The Coming Empire - the evangelical vision of ambassador xorg

The  Coming  Empire -



The cosmos is a foamy place full of soapy bubble. There are little bubbles, big bubbles, dissolving and amalgamating bubbles, bursting bubbles and new bubbles infused with the breath of God at times and scales of magnitude beyond our imagining.


On the iridescent pearly surface of each cosmic bubble are fractal sets of chaotic colourful light matter superclusters absolutely full of life that is full of life.


Inside the bubbles is the air that we cannot see. It is an etheric sea of dark matter energies itself full of life that is full of life and of a differing nature to the life in the structures of the soap.


In such a soapy bubble in a huge soapy foam, is our own little cosmos and somewhere swirling about in the multicoloured patterns of spiralling supercluster soap is our own spiralling supercluster and our own spiral galaxy, called the Milky Way.

As everyone knows in Scotland the Milky Way is actually a low calorie chocolate bar marketed as; 'the sweet you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite.'

As we now know, the Milky Way chocolate bar is itself made up of atoms that are spiralling that can be arranged in a periodic table of elements that spiral in harmonic patterns.

From that therefore we can guess that infinity is a rather big deal. Goodness knows how many cosmoses we end up eating every time we have some chocolate..

There are forms of consciousness that drift through the air and specialise and adapt to life in it, endlessly blown on the winds of essence. There are forms of consciousness more tied into the life cycle of a cosmic bubble, swirling and thriving in the soapy suds enjoying and being entertained by the colourful patterns as they endlessly dance their endlessly unique parade of material diversity and form.

There are forms of consciousness that are more transient neither connected to the airs of essence nor rooted in the forms of soap.

It is to one of these collectives that we turn our attention somewhere in downtown Leith in Scotland's capital city.


Somewhere along linear time relative to a contactee and misfit from Leith called Ambassador Xorg there is a meeting of minds.

It begins in the mind because the intellect if beautiful and undamaged can be a secure and nurturing meeting place.

Some guided reading happens and the contactee is exploring Michael Moorcock's 'Dancers at the end of time' Trilogy.

In this work a civilisation that has become senescent has technology capable of manufacturing the fruits of the creative imagination. Unfortunately things have gone stale. In fact intellect and creative reasons and reason have totally failed.


For our contactee, Planet Earth in bubble number 'long string of alpha-numerics' is a place designed and endorsed by God to explore the failures and crimes of diversity.

Crimes of passion created by malfunctioning personalities and sexual identities and driven through the social superstructure itself infested by some nihilistic alien malignance seemed to accurately reflect what had gone wrong with these 'Outsiders'.

Indeed this was the reason that they failed in the first place – they had poisoned their wellspring with badly invested and spiritually crass creational and recreational tools.

This was in fact why they decided to take some time out of soapy bubbles and hang out in those deeps totally unrecognised by their denizens. They had in fact set up some contemplative space where they could work out their issues.

Which is why they like to be referred to as 'Outsiders'.


On planet Earth the book by Herman Hesse called 'The Glass Bead Game' is a science fiction tale of a purely intellectual society that makes the decision to come down from their analytic heights to 'get involved' and the hero eventually ends up paying the price with his temporal life.


To become the 'Insiders' again therefore they would need to take part and get their hands dirty, indeed have hands again to get dirty. Before they took their time out they had successfully developed the bubble that they inhabited and had made inroads into several more using a portal system.

They had kept all the toys of Empire in cosmic toy-boxes – such as when they were going through their ostentatious phase they had massive enormous clunky battle ships. They kept those. Even when they went into their refined microcosmic phase. It just seemed wasteful to scrap materials that contained social history and interesting intellectual masterpieces and designs.


The cosmic bubbles of their collective origins came and went and many migrated along with their technological materials and processes into a bubble adjacent to this one.

Things are going well there just now and everything is running like clockwork as usual but that now is just not enough.


There was clearly another step up and beyond the plateau of intellectual skills and discourse that had not been identified as the next evolutionary step when the Philosophy of Christ began to be taught and practised. Where it was practised faithfully real miracles could be observed to be at work in the bodies and minds of the faithful. That the self on its own, the mind on its own, the intellect on its own could never be enough unless it was connected with the will to love and be loved.

This heart driven form of intellectual aspiration was a totally new thing for it took people away from the senescence and isolation of the intellect even at a collective level.

It was as if the very water from the well of the source flowed in and through and between the cells of the people so connected and the people like cells themselves in the vine would sustain and nurture one another whilst loving the nourishment of the source.

The outsiders had found the true vine mentioned in the new testament of John 15 and suddenly, they were no longer outside, they were inside, no longer old and stunted but flourishing and progressing, growing and again green and fresh and fruitful.

In a very Catholic way, mere intellect was surpassed and superseded by the imperative to simultaneously love and grow. The natural order therefore had been re-established and things could again progress.

Now time and space as we know it in the bubble of planet Earth is different from those orders of procession in the foamy soap suds of home, and in those places the massive factory units they call the nexus were again powering up with a new vision for social architecture and cultural furnishings and artefacts.


The project that had been set up on earth by the Elohim immediately after the wars of the Fall of Atlantis had been seen to bear fruit. That in amongst those simulations that explored social conduct amongst increasingly technological or baroque tools and artefacts, amongst increasingly social and anti-social models and role models and amongst increasingly criminal and passionate behaviour amongst light and dark beings in communities there were totally new social visions that obviously did not have the taint of creative disease.

Besides the endless recycling of criminal and indifferent contributions were those souls incarnated with reduced capacities called humans. The humans used their short lives as workshop opportunities to measure their spiritual life and their creative response to nihilism and adversity.

Many millions had produced many millions of good things over the millennia – all of them having been sampled and recorded by the Elohim, both the good and the bad.

The good stuff though was good enough to mass produce and diversify a whole new tier of civilised growth with at Imperial level.

Hardware, artefacts, designs, buildings, vases, fabric and textiles, period designs, food and drink, artworks, music, furniture from all epochs, writings, social expressions and themes, fashion, monumental designs, historical colours and textures, historical graphics, vehicles from all eras, their shape and form.

Historic periods full of beautiful creations created and recreated by the incarnated minds of galactic travellers are in abundant store. Some artisans never stayed, but many who then did will to participate in the final outcome of a new Golden Age of Atlantis in Christ. Their art and excellence now able, once cleaned and sanitised from alien distortion to enrich the lives of untold numbers of population. Many such populations still await discovery in the vastness of various times and spaces.

The eras of the age of mankind will, after work, live and love forever.

Celtic, Teutonic, Moorish, Baronial, Renaissance, Classical Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Indian-Hindu, South American, Chinese Sino-Asian, Oceanic, Africanic, Polaris, Russian 19th century, American Native 17-19th century, American Westernised 20th century, Russian 20th century, European west 20th century, European aristocratic 19th century, English Victorian/imperial, Caribbean 18th-19th century, Tibet, Sumerian, Catholic, London 1960's, Futurist, Latin and Jazz, Tokyo Manga, Japan Ancient.

Can you imagine how many kinds of peculiar forms of transport could be decorating somebody's ornamental lot somewhere ? how many paintings, how many styles, how many juke boxes, how many archives, how many textiles and soft furnishings, how much tableware and what era and style – how much food and drink, clothing and styles.

The 'insiders' had a new consideration in that there needed to be an implementational platform of social architecture through which to diffuse these wonders.

After consultation, it was decided to create a three tiered social structure that had uniquely specialised space based facilities, and home planets with a designer infrastructure of high spiritual excellence for working on matters of society, personal relationships and the quest of the heart in its connection with Christ, and also factorial productivity that would supply and defend this new Age of the Sacred Heart from the endless turbulence of war. These wars and vampiric predation are driven by deficiencies in material processes such as biology and the spiritual inability to connect with God and His eternal energies.

A new era of high-energy life and architecture aligned with life and God and implemented by a network of Angels and Saints under Christ is about to begin. The creational and recreational life of trillions of souls is about to get better.

Mega populations comprising of hundreds of  trillions of individuals are out there giving each other a hard time. We hear from various sources that there is an enormous striving and conflict between sexual and asexual paradigms and societies. E.g. Philip Krapff.

The sexual societies, it is being said to abductees by asexual parasitic greys, are full of problems and trouble, like adolescents from bad homes, who fuelled with passion and psychological disease get into trouble and form troublesome associations that lack social integrity.

If we could bring them on board and help them all out there would be less war and great happiness that would likely please God and our Christ. As He has already said: Matthew 19:30  'But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.'

The question though is why do we have trillions of gender inclined people with spiritual disease. In fact what had made them like that ?

What had caused them and formed them and shaped them and aggrieved them .. what unappreciative nihilistic experience had started them all off on the wrong foot. It had to have been somewhere or someone they originally came from. But where ??.

The planet Earth is an analogy for the composition of life in the Cosmos at its most fruitful.

The relative proportions of life form on planet Earth I assume remain intact in this cosmic bubble of the multiverse foam.


From this biological and geological planetary analogy which also extends to the internal structure of the cosmos with light matter superclusters of life as we know it on the periphery of the bubble – we can deduce that dark matter and viral lifeforms and primitive formlessness are on the inside amongst the crystal and geology .. a robotic intelligence predating on basic level essence beings.


In the superclusters on the outside of the cosmic bubble, like some Mandelbrot set .. a rich sea of essences and transactions at a more invested level as discussed by biochemist Dr Peter Plichta at the end of his work on chaos theory called 'God's Secret Formula'.


The relative proportions of life that is organised as we can identify it may well start with fungal basidiomycetes – primitive basic collectives the forerunner of the massive organisations of the phylum insecta which have to govern the absolute majority of this cosmos.

Insectoid probably being the most common intelligences in this cosmos.

Phylum Hymenoptera – the bees, ants and wasps with its caste system that can include regal and admin, scientists and operants or drones .. intelligent alien life in this cosmos has to primarily derive from insecta or indeed reptilia.

The main proportion maybe about 70% insectoid society with maybe 10% reptilian 15% other and less than 5% humanoid.

A closer look at earths ecology and biomass may yield a more accurate brief.

At the level of individuality, intellectual diversity, quality of creation and recreation the human type with its gender and nurture and social diversity is capable of creating most interesting social investments for a long term group soul.


A known law of chaos theory is emergence – studied by e.g. Stuart Kauffman at the Santa Fe Institute known to Theosophists as 'outpouring' from vol. 1 of the secret doctrine quoting Hindu science from 10,000BC


Evolution it could be [non-Darwin] argued is spontaneous e.g. Brian Goodwin on the spontaneous emergence of the eye of acetabularia or the  'autocatalytic self-organising polymers' of  Stuart Kauffman on the fact that the DNA instantaneously and for nothing emerges in the cosmos.


Mega populations of insectoids therefore will be most abundant, massively organised and logically regulated – but amongst their numbers there will emerge by laws of nature and chaos proto-gender beings.

Why they emerge is probably a best kept secret amongst e.g. the greys.

The greys have a 3 tier caste system with internal variants.


e.g. regal the internal alpha caste

admin the external alpha caste

executive scientist the internal beta caste

operant scientist the external beta caste


soldier the internal gamma caste

drone the external gamma caste


basically there are 6 keys to the empire of the insectoid.


Within this caste system, it is predicted that both the external alpha and the top beta scientist types will produce irrational, contradictory social aberrance.

The reason being that the regal caste is fundamentally contradictory and irrational in nature and that the representatives of imperial policy to the rational scientists will have to sanitise occasional irrationality to present regal insanity to the scientists.

This process wizens them up and educates them, hones them and sculpts them.

These beta insectoid beings though probably get a very hard time in the insectoid mega populations.

I speculate that perhaps 3 or 4% of the Beta become candidates for a new kind of life form that is perhaps being called 'Verdant' by modern UFO scholars.

The Verdants are gender orientated with a tendency to adolescent problems within their social psychologies.

Their issues are not genetic though … these beings have been made to catch fire and implode into God empowered resources under stress from the irrational top end of their old society and the hard unyielding and uncompromising logic of their lower castes who they have served. As a result the more pressure they were put under – the more they would evolve and grow, the more they would identify the need to be elsewhere and to start a new life.

They must therefore be an unpopular insectoid caste – and IF they can escape – where would they go ..

Well the answer is that 'things can only get better ..' they take their sparks to form new soul groups that are post insectoid like the Verdant Mega Populations that we hear of from Philip Krapf.


The 'Verdants' though tend to be adolescent in their attitudes and having come from an abusive hive .. they tend to rebel like any of the youth cultures on planet earth.

Who can blame them for wanting out of that grey monotonic tedium.


They from a new soul group and  explore their issues and crimes of passion – maybe needing to learn more about well formed and more enduring social models and get themselves more organised in a relevant way.

Responsible society though doesn't have to be boring and for losers.

They need the social data from planet earth.


If it were possible to get them to chill out and to soak up the lessons that we all learned here about what happens to the beta males and administrators here then maybe trillions of souls could enjoy the possibility of responsible and responsive recreation and creation and sexuality.


If say there were social facilities that could teach them relatively quickly by illustration and virtual participation of the realities of Christ and Christian love and of the need to party … then being at endless war with the insectoid losers is not only tolerable … but merely a multimedia adventure before the next party.

The recreational defence of civilisation is the absolute necessity for the sanctity of love, evolution and a long term sense of appreciation of our own destiny in the eyes of God.


This is not to say that we must hate the insecta.


God made them to make you, to shape and chisel you .. and therefore liberating all betas is like to picking fruit early and green such as oranges and ripening them in warehouses without sight of the sun.

Where they turn orange as they should but with no vitamins and less nutrients.

We need to identify healthy emergent verdants in those populations for to remove them too soon could effect their long term prospects for evolution.

Harvesting insecta though is possible using a new technology we call trawler technology.

Based on a simple systems theory and an alien artificial intellect it can hack the Universe of social information with its easy to grasp structures.

We will supply the finishing schools that will give you what you need to find you more compatible partners and a realistic recreational haven for your spiritual and creative needs.

All things become possible if there are resources to secure our future – and I think that there definitely is ..

All manner of supply of; technology, artefacts, software, teachers and apostles will appear to guide the growth of a new cosmic pilgrims movement in the Catholic and post-biological tradition.


The Coming Empire will be an integration of socially realistic beings and their objectives from many parts of the multiverse, all unified in their need to live and love and socialise. Those new to the process and those who remember being old will find time to rediscover the youth and their passions for creation without the penalties of disease within the Sacred Heart of Christ.


The solar system and planet Earth itself will be made to irrevocably change and the galaxy and all its life will become the epicentre in this bubble of all that becomes new and life filled in Christ.

It's time to look forward, beyond the grind from where we have come to happy times and many parties in the Kingdom of Heaven..















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