do the show and it always turns out that number 6 or those ‘spiritually chosen’ wonder-filled winning numbers are numbers of catastrophic loss.
Almost on a daily basis therefore you see people being done down by negative synchronicities on this TV game show Deal or No Deal.

Negative synchronicities make us feel that we are locked into a negative pattern or some negatively inclined software program.
If I am right then negative synchronicities are the norm for the population on planet Earth. This is not because they are inferior souls but because they are incarnated in a soul farm.
They have the choice to choose another way though, the Way of Christ, of love and the highest frequencies that resonate with the true Source.

On a more positive note about negative synchronicities – if you see them in your life quite frequently it is probably engineered this way by evil aliens because your spirit is strong, full of life and is breaking free from the controls imposed upon you.
Negative synchronicities therefore are an indication of your Spiritual strength and degree of enlightenment.
The more negative synchronicities that you have the stronger, the purer and more light filled that you are.
Touchy feely folks having a reel good time on planet earth have a lot more going for them than they may be telling about on a planet so immersed in dark social engineering and alien colonialism and human livestock culling and farming.

On that note is the issue of Déjà vu – where you get the feeling that you have seen or heard something before.
There are stories of people being lifted and abducted in broad daylight during their waking hours.
The guy at a concert with his friends wakes in an alley 3 city blocks from the concert hall and he had only gone to the toilets and then went missing for an hour.
There is the story of the guy at a shopping mall in Australia who found an unusual way to save money as he went missing for an afternoon whilst in the mall.
They have tried to lift me day and night with area effect blue white flashes – but each time my guardian Angel intervenes.
It is as if I have been given to witness this stuff.
There was one particular hijack attempt where a team of angels protecting me got directly and observably involved, and there was the time the greys managed to blow out my right ear drum with an incredibly loud blast from an alleged horn of a parked 4x4.
I couldn’t play the violin without agony for 6 months – but miraculously my ear healed.
I digress.
Déjà vu then .. think of it like we as humans are extended with our minds into linear time space and our intentions and minds create a forward impact on our time stream which can be observed by the Greys and Reptilians.
Our lives or minds operate like a long video file on a timeline.
They know what we do before we do it .. as one reptilian martial artist told me.
So during our daylight abductions – maybe to check on our implants or to recalibrate their equipment to our ever increasing frequencies we get switched off at one point during the real time abduction.
When we are returned – and our mind is then rebooted – it has to seamlessly merge with where it left off .. but its like we are operating at such high frequencies we give them trouble making it a seamless splice.
Its like being in a video editing software and trying to join two clips back together. There is a little overlap. Because we are most likely to be ascending beyond their control such that they cannot calibrate our mind and spirit frequencies very accurately there cannot be a seamless rejoin and as a result we get a short rerun of where we left off – before we left off to be abducted.
If you are experiencing Déjà vu therefore – it means that the Greys or dark Reptilians have probably failed to calibrate your ascending spirit and soul signature.

It is up to us if we want to be overawed by some load of nonsense like this. What’s the point of getting upset.
Creative Human Beings are here and handicapped with amnesia and low on skills and resources being milked by distressing Beings and tools and social processes. The planets social system and its history of technology is a charade. Billions are not having a nice day.

Many of us and some would deny it, experience a countersong of negation to our lives and reason for being.

However, We can pray and lift our frequencies up to the love from the Highest Source and our Holy Spirits and Angels who operate amongst and above us. Prayer does that more than any other thing we could do to protect ourselves.

If we get sold a half cup of coffee our cup is in truth overflowing – for that something that gets into people recognises that it cannot have us.
Be content with the half cup of coffee. Enjoy it. Have a Nice Day – because an eternity full of glorious days is coming your way.
You didn’t do a Deal with the Banker and you didn’t care what the undead allege they are enjoying.


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