Andrew Hennessey


The local legends around Edinburgh, Scotland's capital have it that the Princess Lot of the Lothians, daughter of King Lot had an affair with a Reptilian shapeshifter and magician, and was discovered to be pregnant with child.

Her father the King and his people were so angry that they condemned her to be executed by throwing her off Traprain law a big hill near North Berwick, but as she fell the local faeries came out in their flying chariots and caught her, no doubt with an antigravity tractor beam, and conveyed her across the river Forth estuary to the Isle of Maidens or the Isle of May.

One local writer has researched this island as possibly a location for a version of the Arthurian Avalon or paradise.

The princess was looked after there and eventually gave birth to a son, and he was taken to Kirkcaldy in Fife to later become one of the early Celtic Saints.

The name for the town Kirkcaldy literally means the Church or kirk of the culdees i.e. the servants of God.


Kirkcaldy therefore has a long established tradition of off the planet Christianity.

I first heard of Nigel whilst in contact with my rock and roll band that had been touring, The bass player Paul, whose father was allegedly an ambassador working for MI6 started telling me the most amazing things about his good friend Nigel.

He was in the biblical sense, a prophet, who was working for the most powerful Angels and these could manifest for him … and they had the photographs and multiple witnesses to prove it.


In the old testament there is a tradition of meeting with such stars on the road and having supper with an angel unaware.

I was of course aware of Fallen stars too, spoken of in the ancient work by Josephus Flavius called The History of the Jews.

It was therefore necessary that I met with Nigel and heard what he had to say.

Nigel had once been a very wild man but a very important close encounter had totally reformed him.

He was in his house and tripped, but when he fell, his consciousness fell through stars and galaxies and he found himself on the edge of a black abyss. Up to him came a very bright light, an Angel and he was guided to return home to Earth, watching as he did so the fine detail of cities and continents as they started to emerge as he came closer home to Scotland.


He started to read the important works of the bible after that and began to see that the sky above him and around him was full of wandering stars.

Some would swoop low over his house, some would fly through his house, and very soon, his entire neighbourhood would see these low flying stars or Angels too.

Those who laughed at the idea, however, would tend to meet with painful accidents.

Nigel said that they 'got their tatties' … to translate the lowland Scots into the Queen's English – they were served up a helping of boring old potatoes to drown what should have been a finer serving of better things in the restaurant of life.

Getting one's tatties could be for example; a broken leg, or a non-fatal car accident, or the loss of some liked or needed object.


God was everywhere and was angry with mankind said Nigel, and would break us all up the way an iron rod would smash clay pots.

To me this sounded like a very severe and unforgiving version of my Father the One God, however, at that time, from the friends, neighbours and testimonials who had seen the pearly angels – the iridescent pearls of great price – it may be that God's plan was finally unfolding near the beginning of the third millennium after the Death and resurrection of his first born, Christ.


My vision of Christianity was interstellar in its own way too.

Christ had stretched out his hands on the cross of matter between the heights of the highest vibrating heavens and the stars of sluggish matter and time and was brutally broken whilst being totally conscious of all the paths of the dead around him and the life and lives that he truly knew.

Christ had had his soul irreparably broken and within the dark Earth for three days and nights to be again remade and glorified, as he was promised, on the third day, so for God anything good is possible in a world where materialism seems to eat at and destroy what we are.

The recovery and remaking of souls that have been broken by an act from our very Creator sounded to me the most wonderful hope for eternal life and society.


Nigel seemed the real deal, and would eloquently quote the scriptures and endlessly searched for the meaning of these Angels and what they had to say.

I heard of the time when he had gone camping and had met some bikers and told them about God's Angels and they had laughed, and next thing they had been buzzed by a formation of five low flying pearly-white lights, and as they scattered from the camp fire they were subsequently pursued.


At the time I stayed in the Joppa district of Edinburgh, which as any Scottish Freemason could tell you is probably so named after the 'Edinburgh is a secret Illuminati Jerusalem' theory as espoused by William Comyns Beaumont in 1947 in his 'Britain Key to World History', and then, later by Barry Dunsford, who added that Pontious Pilate's family came from Killin near Perth and the man himself had stayed near Dalkeith just outside Edinburgh.


Even on the local aristocratic estate at Dundas, near the local bloodline chapel of Rosslyn there was alleged to be an architectural folly that predicted the latitude of the 'true' Jerusalem by way of a chamber sometimes illuminated by a flash of light down a shaft. At the bottom of the shaft, a High priest would place a staff a cubit long and when the light hit the rod, it would cast a shadow that was of a unique length for the latitude of Edinburgh at 56 north which was a different length of shadow because of the curvature of the Earth at Jerusalem in the Holy land. This alleged 'true shadow' was called the 'tena brosa'.


It can also be pointed out that the port of Joppa is the port of Jerusalem that is mentioned in the bible:

2 Chronicles 2:16  And we will cut wood out of Lebanon, as much as thou shalt need: and we will bring it to thee in floats by sea to Joppa; and thou shalt carry it up to Jerusalem.


But that on any map of the Holy Land in the middle east the port of Jerusalem is Jaffa. Jaffa is also mentioned in scriptures.


Things of geopolitical significance could be about to be disclosed.


There were therefore certain important things that could potentially transpire from these Angelic revelations in Kirkcaldy so close to the third millennium and so close to some kind of very important geopolitical city, Edinburgh, whose provenance was generally secretive.


These could be signs and wonders that are a prelude to world changing things simply because of the geopolitical reality of being next to an illuminati capital city, Edinburgh in Scotland.


Also if these Angels were to manifest for the benefit of Church leaders, it could be that some very important Good News for mankind was on the way.

In fact, much of Edinburgh's secret history finds its way into the famous work by JRR Tolkein called 'The Lord of the Rings'.

For example, the tribe of Orc, comes from the Kirkcaldy area and Aragon was of the line of the Dunedain, Dunedain being Edinburgh's Celtic name.


I had at that time contact with a music scene in Gullane at the Templar Lodge Hotel and the character who ran it claimed to be an ex head of MI5's department of parapsychology.

There were reasons to doubt that though, but he did seem, according to a guy who had been working for the UK's version of the NSA, to be operating a strange unit of people in some of the rooms that had computers and staff time dedicated to researching end days material on as much global material as they could find.

If the Angels would come to be with Nigel in front of a delegation that could be staged by this security service parapsychologist called Stephen Prior at the Templar Lodge Hotel in Gullane near Edinburgh, then maybe something special and interstellar could take place.

We prepared and sent one hundred and eighty letters to Church leaders of all denominations all over the World.


I was walking down to the beach at Joppa one night and noticed the ruin of the Joppa Parish Church which had burned down in a mysterious fire not that long ago.

The roof and its charred timbers looked jagged and broken and from the top of the hill I was walking down, I could see the dark shadows inside.

Suddenly, one of those bright iridescent, pearly stars fell from the sky diving into the old church lighting it up.

It had just swept down from cloud level and lit the inside of the place up.


When I got to the beach I was overflown by a big pearly white Angel-sphere at a height of about twenty feet and then others followed from different altitudes, some blue white.


It seemed that I had become involved in whatever was about to unfold.

I could also recognise the idea that just because things glow in the dark they don't necessary have to be Holy or God fearing.

There is the truth that evil and the father of lies can be deceiving.

I say that because on the way back up there were the most beautiful bright gold angel light that I had ever seen. He had the most beautiful age old life and life history and I could feel rather than see the depth to his life and intelligence and honour.

Then next the luminous turquoise light that threaded its way through the trees of the local park, leaving a trail of turquoise light behind it like a motion blur from some other time space.


As a mere human being it was obvious to me that what little processing power my brain could muster could be potentially taxed by all of this.

Because of that, I might miss out on subtle nuances and deceptions.

I was just very glad to have a Guardian Angel.


Things looked like they were moving ahead, so that when I next went to visit Nigel he was telling me about his philosophy of re-incarnation.

That God and the Army of Heaven had arrived en-masse in huge numbers and that new bodies could be handed out to all the chosen because they were kept like they were on coat hangers in rooms on these big ships.


Apparently the Army of Heaven had arrived in force.

Scripture then appears to be the medium with which Nigel is interacting.


Daniel 4:35  And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: and he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou?


Unstoppable and invincible but who could they be and were they good or bad ?


In the Book of Acts 7:41- 43. 'It was then that they made a bull calf and offered sacrifice to the idol. They were perfectly happy with something they had made for themselves. God turned away from them and abandoned them to the worship of the army of heaven. As scripture says in the book of the prophets, Did you bring me victims and sacrifices in the wilderness for all those forty years, you House of Israel ? No, you carried the tent of Moloch on your shoulders and the star of the god Rephan, those idols that you made to adore. So now I will exile you even further than Babylon'


Biblically, the army of heaven seemed to be on the dark side of the force.

Also this Moloch stuff fits right into the Bohemian Grove allegations of corporate hierarchies and some new order in the world.


There were other contenders for the light cavalry in the bible too though:

Job 38:31  Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?

The universe has also borne the fruits of goodness.


In preparation for newshounds, press, neighbours and no doubt intelligence organisations the group focus for Nigel and his people was on the collection of hundreds of digital images of these Angels.


Some were points of light, some bright orbs with definite internal structure that could not be dismissed as a digital camera lens artefact and indeed one of these orbs had helpfully posed for a photograph with a clothes line running through it … just to add into the idea that with so much perspective for the sceptical that what was happening was getting impossible to write off as just some wacky guys making up stories about funny lights created by bad cameras.


It might have been the fabric conditioner in the clothes on the clothes line, but beings were starting to materialise and human humanoid shapes were starting to emerge in some of these misty photographs.

One of the group had filmed a low flying black triangle flying slowly over the neighbourhood, and locally, more and more people were reporting that they were seeing these kind of things themselves.


Then Alan, one of Nigel's circle produced an amazing UFO video.

He was looking out of his kitchen south and over into the river forth estuary when he saw this massive pulsating organic looking orange ball UFO. He got his camera and could see that there were black triangles flying out of it. It was as if it was some sort of carrier ship or indeed a portal device.

The next night, Alan was again looking out of his window, this time with his camera ready, and he could see a pearly white angel flying by slowly.

He kept his camera on it and it seemed to curve around the building heading out over the sea.

He had been looking out his flat window in his multi-storey block which as a beautiful view over the forth estuary. To his right the glimmering lights of Edinburgh across the water, and straight over the river estuary was Gullane the little seaside town where Stephen Prior and the Templar lodge Hotel was.

The little white light seemed to get smaller and wink out .. but then Alan could not now believe what he had his camera focussed on.

Directly over the sea off the coast from Stephen Prior's hotel at Gullane was a huge lenticular ship.

Estimating by the available landmarks, it had to be at least 2 or 3 miles long. It was hanging in the sky under cloud level and at its far end were three circular drive boosters like huge car headlights.

They were glowing blue white.


As he filmed this ship on December the 23rd 2001 lots and lots of little white lights started glowing up and down its length.

Like there were many many rows and levels of bright white windows.

One by one or in batches, these small lights launched themselves out of this big mothership and gathered in the air around it like a swarm of insects that seemed to rise up and down in the night air.

Some little glowing white ships in batches of about twenty or thirty head off towards the direction of Edinburgh.

As the filming continued over a period of two hours of tape, other clouds of ships headed over the area called Goblin Halls and the alleged area of a goblin city near the ancient pilgrimage site of Soutra and the cavern system of Cousland.


The blueblood Earl Sinclair is also Earl of Orcus and baron of Cousland so there are traditional illuminati and establishment tie ins to places such as Goblin Halls with its illuminati commune at Pishwanton wood who attempt to tune in to the genius loci of the place.


The little ships headed out over Wemyss House, the aristocratic manor with the big pyramid crypt in the grounds that is guarded by statues of unhuman beings with pointed ears.

As Alan filmed his own version of Starwars, he could see that in the distance he had also caught another two of these monster ships on film .. probably doing exactly the same thing but he couldn't confirm that because of the relative invisibility of the smaller ships.


Was the army of heaven invading or just changing shifts, sending some of its personnel home to the solar system colonies spotted on mars e.g. at ianni chaos plains.


This footage or part of it was screened in the small Fife town of Glenrothes at the Rothes halls as part of a film and video organisation called MIMAC's  Rushes Festival about early 2002.


Nigel now had final proof of the arrival of the army of heaven.

A few nights later at Nigel's the neighbourhood was full of glowing orbs and suddenly amongst them could be seen a glowing humanoid figure.


The photograph that was taken of this being was not open to debate as far as Nigel was concerned for this appeared to be the robed Prophet Elijah, returned to see that all was good for the Second Coming of Christ.

Nigel prepared a press release and I diligently and honourably distributed it along with the three photographs that I had been given.

I also undertook not to publicly release the excerpt of the footage of that massive mothership.

It was important to Nigel that only true seekers saw this material and I accepted and respected that.


A fleet of fifty or so of that exact same ship were more recently photographed over Puerto Rico by a fisherman .. i.e. Long, lenticular, with the three circular bright drive lights.


Unfortunately, someone got a hold of my press release and messed with it and that ended my relationship with Nigel.

Well there was that part of it, but I also didn't accept that this was the prophet Elijah for several reasons.

I had other photographs of this kind of being he was calling the Prophet Elijah from the internet taken in Mexico .. it looked like some sort of mantis type being with a very massive and very flat muscular looking arm. What was more .. it was armed. It was actually holding some sort of rod like device which didn't exactly look like a universal translator.


One hears of pacifying rods used by aliens in some abduction accounts.


This looked more like a starship trooper than an Angel.


One night on reading the New Testament it became very apparent that Christ was already certain that Elijah had returned and gone as John the Baptist. It was John the Baptists role as the returning Elijah to pave the way for Christ's ministry.


Matthew 17:12-13 ' however, I tell you that Elijah has come already and they did not recognise him but treated him as they pleased; and the Son of Man will suffer similarly at their hands. The disciples understood then that he had been speaking of John the Baptist.'


Lights in the sky and sinister beings, and people meeting with hard accidents and low flying UFO's, and aliens with blasters and not being in the good books of this biblical group, I decided to take my leave.


I was buzzed down the night road a few times after that by low flying blue white lights, but then that was par for the course in the Ancient Kingdom of Fife.


Last I heard, it was the aliens who were attempting to rebuild the Temple in Scotland .. but then I had already told them that several years ago when I gave Nigel my 'Mystery of Stargate Edinburgh' CD.


It's a co-incidence therefore that Stephen Prior had alleged that he was in possession of ancient Vatican documents that showed the Vatican had prior knowledge of the Templar treasure that had been allegedly landed at Gullane and thence conveyed to the Templar stronghold at Rosslyn castle. The secret of Rosslyn and its underground chambers were shown to Mary Queen of Scots who later publicly vowed on record to the Edinburgh City fathers to keep secret.


The word was that after the Battle of Bannockburn and at the start of the Templar persecutions, the Archbishop of Edinburgh in about 1315AD was paid the equivalent of the Scottish National Product in gold for the Isle of May which was owned by the monastic order of St Adrian.


Also a private beach was bought somewhere near the Templar Lodge hotel now owned by Stephen Prior.

The three treasure ships from the Knight's Templar had allegedly landed their cargoes on the Isle of May and from there had conveyed it to a beach at Gullane and from there to the Templar lands and strongholds and cavern systems around Rosslyn castle.

Surely Prior's secret tunnel stories about treasure going into the local cavern system had been a scam ? Was he looking for the Temple treasure ?

Sadly missed, Stephen Prior passed away not long after that.


But surely the army of heaven didn't need Templar gold and the money for tradesmen to rebuild the Temple of Solomon.

They can be clearly seen mining out Saturn's rings with massive factory infrastructure. These ships were huge – so no doubt they could assemble some sort of special hi tek city with all their available resources.


What was this alien building project that Nigel spoke of all about really ?



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