new unifying theory - intro

just to underline my theory from 1991AD





Andrew Hennessey.


The new frontiers of empirical measurement lead to a re-interpretation of particle theory in the light of  the  very  tentative  and chaotic reality  that  persists  before our eyes. 

e.g. the chaos and complexity computational research at the Santa Fe Institute from about 1990AD.


The 20th Century corpuscularean  paradigm – a world built out of defined building bricks, was traditionally linked  by  lines  and structures and held together by the  objective constraints of the reductionist thinking  of  e.g. the logical positivists of the 1930's  Vienna Circle, yet over this landmass of solid realism, there blows the winds of contradiction. 

In chaos theory as scientifically observed there are no definite outcomes but such events are embraced holistically. As a holistic systems theory, chaos can universally account for every activity at any scale of physical system.

It is a sunny day today in this part of Britain, but this  does  not entail the belief that there will be sunny days here forevermore  - this is because the physical conditions and parameters of the  atmosphere in and around Britain are a  direct  consequence  of  Geothermal conditions in a planetary context.  Thus  high  and  low  pressure,  strange  attractors i.e. little spontaneous vortices  in  chaos  turbulence, render induction and prophesy impossible.

In an era of precise measurements and refined empirical tools, linear processes are being detected and  measured to be connected to other parallel processes. The era of Linearity and Reductionism is being superseded by Chaos Theory and Complexity.


The cry of  Dulhem's [1952] instrumentalism  requires  of  a  theory  'Be  a  prophet for us !' but all meteorological science can do is say that there will  not be sunny days in Britain forevermore, and fail  to  predict  exactly and specifically where and when in time and  space there will be.

It is in  such an idiom as chaos theory that the beauty of Russell and Whitehead's Theory of Classes c.1930's comes into its own.

Similar events can be grouped into sets and classified.

Chaotic weather and chaotic energy and chaotic subatomic processes all seem to follow the rules of turbulence and fluid dynamics.

It  is the case that a sunny day in Britain is  like  the  nebulous  quantum particle, that Heisenberg could not localise with precision.  [Heisenberg's non-locality paradox]  This is  because it too dances to the tune of chaos.  It is therefore logical and objective to say that  the  precise  position of good and  bad  weather  events  and  days  in  this  climate are logically undecidable, and that their  whereabouts  or  lack of it cannot be completely guaranteed with  precision  and  high  factual  empirical  and  scientific  detail   in   minute  localities.

The analogy of the weather and atmospheric science holds when applied to minute scales of particles.

In this instance  'weather'  is  a  class  of  variable atmospheric events, a realistic variation on the theme and context of, geography.  The result of geographical orientation (or context) is  Climate  which is the umbrella under which the British weather operates. 

The British weather, however is intimately connected to and dependent on weather conditions in other countries around the globe. But all events occur in context. e.g.  a chemical reaction occurs in  a test tube, the sea fills the oceanic trenches and stays there  with the aid of Newtonian physics, and rhesus macaques  perform  their monkey business in the canopy of the forest having learned potato washing behaviour from another isolated community of rhesus macaques one thousand miles away from their island.  This is interconnectivity is called Holism. 

Within these activities we can manufacture and synthesise sets of rules and agreements.

e.g. Scottish weather, Southern English weather, new world rainforest, old world rainforest.

It  is true therefore that if sets of complex systems illustrate a Universal principle, that  similarly, classes of particle activity are produced or  evolved  from  the jungle of the sub-atomic context - a sort of Particle Darwinism, and  that  somehow,  these particles are intimately related to their context in ways  we cannot see. If we wish to study a monkey, we take it off  to  a lab and examine it.  In fact we have, as they  say,  taken  it  out of its natural habitat i.e. decontextualised it.  Decontextualisation is the bane  of  science  for  it  subjects  relativism  to  a  destructive  reductionism  that   tends   to  eliminate the parallel process e.g. the Collapsing Wave Paradox  is a paradox because  there  is  some  factor  operating  which  creates a problem. We are so sure  that  particles  are  little  independent  corpuscles  that  the  very  idea  of  a  parallel  relativity with another process  is  inconceivable  -  that  is  perhaps why for most people  it  will  remain  a  dead  end  in  science, for we cannot seem to touch and  verify  the  type  of  dependent  relation of the ether that exists.  

Olbers noted that if Einstein was right to agree with Michelson Morley's c.1920 experiment that proved that there was no ether, then the sky should be white at night because all the photons in the cosmos have had ample time to be here by now.

The sky is black at night because some scientifically unaccountable factor is giving them resistance and holding  them up – the very proof of ether. This is Olbers 'paradox' c.1920.

The relativity of  New Particle Physics can be demonstrated by an analogy with a musical instrument the body of which is comprised   of sub-atomic etheric particles from whose Chaos Emerges  a note or Particle.  


Now if this analogy holds, using our five senses, we can see   the subatomic particles in the world of colours and vision and  'musical instruments', but we can only hear the Particle 'note' within   the idiom of sound and because emergence  is not a widely understood   process, the causative link between the idiom of particle production and the  particle itself could not be explained by a reductionist theory which    decontextualised the particle from its reason for being.   Which is why Particle Physics is today in disarray with umpteen paradoxes   and anomalies like 26 mathematical dimensions to explain a superstring etc. 


This  process  of  decontextualisation  effectively  removes  a  dimension  or  tier  of  relationships  from  rational  thought  because a monkey can  be  touched and  verified  and  not  the  irrational metaphysical relationship between the monkey and the  tree. Without Holism the study of the monkeys and particles  is  undecidable,  for all the monkeys in the lab  are  lab  monkeys,  not  forest  monkeys in much the same way that  all  the  particles  in  the  particle zoo are unique events manufactured in the lab and out  of  the  context  of  their  natural habitat - natural relativity.

What then is this  canopy  under which the particle zoo of bizarre hybrid particles flourish e.g. The basic  laws  of  fluid dynamics can model energy as a fluid. It  gets  turbulent,  the  turbulence has peaks and troughs of intensity, areas of violent  flux, and within this non homogenous mix,  areas  of  calm  and  structure, the Strange Attractors that have  become the temporary hybrid particles  currently  observed.

Much like the Gas Giant planet Jupiter has  the  characteristic  Red Spot, the persistent eye of a fluid storm,  the  Basic  and  unique particles themselves exist by virtue  of the storm  of  sub-atomic  energies in the Cosmos, the flux of  the  Essences,  and amidst the calm islands which are the structural fruits  of  flux. 


'There is no formula that can deliver all truth,  all  harmony, all simplicity. No Theory of Everything can ever provide  total insight. For, to see through everything, would leave us  seeing  nothing at all.'  JOHN D. BARROW prof. of Astronomy. SUSSEX


The above is the concluding paragraph of a book written in 1991. Barrow was totally wrong.

There is a formula that can deliver all the truth. It is a recipe comprised of several factors operating synergistically together.

From the interactions of the following ingredients can be constructed a fully programmable formal logic and a new philosophy of arithmetic.

Instead of seeing nothing as Professor Barrow fears, we will soon see at least a series of transactions written in Boolean arithmetic and a programmable metaphysics.

From the essential and 'atomic' logic of these transactions can be built a framework for a new grand unifying theory of relativity.


The following are the ingredients for the new paradigm.


·        Order emerges out of chaos.  [fusion]

·        Chaos emerges out of order.   [entropy and fission]

      entropy and emergence are in a direct and antagonistic relationship.

·        The universe at all scales is in a state of absolute chaos in both the macrocosm and the microcosm.

·        Energy and matter and component particles can be described by wave theory, turbulence and the standing waves or particles take on harmonic and octal attributes.

·        There are no fixed universal constants as all events are unique though many events have similar classes of observed properties operating with some law-like constraints.

·        All energy and matter is in a state of transference from high energy to low energy across a common medium i.e. A to B  through C with the minimal intercession of some D.

·        This transference can be universally modelled by an inverse square power law. I.e. the more of one the less of the other.

·        Every material and ergonomic system and event is unique but  can be  classified according to similar properties.

·        General Systems Theory called Trinology models every transference event outwith considerations of scale.

·        Trinology labels every system in the Universe with 3 attributes or zones: 

      1. core Ingredients [macro]

2. internal mechanics [meso]

3. qualitative assets   [micro]

·        Every physical system has three zones and each of the three zones has 2 attributes.

      1. Endogenous                            

      2. Exogenous –

      and this produces a total of six fulcra, themselves internally 

      related by power laws with which to model every  event in the 

material Universe. I.e. it can be said that any and every system or event in the universe is triple zoned and has six key aspects related by power laws such that as one aspect increases it does so as the others diminish in proportion.

·        Relativism and the power of the analogy can strip away arbitrary labels and expose and model the exchanges that characterise every system at every scale.


These ingredients give form and accountability to the processes of the natural universe.

The basic process of exchange between some A to some B through some common C, perhaps also with the intercession of at least D gives rise to my system of threeness or Trinology, [T].

Upon the judgements of the relative integrity of each system and its exchanges can be formed a limited set of arithmetic values based on octal or eight part scales.


Supporting research on Chaos and Wave Theory verifies many assertions and discoveries in the  thesis as empirical certainty.

e.g. the law of emergence.  [Kauffman, S and Langton, C]

The Santa Fe Institute and also the many  researchers in Physics  such as; Tomes, Plichta, Langton, etc. published in the early and mid-nineties ideas that  illuminate the 'eightness' and musicality and harmony of form.


This new explanation of unity shines light on older explanations and theories. e.g. Darwin's theory of natural adaptation.

I should claim that since the chaos neologia of Santa Fe are   essentially biological, my own terminology has a more 'universal' scope  about it e.g. instead of 'morphogenetic attractor' which has biological provenance, substitute 'evolutionary  vacancy', which could also be applied to activities and opportunities at the level of scale of the Molecular that includes the transference behaviour of 'Fajan's Rules'.

i.e. that nature abhors a vacuum and that by Fajan's Rules, energy moves between molecules from places of high potential to places of low potential. These are identical precepts to Ohm's Law in electricity – that energy moves from high voltage and high potential difference to places of low voltage and low potential difference. In biology this process is called diffusion and in psychology it is called levelling.


Moreover other emergence activities and infilling of vacuums  in domains and scales other than the Biological can be described by  the same physical rules and terminology.


The process of natural adaptation described by 'morphogenetic attraction' in this kind of chaos theory is due to ongoing natural erosion of the environment of some organism and the organism itself, natural chaos knocks a hole or gap into the niche of that organism.

The idea that nature abhors a vacuum, is the simple reality behind   the morphogenetic attractor, where an opportunity for evolution occurs to fill  a gap left by the chaotic processes of expansion and contraction in the  life history of biologically and physically chaos-driven systems. Consequently, a new system emerges  to fill in the evolutionary opportunity. This opportunity was formed and dictated by the imposed contextual parameters  and challenges to tolerances within the original system. Such changes in interaction between the original system and its environment create a pocket of opportunity into which may flow local precursors that would form a new self-regulating environment and a newly evolved niche.

My Threeness or Trinology, [T]  research, however,  does not limit this phenomenon of pocket formation to biology, and names this kind of vacuum an 'Evolutionary Vacancy'.


The ability of the new [T] semantics and syntax to enable modelling or logical analogies between different systems that have the same basic rule structure has given this  theory a competitive edge over the many failures in the genre  of General Systems Theory. 

[T] overcomes an infinity of labels and objects by focussing on and labelling the quality of transaction that prevails between them all. Every object in the cosmos in three dimensions of space and in the context of time has a fixed and closed number of transaction models available. Such modelling overcomes the problems presented to scientists by an infinity of arbitrary labels.

Such an arbitrary affinity gave rise to both the Turing Recursion paradox in computation that has crippled Artificial Intelligence and also the Godel numbering problem in the philosophy of Logic that renders logic illogical !

The idea that the Set of component parts of this transaction theory is logically  closed and formally complete gives us the broad analogy that every  system in the universe has a limited, finite number of component parts  that produce their characteristics.    

The best known scientific example of this is the Periodic Table of Chemistry.  Where infinite form is based upon a finite set of atoms.   Chemistry, then is a sort of living model of  variety produced from limitations.   In this set of chemical ingredients, the reactants have a tendency to  mutate   and migrate  towards the electro-chemical equilibrium at the middle of the range    of transition elements.

Artificial life algorithms at Santa Fe Institute have modelled this general move or migration by atoms that lose or gain components as they evolve or devolve mass towards transitional atomic states.

Such  physical behaviour  manifests  at all scales. e.g. In the same way the artificial life colonies of Langton's Santa Fe computers   move towards the semi-structural transition states known as the 'Edge of Chaos'  

The broad analogy here, is that a metaphysical soup with limited ingredients develops an 'interest' in reaching an equilibrium. An interest driven by Fajan's Rules of Chemistry that energy in atoms and molecules move from a higher state to a lower state across a common medium. 

This was also found by Kauffman's in Levy S, autocatalytic self-organising proteins and by Goodwin's in Lewin R, Acetabularia model, which found that local rules for an 'eye' generated an eye as an emergent property of a dynamic chaos system. The organism 'acetabularia' emerged and demerged an eye several times during the modelling process.

This anti-Darwinian fact, if modelled, logical and true, rather flies in the face of other 'laws of physics and science' too. Kauffman, having already found that biological systems sometimes ignore the second law of thermodynamics when they start to re-evolve, emerge and self-regulate.


At a cosmic scale, the entropy that is the central law of the heat death theory and thermodynamic wipe-out is only one of two equally important laws that govern our universe.

Without the law of emergence, that structure emerges and re-emerges from chaos, theories based on absolute entropy such as the big bang are a total failure.

Cosmically, the Big Thermodynamic  Heat Death theory; where our infinitely expanding and cooling Universe has no brakes, is false.  Yet the Hennessey model [1991 AD], from the [T] thesis,  predicts that  this is only half the picture. i.e.  Structure  emerges  from  Chaos  for  nothing.  Emergence and Demergence or entropy are two halves of the same natural order.

Chaos emerges from structure [entropy] – the other half of the equilibrium.


The once vaunted 19th century physics of Newton, with its alleged harmony and regularity of the spheres for instance, is proving to be at heart under a greater computational microscope the law-like mathematical ideas that pertain to the laws of chaos.

Sophisticated 20th century computer studies in Paris [c.1992 AD] of the planets and heavenly bodies indicate that the complex gravitational anomalies that are occurring in the solar system are very much based on the mathematics of Chaos Theory.  


Even the physical and electronic tools of measurement themselves have been fraught   with philosophical compromise in the name of the current scientific paradigm.  These; measurers, rulers, or mechanisms, unfortunately, are evolving into Black Boxes of the input-output type, because of the irrational inconsistencies within modelling. These theories cause observable discrepancies in scientific information.

This means that no-one really knows what the internal mechanics look like as it would apply to any other domain or idiom.

There are general theories that help us derive benefits from our 'strange' tools.

Instrumentalism  Dulhem  [1952]  will  tell us that if this Black Box  is  a  rational  mechanism, it isn't required of us to make the mechanics  copy reality,  only  that its results are shown to reflect reality.  e.g. a hot air balloon flies, a bi-plane flies and is great who needs a spacecraft when you cannot really live in space ?

You know a balloon flies, a biplane flies - what's with this 'Translation StarDrive' thingy.

Karl Popper's  [1963] scientific methodology from 'Conjectures and  Refutations', hasn't seen the end of the Big Bang model despite the published scientific refutations. For some political or economic reason Big Bang has become an 'unfalsifiable' theory.

Even  the  Big  Bang  Theory  is  deemed redundant   by   Scientific  measurement from plasma physicists (Lerner [1992]) as they discovered a strip of galaxies called The Great Wall comprised of matter far older than could be possibly calculated using  the Big Bang model.

Yet another ignored refutation flying in the face of good scientific practise. .


We seem unable to come to terms with the mechanics  and  mathematics of  'nebulousity' which awaits at the forefront  of  today's  scientific achievement and measuring instruments. 

The old reliable and fashionable Rutherford atom gives  way  to  the bottomless chaos of a Koch Curve,  Strange  Attractors, basins of attraction, periodicity, emergence and entropy  and other  anonymous  context related events. 

Indeed stripping away the context from material events produces paradoxes such as the particle wave duality paradox – the solution to which is that a particle is both a particle and wave at the  same time emerging from the chaos of the ether.


Some Predictions of Hennessey's 'Unifying Theory' 1976/91,99


·        time is Non-Linear.

  Because time is based on energy and matter which is also in chaos.  I predict that gravity and time are directly related and are the same process. Time is therefore a field effect of mass.


·        matter and energy are absolutely fractal and non-linear.

·        there is no perfect physical form e.g. platonic forms are psychological wishes.

·        A particle is both a particle and a wave at the same time.

      Because particles are musical standing waves directly and constantly emerging as relatively physical from the chaos of the subatomic ether, like Jupiter's Red Spot.

·        quantum theory and superstring theory need extreme revision. Particles are chaotic vortices or standing waves in the turbulent fluids of the aether as predicted by Lord Kelvin in 1901AD. They are not strings. The central constant of Quantum physics is Planck's constant that relates that atomic shells or quanta are at regular, predictable intervals apart, In a universe comprised of chaotic energy no such constant can be a law but the product of a wrong approach to induction. I.e. particle 1 has shells 20 x apart, particle 2 has shells 20 x apart, particle K has shells 20x apart, therefore they wrongly conclude all particles of that ilk have shells 20x apart. In a chaotic universe that assertion is a fallacy not a law or 'constant'.

·        the big bang was local and not that big.


·        the cosmos of light matter can be entirely depicted with a universal wave theory.

·        Hawkings was wrong when he said the cosmos is non-linear only at black holes.

·        Einstein was wrong to accept no aether and to fix 'c' the speed of light as a constant. Olbers paradox has it that the night sky should be white because if there was no ether, every particle in the universe would be here by now.

·        There is No Higgs massless vector Boson.

      Because there is aether, there is no way that a particle can traverse the breadth of the universe at will, even if Higgs says so.

·        The Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum physics is wrong. Because the paradox they incorporated at the very heart of the physics of reality only exists because chaos theory, the aether and the law of emergence are excluded.

·        5th generation artificial intelligence is possible.

      Because the limited number of transaction types that can take place in the universe when modelled by my [T] theory enables a thinking computer to narrow down its choices instead of confusing it with an infinity of choices.

·        teleology is a valid science and can be empirically modelled.

      Because 19th Century philosopher Immanuel Kant wrote a criticism of processes that tend towards crystallising at some end point doesn't mean that we should just leave the whole idea there. After all, his definition of a mainframe would have been an abacus.

·        A set of Logically Complete Essences is a valid assertion.

      Philosopher of science Karl Popper who was the father of the scientific method and practise and who tends to be totally ignored by everybody else anyway, is also ignored by me too. Mainly because he didn't hold with the notion of essences because in his opinion they were always irrational. I changed all that though. I have limited and closed sets of logical transactions that are the essence of the very universe.

·        mass and time and gravity are related in direct proportions.

      The more mass, the more gravity, the more time. This was actually accidentally proved by Keating's Atomic clock experiment that showed that the atomic clock in the aircraft, further from Earth's centre of gravity, experienced less time.

·        energy and time are related in inverse proportions.

      The more energy, the less time observed, the less mass experienced.

·        Certain elements will drift through other elements.

      There is light matter and dark matter but also a transitional opaque matter whose high energy elements can merge with and pass through the other densities.

·        there is DNA based life all over the Cosmos.

      Spiral self-replicating structures happen a every scale of magnitude from superclusters to biological DNA. The Mayans called this the Loom of Maya. This double spiral loom can be shown on a spreadsheet to emerge out of the arithmetic of 13 harmonic intervals.

·        DNA structure is an innate property of Chaos and emergence.

·        The second law of thermodynamics is not Universal - No Heat Death in the Big Bang. It's been scientifically shown recently that the cosmos has been subject to 're-warming'.

·        In cosmological context, matter Can be created and destroyed in contradiction of Newton. New matter emerges out of the aether all the time.

·        telepathic processes have a rational model within the Phil. of Mind. They have a rational model in the mathematics of harmony and the physics of sympathetic resonance.

·        There will be no Big Crunch - or Universal Collapse.

      The other (ignored) chaos law of emergence causes rewarming and re-expansion.

·        Tons of problems science thinks of as Paradoxes aren't really paradoxes at all .. e.g. Collapsing Clone Paradox.

Clones collapse paradoxically because they are not merely the product of good industrial genes, but also of their environment and their connections to it.

      The problems for science come when they disconnect a process that is directly dependent on its context for its structure and form and format. Things are interconnected and interdependent. Reductionism in scientific method fails us that way.

In biotechnological research in the 20th Century, genetics laboratories failed to come up with safe cloning practises and a line in viable clones.

Encountering scientific discussion on regulated newsgroups on the internet, there was always an obvious line in clinical and logical purity that espoused Eugenics.

The perfect genes for every ocassion.

The paradigm of scientific reductionism let loose on genetic engineering that incessantly produced un-unified physics and collapsing waves was now going to produce un-unified biology and collapsing clones.

The paradox was the same for biology as for physics.

There needed to be an environmental and holistic approach to the genes used in cloning, not a reductionist set of genetic constructs that were based in purist and reductionist assumptions.

The analogy I use is that if industry constructed artificial rice, where the polysaccharides of rice sugars were manufactured to produce a synthetic rice grain - it would not contain the important nutrition of whole food organic brown rice, where the husk and the other organic micronutrients from the local environment combine to make the rice far more nutritious and viable.

I argue that eugenic engineering even if using allegedly super-viable genes would actually produce an organically arbitrary phenotype that had no greater chance of success than any other e.g. human gene set.

This because genetic function was intimately linked and internested within the environment and could not be factored out even if scientists wore the laboratory goggles of reductionism.

The 'collapsing clone paradox' that I predicted around 2000 AD started to become a reality.



To conclude therefore; it is entirely possible to rationally model the cosmos on the laws of fluid dynamics, chaos and harmony.

Chaos theory completes the missing blanks in our human understanding of the Universe.


Also, the most basic transactions that take place at all levels and every scale and magnitude are of the sort; some A to some B through some common C with the possible intercession of a least some D.

From this basic universal model for a transaction can be worked out a limited and finite and logical set of transaction types that can formally explain every process in the Universe.


On this finite set of 'logical atoms' can be hung the virtual infinity of labels that would have otherwise drowned humanity and its computation in a sea of arbitrary meaninglessness.





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