mining us out

Andrew Hennessey
This is an article about what our alien farmers may be doing with us, but before we go on outlining what some of their strategies are about – I would also like to point out that an ongoing presence of Angels and other Lightworkers over the millennia have been on hand and not inactive.
If you are not ready to or strong enough to look at or work with these issues then please don’t proceed evaluating these ideas.
I do argue elsewhere though in the article BEFORE YOU GO what I think we as humans should be doing for one another as part of a heart to heart movement.
If we do wish to address the activities of these other beings in the exopolitical context of our ‘Overlords’ we need to be able to recognise the issues that we would like to legally or consciously, or magically, and industrially get them to stop doing – even if there is no real chance of justice originating from within this physical Galaxy at present.
I’m sure that our world connects with more than just a galaxy, but with a multiverse of dimensions all with their own slightly similar or slightly different physical relativity and concerned citizens.
It might, however, be very therapeutic for most of us to explore the rich, creative but obscure depth of our souls life, potential and history in an Angelic context. When we finally recognise that we are here on Earth because of our potential treasure we might then find the hope and faith that will take us beyond and above here to one of those many mansions.
As represented, the lack of extra terrestrial political will to intercede from some galactic federation takes no account of, or admits to the non-human races that operate human hierarchies on Earth and I have to ask therefore if our warders or farmers are screening our incoming channels of spiritual mail. As represented, this galactic federation does not acknowledge the powerlessness of humanity amongst these farcical charades created and controlled by very high tek non-human alien life.
I am certain though that benevolent ET communities do exist here on Earth and that many different life forms from all over conduct themselves here for various reasons.
If any of the ‘Federation’ ships have yet landed to feed and water a desolate African village I am sure that they would let us know. If I was an overlord running a cattle farm and had a MacDonalds restaurant in sight of the field where the stock were grazing who would think of asking the cattle ‘Do you wish that we show up .. with a big mac ?’
We always seem to return to a central human paradigm with just about every benign form of ET contact that gets onto our internet. In this paradigm, there is only one and one only kind of being on planet Earth and it is the human being and it is making a very bad job of its planet. Most usually no reference is made to Reptilians whatsoever or the fact that both they and the Greys have been here operating and orchestrating things for millennia. Whatever messages our alien friends are sending to us – they cannot be unaware of what species is operating this planet. That cannot be possible.
Because of that it seems more and more that this sort of alleged pseudo benign missive is more in the league of science fiction and also cynical.
On a planet where the use and misuse of telepathy by some beings is an open secret and you can see statues of big Reptilians wrapped around aroused human females and or hopeless men in chains and with human scholars struggling with the hosting process of a Reptilian juvenile – depicted in Oslo, Norway – even David Icke distances himself from the obvious and simple way to operate an anti-human conspiracy in the semantic and social chaos of compartmentalised secret societies. The conspirators do not recognise themselves with human signals, handshakes, codewords etc .. rather there is a far more basic form of non-human telepathic recognition in play. The conspiracy isn’t complex for the Reptilians and Greys, its very simple. They can see one another – probably in high and variable colour. For the humans its complex they can’t recognise with the genetically dysfunctional sensory apparatus they have any difference between a shapeshifter and a human.
Humans are therefore getting telepathically played in these social arcade games.
We hear from sources such as; Streiber W, Kerner N, Delooze M, Schroeder P, Collier A that Repto- Grey farming has an interest in farming and uploading and recycling soul parts.
You can see the ideology of New Age Reptilian/Naga spiritism and also the motive for the promotion of completely emptying and surrendering ourselves to become stardust in the first 20 minutes of the film ‘The Golden Compass’ – where demonically hosted people see soul dust as an important source of food for consumption. In old testament times too from Psalm 139, there were also beliefs that a soul could melt down into lesser forms and ‘take the wings of morning’.
Streibers account of Government personnel being permanently stripped out of their good stuff and reduced down by the Greys in his Log Cabin Encounters stories also ties in with the dire warnings from Nigel Kerner, but we also take note of the Draconian folklore, histories and the very obvious cultural presence of a Reptilian species of Overlords.
Given that many of us are already familiar with some sort of soul farming and recycling scenario here on Earth, some remembering distant star battles, being pilots and getting captured etc there is plenty of anecdotal evidence for beings that live and operate beyond human horizons and constraints even amongst the victims here.
I think the farming process here takes four aspects:
1. Soul dust rendering and essence milking of a ‘material’ nature.
2. The acquisition of ‘how to’ problem solving softwares and behavioural applications and role models and social and relationship strategies for non-human life e.g. for hybrids, or a more general issue process and skills module download market.
3. Soul hostage barter and soul group location strategies – to expand those future farming opportunities and further the acquisition of more exopolitical livestock.
4. Last but by no means least: Stolen Dreams.
Here is a glimpse of our export potential and collective material wealth – here is an aspect of the pie that the interstellar corporations are devouring on our collective behalf – here is what is ours – what we worked our tickets for …
Start thinking in terms of; hardware, artefacts, designs, buildings, vases, fabric and textiles, period designs, food and drink, artworks, music, furniture from all epochs, writings, social expressions and themes, fashion, monumental designs, historical colours and textures, historical graphics, vehicles from all eras, their shape and form.
I may have missed some out.
Celtic, Teutonic, Moorish, Baronial, Renaissance, Classical Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Indian-Hindu, South American, Chinese Sino-Asian, Oceanic, Africanic, Polaris, Russian 19th century, American Native 17-19th century, American Westernised 20th century, Russian 20th century, European west 20th century, European aristocratic 19th century, English Victorian/imperial, Caribbean 18th-19th century, Tibet, Sumerian, Catholic, London 1960’s, Futurist, Latin and Jazz, Tokyo Manga, Japan Ancient.
Can you imagine how many kinds of peculiar forms of transport could be decorating somebody’s ornamental lot somewhere ? how many paintings, designs, architectural qualities, how many styles, how many juke boxes, how many archives, how many textiles and soft furnishings, how much tableware and what era and style – how much food and drink, clothing and styles – can you imagine how many lives died to deliver this stuff up to these pseudo-human and alien corporations ??
There is a rich seam of soulstuff in the mines of planet Earth and maybe our planet has other names in interstellar textbooks that do not infer gardening terminology. Maybe this planet is only called Earth by humans and perhaps the coming of Nibiru refers to days mentioned in secret Reptilian underground folklore and prophesy when the Reptilians will again walk the streets of planet Nibiru and the earth of their ancestors in all their height and scaley glory in full sight of their monkey labourers.
Perhaps Nibiru is the Reptilian name for this planet.
When benign and Angelic intervention comes according to our own prophesies maybe we can look back on the richness and the many good things of Earth not as glories that we have lost, but glories that we will inherit.


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