The three estates of Scotland have been interacting with powers and principalities beyond the ken of the average Scotsman for many millennia.

In a seemingly endless tartan tapestry woven of luminous and sometimes ethereal light and dark threads, the loom and the weaver, the weaver and the woven play out their allotted designs to the honour and glory of Scotland's true Laird our One God.

The endless dance of the dancers, the Elders under moon and stars or in the sunshine of the Scottish meadows finds its way onto the very streets of our cities in a stealthy parade of shifting shapes and superhuman contests.

The reason being that we have been invaded by dark beings that supply us with dark alternatives and if we are stolen away by evil who then is left for the ancient children to play with if our souls are eaten by darkness.

Thus the battle of Light and darkness wages incessantly to supply us with what we think we want but in some cases obviously never need.

If humanity has a choice, it is a willing and Catholic choice to be with love and to be loved in return. Without that we are withered into fragments.

The events, times, places and realities discussed in this book are in my opinion real, and names, places and certain chronologies have been changed to protect the identities of the people who also lived this.


The book opens with historical scene setting and historic context pertaining to Scotland's capital city Edinburgh which is the setting for much of my personal struggle with the forces of darkness.

There are also inclusions of stories that pertain to other individuals and characters and also to other monster stories in a local context to illustrate that these events are not necessarily limited to my own experiences and life.


It should be noted that the only reason that I survived all of what you are about to read is because I had a Guardian Angel and I turned to Christ. Without Christ I would have been down and out long ago.


In a long and brutal thirty year campaign that tests my spiritual resolve and ego in very alien circumstances I am never the less sustained beyond my enemies capacity to believe.


There is also a family of Beings from far places that have taken an interest in my life, and we all await in joyous hope for the return of Christ's reign on Earth that we may finally all witness the turning of the tide.




'find a safehouse !!!'     

MI Freddy, London


' Hennessey is Demonic !'    

Stephen Prior, MI5 Parapsychology, Gullane


'I'll introduce you to my Mother !'  

Imperial Princess, Star Empire


'irrational spew'   

Eugene Leitl, Germany, World Transhuman Association


'.. time you were sexually reconstructed !' 

Agent M, Illuminati High Priestess, England.


'.. a Bonnie Prince Charlie folk hero !' ,   

PC Special Branch, Nobles Bar, Leith


'.. a sensitive and a contactee ..',    

Alfred Webre, Canada, UN Exopolitics


'You're coming with us .. !'  

Zeta Reticulan Contractor, Edinburgh and Unwhere.


'You've got to learn to co-operate with the light !' 

Professor Young, Black Ops Consultant, US Govt.







Po. box 28823

Edinburgh  EH15 3WU



Cover art: 'Imperial Princess', © AT Hennessey, 1997

eml. Scottishandrew @

www. Scottishpilgrims .com



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