Andrew Hennessey


One of Scotland's first recorded abductees in the 17th century was the Reverend Robert Kirk. In 1697AD his treatise on 'the secret commonwealth of elves, fauns and faeries'  ISBN 0 85991 016 4, collected together the tales of strange beings from the Highland folks from his parish in Aberfoyle in Perthshire to the Highlanders from the western isles and Hebrides.


He ultimately found out too much about their ways and found himself on a level with them such that some of the bad ones were able to attack him and kill him.

Much of what he collected about their ways is again today echoed in the stories of abductees.


From the contemporary works of Brad Steiger and John Keel from the 1980's we can see that the evolution of faerie transport and clothing does seem to mirror what is going on amongst the infrastructure and fashions of the human era.

Flying chariots become replaced by flying coaches that in turn are replaced by ghost vintage cars and ultimately grey super sleek flying sports cars.

A monoplane that circled the Empire State building in the early 1900's was many years ahead of the development of real monoplanes in the era of biplanes and there were sightings of powered dirigibles before the days that engines were attached to hot air balloons.


The beings themselves can take on any fashion and aspect but then they have that in common with all beings in the cosmos that live amongst energy and beyond the restrictions of humanity.

There are references to shape shifting and rematerialisation in common with Mexican and Eastern traditions e.g. weavers of mist and the reptilian Naga, and indeed similar stories from Europe were latterly put out by the Brother's Grimm in 1901 in a work called 'Grimm's Teutonic Mythology' of 1901.


It can be seen from various stone sculptures that the ancient Scots had an affinity with creepy unknown things and from many of the stone monoliths they carved in eastern Scotland from Fife to Inverness there was a tradition of worship of the snake amongst the Pictish tribes. e.g. the tribe of Orc.

The word 'Reptile' isn't in this book - but he does refer to strange aquatic Faeries in Scotland's Western Isles called 'the blue men of the Minch'

It can be seen from the reptilian head at Rosslyn glen worshipped in the Bronze Age long before the famous blueblood chapel was built that perhaps there was some extra angle to this blue woad idea where maybe the Picts felt that by painting themselves the same colour as these beings that somehow they took on their godlike properties of speed and endurance in battle.


The Reverend Robert Kirk conducted a study of these beings and their social relations and life processes in the 17th Century but didn't live a long and healthy life as a result.


CHAP.I   'of the Subterranean Inhabitants.'


. sith, 'S  or Fairies, they call sluaghinaith or the good people:  it would seem, to prevent the dint of their ill attempts: for the Irish use to bless all they fear harnie of and are said to be of a middle nature betwixt man and Angel (as were daemons thought to be of old); of intelligent Studious spirits, and light changeable bodies (those called Astral) somewhat of the nature of a condens'd cloud, and best seem in twilight. These bodies be  so plyable thorough the subtilty of the spirits, that agitate them  that they can make them appear or disappear at pleasure.


Some have bodies or vehicles so spungious, thin and defecate, that they are fed by only sucking into some fine spirituous liquor that pierce like pure air and oyl: others feed more gross on the foyson or substance of comes and liquors, or on corn itself, that grows on the surface of the Earth; which these fairies steal away, partly invisible, partly preying on the grain as do Crows and Mice. Wherefore in this Same age they are sometimes heard to bake bread, strike hammers, and to do such like services within the little hillocks where they most haunt- some whereof of old before the Gospel dispell'd paganism, and in some Barbarous places as yet, enter houses after all are at rest, and set the kitchins in order, cleansing all the vessels. such drudges go under the name of Brounies. when we have plentie, they have scarcity at their homes; and on the Contrarie, (for they are not empowered to catch as much prey everie where as they please.) Their robberies notwithstanding, oftimes occasione great Ricks of corn not to bleed so well (as they call it) or prove so copious by very  far as was expected by the owner.


          Their bodies of congealed air, are some times carried aloft, other whiles grovel in different shapes, and enter in anie Cranie or cleft of the earth'


It now remains to show that it is not unsuitable to Reason, nor the Holy Scriptures. First that it's not repugnant to Reason doth appear from this, That it is no less strange for Immortal Sparks and Souls to come and be immersed into gross Terrestrial Elementary Bodies, and be so propagated, so nourished, so fed, so cloathed as they are, and breath in such an air,  and world prepared for them, then   (p.68) for Hollanders or Hollow-cavern Inhabitants to live and traffic amongst us in another State of Being without our knowledge, For Thaymond de Subunde in his third Book chap.12.3 argues quaintly that all sorts of living creatures have a happie rational polity of their own with great contentment, which government, and mutual converse. They all pride and pluime themselves, because it is as unknown to man, as man's is to them. Much more that the  Son of the Highest Spirit should assume a Bodie like Ours, convinces all the world that no other thing that is possible, neide be much wondered at.


The Manucodiata or Bird of Paradise living in the Highest Region of the air; Common Birds in the Second Region; Flies and Insects in the Lowest, Men and Beasts on Earthes Surface; Wormes, Otters, Badgers,...'


(p.81) '.....     perfectly happie against the last day, salves all the difficultie; But in everie deed, and speaking suitable to the nature of things; There is no more absurdity for a spirit to inform an Infantin Body of Air, than a Body composed of dull and drousie Earth; The best of spirits having aiwayes delighted more to appear into aereal, then into Terrestrial Body's. They feed mostwhat on quintessences, and 'Ethereal Essences: the pith and spirits only of Womens milk feed their Children, being artificially convey'd (as air and oyl sink into our Bodys) to make them vigorous and fresh. And this shorter way of conveying a pure Aliment (without the usual digestions) by transfusing it, and transpiring through the pores into the veins and arteries, and Vessels that supply the body, is nothing more absurd, than an Infants being fed by the Navel be-fore it is borne, Or than a plant which groweth by attracting a lively juice from the Earth throw manie small roots and tendons; whose / Courser      (p.S2) parts being adapted and made connatural to the whole, doth quickly coalesce by the ambient cold, and so are condensed, and baked up into a confirmed wood in the one, and solid body of flesh and bone in the other. A Notion, which if entertained and approved, may show that the late Invention of soaking and transfusing (not blood, but) 'Ethereal virtual Spirits, may be useful both for nourishment and health; whereof there is a Vestige in the damnable practise of Evil Angels, their sucking of blood and spirits out of witches bodys (till they drain them, into a deformed and dry leanness) to feed their own Vehicles withal, leaving what wee call the witches mark behind. A spot that I have seen as a small Mole horny and brown coloured, throw which mark, when a large brass pin was thrust (both in / Buttock or Nose, and roof of the   (p.83) mouth) till it bowed and became crooked; the witches, both men and Women, neither felt a pain, nor did bleed, nor knew the precise time when this was a doing to them  their eyes only being covered.) Now the air being a body as well as Earth, no reason can be given why there may not be particles of more vivific Spirit formed of it for pro creation, then is possible to be of Earth, which takes more time and pains to rarify & ripen it, ore it cane come to have a prolific virtue. And if our Tripping Darlings did not thus procreate, their whole number would be so exhausted after a considerable space of time. For though they are of more refined bodys and intellectuals than wee, and of far less heavy and corruptive humours, (which cause a dissolution) yet manie of their lives being dissonant to / Right Reason and their own Laws, (p.84) and their Vehicles, not being wholly free of Lust and Passion, especially of the more Spiritual and haughty Sins, they pass (after a long healthy lyfe)


During the middle ages in 15th century London there is the story of Springheel Jack who could and did leap tall buildings and jump across rooftops from street level.

The common people were in a state of fear and alarm as the black garbed and cloaked man could be seen leering from rooftops and flying through the air.

There are stories from Scotland and Ireland of these beings walking at incredible speeds and seeming to bend time and space and they appear to have more in common with the X-Men of Hollywood in that they can appear superior to ponderous human beings.


Traditions from the Scottish borders such as Tam Linn and Thomas the Rhymer have the faerie folk riding the faerie parade or procession on some nights of solstice or the full moon in all their finery and abducting humans who stray into their glamours and woven delusions.

The faerie Queen though is an enigmatic character with an interest in the world of mankind.

Sometimes she will bestow gifts of strange things on people as in the traditions of the good faerie Godmother.

Thomas the Rhymer had the gift of prophesy after he returned from entertaining the faerie Queen at court.


e.g. from the Prophesies of Thomas the Rhymer.


' …. From high above shall grace come down

and thy state, Scotland be,

in latter ends more prosperous

that former age shall see.


Old prophesies foretell to thee

a warlike hier is born

who shall recover new your right,

advance this kingdom's horn.


Then shall fair Scotland be advanced

above her enemies power;

her cruel foes shall be dispersed

and scattered from her bower.


Fair Scotlands enemies may invade,

but not escape a plague;

with sword, and thirst and tears and pest,

with fears and such like ague.


And after enemies thrown down

and master'd in the war,

then Scotland in peace and quietness

pass joyful days for ever. ..'


The Ettrick Shepherd, 18th Century, James Hogg from the Scottish Borders was steeped in the traditions and folklore and love of the faerie otherworld and of the finer qualities of the good neighbours.

The dark side of the faerie people is known as the Hag side and like the seasons the triple aspected face of Faerie is said to take on three aspects of; maiden, mother and hag, represented by; spring, summer/autumn, and winter.

In this vision that is locked into a cycle that is material and often evil there is no vision of God but a vision of recycling in endless biological materials – not the high energy cosmology promised in Christianity.

The poems and writings of James Hogg reflect on a magical world full of magical personae that are both light and dark and, warm and deceptive.


LITTLE  PYNKIE   [the Maiden]


little pynkie came to kilboggie yett

it was on a hallow day

and the lady babies with her met

to hear what she would say


for pynkie was the littlest bairn

that ever danced on the green

and pynkie was the bonniest thing

that ever on earth was seen


the baron came forth to the green

and he took her by the hand

little pynkie, you are welcome here,

the flower of fair scotland


and I will sing a sang to you

and dance a faerie wheel

till you and all your bonny may bairns

can dance it wonder weel


were I to tell little pynkies sang

it might do muckle ill

for it was not framed of earthly words

though it sounded sweet and shrill


the first round that little pynkie made

was gentle soft and sweet

but the second round little pynkie made

they could not keep their feet


and aye she sang with twirle and spang

around them on the plain

till her feet they shimmered abude their heads

then kissed the sward again


and round and round and faster round

the faerie ring they flew

and aye the longer that they danc'd

the madder on fun they grew


but the strains that little pynkie sung

at the setting of the sun

were never forgot by old or young

till life with them was done


what then was said or what was done

no minstrel ever knew

but the bonnie maids of kilbogie

with beauty bloomed anew


some deemed that they would pass away

to other land than this

but they lived the life that women live

of social earthly bliss


but many a tale in westland dale

quaint rhyme and faerie lay

there yet remains of pynkies strains

upon the hallow day


THE  FAERIE  QUEEN  [The Mother]


oh come on thy path of the starry ray

thou queen of the land of the gloaming grey

and the dawnings mild and pallid hue

from thy valleys beyond the land of the dew

the realm of a thousand gilded domes

the richest sphere that fancy roams


I have sought for thee in the blue hare bell

and deep in the fox gloves silken cell

for I feared thou hadst drunk of its potion deep

and the breeze of the world had rock'd thee asleep


then into the wild rose I cast mine eye

and trembled because the prickles were nigh

and deem'd the specks on its foliage green

might be the blood of my faerie queen


then anxious lain on the dewy lea

and look'd to a twinkling star for thee

that nightly mounted in orient sheen

streaming in purple and glowing in green

and thought as I eyed its changing sphere

my faerie queen might sojourn there


but now I have found thee, wandering heart

and music, a wondrous spell shall start

it was sweet as the woodland breeze of leven

as pure as the star of western heaven

as fair as the dawn of the sunny east

and soft as the down of the solans breast

since now I have found thee, I'll hold thee fast

till thou garnish my song - it is the last.




oh where won ye, my bonny lass,

wi look sae wild an' cheery ?

there's something in that witching face

that I lo'e wonder dearly


I live where the harbell never grew

where the streamlet never ran

where the winds o' heaven never blew

now find me gin you can


Lie still, my love, lie still and sleep

long is thy night of sorrow

the maiden of the mountain deep

shall meet you on the morrow


tis but your wild an' wily way

the gloaming makes you eerie

for ye are the lass o' the braken-brae

an nae lad maun come near ye


but I am sick, am very sick

wi a passion strange and new

for ae kiss of thy rosy cheeks

and lips o' coral hue.


Go hie you from this lonely brake

 nor dare your walk renew

for I'm the maid of the mountain lake

an I come with the falling dew


be you the maid of the crystal wave

or she of the braken brae

one tender kiss I mean to have

you shall not say me nae


Lie still, my love, lie still and sleep

long is thy night of sorrow

the maiden of the mountain deep

shall meet you on the morrow


for passions like the burning beal

upon the mountains brow

that wastes itself to ashes pale

and sae will it fare wi you



oh mother, mother make my bed

and make it soft and easy

and with the cold dew bathe my head

for pains of anguish seize me


or stretch me in the chill blue lake

to quench this bosoms burning

an' lay me by yon lonely brake

for hope there's none returning


Lie still, my love, lie still and sleep

long is thy night of sorrow

the maiden of the mountain deep

shall meet you on the morrow


I've been where man should not have been

oft in my lonely roaming

and seen what man should not have seen

by greenwood in the gloaming


Oh passions deadlier than the grave

A' human things undoing

the maiden of the mountain wave

has lured me to my ruin.


Lie still, my love, lie still and sleep

long is thy night of sorrow

the maiden of the mountain deep

shall meet you on the morrow




It is true to say though that the aims and ambitions of most humans are not necessarily centered anywhere spiritual but in the world of materials and passions and worldly riches that diminishes our perspectives of love and childhood and innocence.

There are obviously grim and evil otherworldly beings that do that too. The internet abounds with such contemporary testimonies from alien research e.g. Harvard University Professor John E Mack – whose profound academic analysis of abduction victims brought credibility and scientific perspective to the idea of alien intrusion in human society. He then met with a bizarre 'accident' whilst in London. Circa 2000 AD


As can be seen from carvings on stone age standing stones in Scotland, e.g. in Brechin Cathedral and the 5th century vision of the orange ball UFO by St Cuthbert outside Edinburgh at Soutra and  also the 13th century corble stone in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Greys, aliens and faeries have been with us for millennia.


From; Sampson Low, Marston, Searle and Livington in 1880. In the book: Faeries

'Faeries have a rather curious code of ethics for themselves. Whilst there is a definite code of honor between the different denizens of the faerie world (and a tale of the poor unfortunate Trow boy banished for ever from Trow land for stealing a silver spoon from another Trow), a faerie will have no qualms at appropriating victuals, goods and livestock from mortals. Sometimes, as in the case of the Brownie who sat between two greedy servant girls and consumed most of the stolen junket they were eating, faeries will take advantage of their magic powers to remove food from under the very noses of those about to eat it.

Disturbingly, this faerie pilfering does not stop short of mortals, and particularly human babies who are greatly valued to inject new blood into this dwindling race. Golden-haired babes are at greatest risk and mortal mothers should take all possible precautions to guard their offspring until they are safely baptised. Again, mortal midwives are often spirited away into the land of faerie to care for a faerie baby.

Dependence on humans among certain types of faeries is very significant. For example, every seven years, the land of Faerie has to pay a tithe of TEIND to Hell and human captives are used as payment. The most common way of taking a human is to steal a human baby and leave a changeling in its place. This changeling can be an ugly old elf or even a manufactured one of wood, but (A CLONE) under a faerie enchantment, it appears to be an exact replica of the stolen child. Sometimes it then seems to die and so is buried, while the real baby is brought up in Faerieland to inject a dwindling and weak stock with a fresh, healthy human strain. It might eventually be offered as part of the septannual tithe.

Should the baby replica not die, it may develop a wizened or deformed appearance, or be sickly and fretful, or else have a voracious appetite. The changeling can be forced to betray its faerie nature by various means. One is to place it on a red-hot shovel or throw it on the fire. It will then fly up the chimney. A less brutal and more common method is to go through the motions of brewing water in empty halves of eggshells. The changeling, noticing this, sits up and in a strange old voice declares, 'I have seen the egg before the hen. I have seen the first acorn before the oak. But I have never seen brewing in an eggshell before,' thus revealing its ancient age. It can then be thrown on the fire from which, laughing and shrieking, it will fly up the chimney. The true baby will then very likely be found at the door.'

From Middle Ages England, Jane Lead produced some incredible and visionary writing as if she had been chosen by some powers to give birth to a strange child.


December the 4th. 1676.

Look back to November 23. 1676. and there is the Vision, and here is the Interpretation of it.

THERE was much from this Vision manifested to me, first was, that this shewed, there must be a passing out of a gross, ponderous, heavy laden dark Image and Body; for in the pure Airy Region, only AEtheral Spirits in Winged Bodies of Power could live and swiftly move. Such a Translation it became us to wait and look after, that it might be really accomplished, as the Figure doth call up to. For it was said, this must be till we come this Change to see, all to be in the very Body, by virtue of that Crystalline Stone, that formed must be within, who to its own Clarity must sublime us throughout, before we can go forth, like Eagles to mount, and to take our Prey. As to the resistency which I saw, it was thus to be understood, that at the first going forth, though thus impowered and spirited, yet it would not be understood by the very Elect, who were to be gathered to that Region: for something of Reluctancy there would be, till further confirmed by another Witness, that also should wing up in Spirit and Powers; And should marvellously draw and gather in the Scattered, who to Wisdom's Ministry do belong, which must prepare for the state of Mount Paran, and so for the New Jerusalem. Then queried I further about the last Flight, who were so few in Number, yet very troublesome, blindly lifting up themselves against us. It was shewed me, that there were dark sensitive Spirits, whose center was in the dark Holes of the Earth, that had some particular knowledge and relation to us, while we appeared to walk with them after their Similitude, but being herefrom changed, and something being formed in us, that hath given us a Winged Raise, and so made the Separation and Alienation, they would pursue to bring us down, that they might know us in their own Likeness, for in this Transformation they cannot, without they could come to be, as we are. Which is impossible, till the Holy Lump in them be made, and they be separated for this state, from all low things to live, whereunto we are called and appointed to live in the Ghostly Body, where we shall meet the Lord our Bridegroom, in the Airy Region.

This Word much followed me, The Birth in you is the Son of God, but it doth not yet appear what it shall be: when as it shall work quite through, expect great alteration, even unto Transfiguration. At which I rebounded with this answer, Ah Lord, how thick down do flow thy Prophecies, but what makes the working Wheel so slack to effect this mighty thing? Then said the Spirit in me, Thou art in haste, before the Earthly Mold be laid waste, not considering that ye are but come unto the restoring Ministry, that is preparing for the Birth of the Dove, out to fly, that carrieth all Wonders in its sevenfold Eye, which is your Lump within, that getteth formation by degrees. Therefore it is not to be stirred, before it comes to its full Age: all that you are to do, is to drink in, what is brought to Hand by its Virgin Mother, for daily succour, as the Word of Counsel, Caution, and Direction, which is at present; all which ye are to expend upon, for stay and strength, till its Birth-Day shall in and through you break.

December the 5th. 1676.

In the Night in my sleep, the Accuser, and watchful Enemy assaulted me hard, upbraiding me with false and deceivable hopes, that I had in this Ghostly Birth; demanding, why we should more than others in the World seek for it, that were left in the same common Faith with others, ever since the Holy Ghost withdrew, which was not again to be born through any one in Flesh, according as we looked for. Then this Word was present with me to repel, Oh get thee behind me, thou Spirit of Perdition, that goest about to pervert Truth, and wouldst make void the Love's Election of God. Knowing well thou standest not in his Counsel any more, but art afraid; nay, it is thy terrour to see Faith risen so high in any one, as thereby to conceive such a mighty Birth as this, that will so rise, as to overturn thy Kingdom and Reign, that hath been so long in the Earth: for hereby cast out thou wilt be. Therefore we will not doubt, nor throw away our Confidence, because the Birth we trust to, hath already upon it, the Foundation-Seal, being already named, which cannot be obliterated, without it be by yielding to thy daily renewed subtilties. Which as in the day of Eve, so again thou wouldst be prevalent; storming high, so much as thou seest the Day grow nigh, of overturning the Babylonish Captivity. Much contest I had of this kind both sleeping and waking: One thing more I remember was his charge, that he some proof would see of the Father's Almightiness from his Birth in us. With that I roused up my Faith, and said, that thou mayest, and wilt, unto thy perpetual downfall: therefore away, depart with all thy Wiles from me. For I will no more give Ear to the underminings of such a Serpentine Spirit, who would circumvent me, in the process of my New Birth after the manner of Jesus. After this I fell into Sleep again, towards the Morning, then I felt such bitter Agonies in my outward Man, as if my Life had been just parting asunder, and throws and pains, as if my Back had been cleaving in two which awaked me. And I was amazed, when I came unto my self, that I found all was so well with me: for I perceived the Evil One had beleagered me in his dark Magick, but could neither hurt me in Mind or Body. The watchful Eye of my Jesus being vigilant to preserve me from his Fury.

December the 7th. 1676.

In the Night season after some rising Ejaculations had ascended, and I falling into a Sleep, I was suddenly awaked, as if some Person had been in the Bed with me. Which in some kind of fear I rose up to see; but saw nothing, so lying still in the consideration a little while, I felt sensibly a Hand all over-spread upon me, with an influence of great Heat, at which I marvelled what it should signifie. Then this Word spake, saying, Fear not, this Hand is stretched out, for to encompass the Birth, and by the Heat to fix the Life's impregnacy, that it might be past the Dragon's power any more for to slay. Who cannot cease to watch it with an Evil Eye, for which cause I have overshadowed thee with my Airy Body, which may bring forth accordingly, as Faith shall operate in its own Mystery, which is the great thing whereby the Paradisiacal World shall spring again, without toil and care. For this cannot be, until such a Birth be brought forth, that hath all Faith to go forth with all Power, as without guilt of Sin; for that quencheth the Seal of Love, and Bird-limes the Wings of Faith, which is also a twisting Cord to bind down its Eagle-Body: but it is able to free it self from all, that brought it under the bondage of Evil. Now this renewing Birth, set your Minds fully upon, for it will be to you, the Noah that will comfort you, by restoring a New World from which the Curse will fly. I your Jesus must abide in my Heavenly Reservatory, till this Birth in you grow ripe, for it is the Elias that will come in another and more perfect Ministration, than ever yet hath been, that must prepare for the Coming of me your Lord from Heaven. Who left this Work to be accomplished by the Birth of the Holy Ghost, which was to bring forth the most perfect Restoration, that so you might come to know Elias track, through the burning Chariot, for Translation.

December the 15th. 1676.

This Word came, Behold yet, and see, here is the Birth-prize within your most pure Womb-Hearts now laid; there is no prohibition, but all Love-Emanations, and Incitations by Spirit provocations, to put you upon the believing the possibility thereof. And know for a truth, that this Birth will go forward, and grow mightily, if you do but keep to these two Rules, and observe them nicely: The first is to eschew drinking out of that Cup, wherein is mingled very subtlely Red Wine, that is sugar'd with all sweet sensibility, that flows readily into this Wine, being from the strange and Wild Vine. Therefore it must be refused, in regard of the evil Consequences that do attend it. For the Poyson of every earthly Essence is mingled here withal, which contributed, doth feed up that old Life-Birth, by which this is warned to depart out; for what doth feed up the one, doth starve the other; they cannot be Twins in this sanctified and holy Vehickle, which only is allotted for the Nazarite. For whom a choice and particular provision is appointed by the Father of it. Now charge in special to you is given, who herein may be concerned that you henceforth refuse to taste any of their delicious Fruits, that do spring from the neathermost part and lowest Region, for they are all crude and sour for want of that kind way of ripening from the everlasting warm heat of the one blessed Element, which by giving proof of your Fear, Love and Care herein (lest thereby this Holy Thing should suffer) ye must faithfully abstain from all her crude earthly Fruits, then may ye hope firmly, and claim boldly Stores and Supplies out from the Treasury of a God all-sufficiency, that will most marvellously excel all of this earthly growth millions of degrees, for Vigour, Strength, and Pleasantness; That for the nutriment of this holy Birth-Stone shall be conveyed, though unseen, yet tasted and felt, by them that shall carry this Birth in them, till it cometh to its full Number and Date.

December the 28th. 1676.

In the forepart of this Night, I was much pondering, and considering the weightiness of the Ghostly Formation, how difficult a thing it was, and hard to be by any brought forth: though many have hard travelled for it, yet there wanted both Strength, and Perfection of Righteousness, which I saw we also were deficient in; Therefore not sufficient to carry through such a wonderful Restorative Birth of Life. But as I was complaining, and owning our impotencies and unmeetness hereunto, this Word came: My Grace can make strong, where sense of the greatest Weakness is; therefore hope and believe down all Discouragements. Which Word much comforted and quieted me; and I fell asleep. In which I saw a young Elephant that was to be bred up, and it was presented to be my care and charge to feed it. When I awaked, it was said to me, that as this Elephant for strength, so we should grow to be; And no burthen of weight what ever cast upon us, should cause any shrinking, or bowing under it. For such a strong Elephant-Power should by degrees grow upon us, if careful we would be, here to feed up this young Elephant, which was by this Figure presented to us; The Mystery hereof lying hid in us, for its appointed time. …'

You can see from the Spiritual, moral and intellectual struggle of Jane Lead that in her heart she was bearing unnatural fruit and giving birth to strange fruits and beings and that the tethered grey elephant in her mind may well have been one of the screen memories that Greys are wont to place to protect human sensibilities from the variety of hybrid forms that they can be exposed to.

Though probably not because they are being nice.

Modern abductee Barry B is taken to a secret underground city in Edinburgh to attend hybrid classes with strange children, and is given medical examinations of apparatus and is regularly covered in red marks.
He has memories of being floated through his window and being made a surrogate care assistant in a Grey hybrid nursery and of particularly discussing myself, Andrew Hennessey with the Greys on the day of my birthday on april 14th 1996, as I could see from the notes in his journals. I also took a scan of that page too.

The greys had noted that I was somehow not ordinary, next to a note of my name and birthday.

They regularly manifest all sorts of watchers that shadow his footsteps and have taken him to many of their hi-tek cities in the sky and beyond this dimension where he has witnessed clone regulation on new batches of drones.

They expect him to take up duties in the future as some sort of hive queen or nymph and have him regularly interact with small flocks of collectively organised birds.

This might not be a good idea though by the sounds of it … these beings just don't have his sense of humour. He could end up being a TV Dinner for a bunch of evil alien larvae.

Mark 3:32-35. 'A crowd was sitting round him at the time the message was passed to him, 'Your mother and brothers and sisters are outside asking for you'. He replied, 'Who are my mother and my brothers ? And looking round at those sitting in a circle about him, he said, 'Here are my mother and my brothers. Anyone who does the will of God, that person is my brother and sister and mother.'

Mark 12:29-31 'Listen, Israel, the Lord our God is the one Lord, and you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbour as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.'

The resultant empowerment is a greater destiny than the prisons of Hell. For us therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven and a life of joy.



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