ALIEN STRIPPERS want your technicolour dreamcoat




Andrew Hennessey


The state of play on planet Earth as far as I can see is as follows … there are two ET collectives facing each other up – on one side a set of beings with insectoid lineage on the road to gender differentiation and humanoid diversity plus the gender orientated reptilian angels or EL's, and on the other side a dark alien hive collective backed up by some sort of Borg idea and the hermaphroditic reptilian.

Dark hives and dark hermaphroditic reptilians are part of the illuminati ideologies e.g. in Merovingian Templarism and the Order of the Bee and in Theosophy and the Coming hermaphroditic Aryan root race that Adolf was so longing for.

The Scottish culture of the Elves and Elohim are celebrated by Scottish painter and colourist John Duncan in his painting called 'the Riders of the Sidhe'.
Aside from the reasons humans incarnate – working on their issues – much more X-men stuff goes on than gets spoken of, often in front of our faces.

The evil hive are here to strip us out – not just to kill our bodies but to destroy our souls.

In order to conquer our souls they have to disconnect us from life so that we become an isolated commodity contained in a software process that perpetually annuls our emergent good feelings and attributes and encodes and recycles our despair at us.

They can then upload us into their matrix-like equipment and reprocess, recycle, farm and devour our beings.

I will discuss the scientific movement for human uploads later here.


Being human, our minds and intellects are greatly invested in and extended into our external world. Our self-image and essence is therefore often invested in and anchored by the materials and artefacts that we have around us in our lives.


We invest our selves in the world by forming maps and webs of associations.

For example someone may like the colour yellow, and it reminds of summer and primroses and Indian food and happy times, and even a happy holiday whilst wearing a yellow ski jacket, whilst operating the ideologies within a certain kind of socially successful and youthful lifestyle. In somebody's personal cosmology, therefore, yellow is the colour of success and happiness.

 These associations are then later re-enforced and sometimes repeated and written in our brain and spirit by pleasurable experiences we have in the world of yellow.

It would take a lot of painful experiences with yellow to change that but heh! Our alien buddies have got the time.


There is a branch of psychology called associology and in that whole chains of positive associations can be developed.

The colour yellow [e.g. for success] for example might be associated with the flavour orange and the scent of roses and the taste of red wine, and a sports car and cosmopolitan living.



If evil beings can somehow deteriorate our self image by at least affecting the things that we like about us in our own personal and external world, e.g. the things that remind us of our vitality and our connection with eternity then perhaps they can disconnect the soul from it's supply of spirit from the eternal source and somehow harvest it.


They do this by manifesting bad things in exchange for things that we once would have liked. e.g. a very bad and disconnecting yellow experience]. The philosophical strategy can be called nihilism and the process they use to enact it is scientifically known even by human science and it's called Transference.

It is a universal fact that every system in the cosmos at any scale transfers from a place of high energy and potential to a place of low energy and potential across a common medium.

In electricity its called ohm's law, in biology, osmosis, in psychology, levelling etc and every discipline has it's own unique name for the same process.

The aliens operate this process by presenting social theatre that incorporates ones investment in a way that deteriorates it or causes it to fail. We then attempt to assert our creative juices to rectify the matter and become subsequently bled or milked of our essence.


If you're like me then you'll find that your wardrobe has clothes in it that you no longer wear ... but I know that one can get a very hard time if one wears such stuff again ... e.g. the worst social issues can manifest in every social stratum that you progress through in a way that negates the quality of life symbolised by the clothes.

e.g. wearing your old yellow ski jacket necessitates and causes a bunch of young happy, healthy skiers to manifest with nicer jackets and lives in one of those co-incidences.

If a big young skier then picks a fight one could rationally put this down to our psychology and social ability being 'inappropriate' and 'out of sorts' but really, is it … for at the very worst we just have bad taste – with an old yellow ski jacket, so does that have to include issues with Bruce Lee or someone who 'should have been' nice etc

It's so exhausting, it's enough to stop you feeling young for good and never identifying with the whole process of adventure and youthful independence ever again isn't it ?

It's like your spiritual fingers have been prised off your treasures, isolating you.


The problem with the hive stuff is that these people can be anyone in the phone book e.g. I recall being approached by a group of young ladies who spoke in very natural cultured English accents – then suddenly turned into the local Scottish version of a raging home posse.
As professor Mack, the Harvard Psychologist who had academically identified alien intrusion found to his cost – in my opinion – these aliens can be almost anybody in the phone book  …


This hive attack stuff is for me about the disconnection of your soul from associations of good things leaving you alone and desolate - ready for stripping out ...
Our aesthetic senses are being annihilated in this process.

For a proper empirical experiment to test this idea and even refute it, pick that certain shirt you no longer wear being careful where you wear it and expose it to view, noting the colours and associations that it embodies.  My prediction is that you're bound to see far better examples of it worn by social paragons of excellence.


To test the nihilism idea do note that certain colours have their own diametric opposites:


e.g. red and green

       purple and yellow

       orange and blue

       black and white etc


As a basic example, if you wish to reclaim the associations that connect you with all things green and good in your life … you may get presented with lots of red and mixed down with black to make a morbid opposite to your aspirations.


We interact with hive telepathy and this legion in an environment that is controlled not to necessarily kill the body but to negate the soul and this can inspire alien logic to manifest interactive theatre in the physical world.


The alien hive has to re-enforce the reasons why you should disconnect from the quality of association you used to choose it in the first place.

Sometimes to this end they will attempt to engage the intellect of the soul they are attacking as it extends into the three dimensional world.
If you wear the clothes you don't like or sample flavours that you despise you can automatically expect to feel bad - the question though is why.

We had a bad experience from childhood or have a biological adversity to these items, or, more likely these days, we've had a deliberately and engineered alien sickener whilst wearing these objects.


 ... but if you redefine e.g. on paper those clothes and styles and colours as the 'equivalent' of something else - say some random object and new colour and new idea of goodness - again you may personally see some strange things ... and if you have a camera handy - you can always prove that at least to yourself.
Do this as a computer-like script as it keeps the process rational and real and a script on paper is difficult to subvert by telepathic substitution .


When we fight against this process we can lose our essences and our life and may be deliberately farmed and stripped like this as if we were dairy cattle..


Speaking of the rational these bug infested people do some very weird stuff - where I used to stay the local kids went down to the woods - and made up what looked like voodoo sculptures .... it's as if they were stripping the 'juice' out of the concepts in the sculpture - it was like a circuit board made out of garbage ... and there was a collection device or bottle that the circuit emptied into ...
I of course kicked that off the park !!
They started moved big dead trees around after that and piling enormous boulders on top of it ... just so I got the message ..


This voodoo logic stuff is based on a very real physical process called transference – it's  a natural law and it's a known scientific theory  produced by Kurt Lewin in 'Field Theory in Psychology', 1952 where he spoke about levelling and sharpening of gradients between people rather like Voltage and Current or osmosis in biology. Wolfgang Kohler in 1952, a contemporary of  Lewin, spoke of transference between EM fields.
You can see it work when you tune two acoustic guitars and face them towards each other – strum one and the other will resonate – it's not 'voodoo' it's physics ..

So it is then with the 'garbage' that these beings are stripping out – that is – us … and they attempt to do so by using all the artefacts by which we define ourselves against us.
They do this by prizing the good associations from our grasp by creating and using disassociative trauma. Usually by way of social externalisation and in our own terms and conditions.


I should also point out that there is an enormous cover-up here - but I strongly suspect that it's the same everywhere.
They operate in Cities and communities right here under our very noses ... and if we get too curious - our minds just get switched off - like I walk past the same stall in a shopping mall twice in two minutes and end up at the wrong exit ... a logistical impossibility unless I had lost my guidedog.


The following part-article from Drew Hempel seems to support my idea of the assimilation of humanity by both an insectoid and also robotic species – who may well be driving rather big black oblong ships amongst other junk they use.

What I learned independently of this of course is conjecture – but that it was the intention of this robotic species to upload and strip everything if they could.

Every bit of life would be stripped – animal vegetable and human.

I first came across this idea on transhumanist lists that I had been researching in 1996. They called it compulsory uploading.  I notice that techno-spirituality is mentioned in this article quote below and is also being currently promoted on other transhuman lists in the form of revering Rosicrucian and scientist Isaac Newton. Which for an agnostic community into science and logic seems a bit of a step.


We have star trek to thank for introducing most of us to the idea of the Borg and its collective and it runs close to my own deductions and hopefully I have illustrated their attack and upload strategy which is to mimic the victims social expectations, engage the consciousness of the victim and then neutralise the victims spirit to engage by the overt and covert diminishment of their aspirations. At that point they assimilate.


That's my theory – but the following part-article seems to illustrate the ground work on an academic paradigm that is being done as a prelude to uploading and the mass assimilation of mankind.

Details on the Actual Matrix Plan by Drew Hempel.

Never before has the public known that the Freemason-Theosophist elite formed an academic think tank in 1940 with the expressed goal of channelling all academic research toward their goals. This is the
power source for the ACTUAL PLAN FOR THE MATRIX that is described below.

This Theosophist-Freemason think tank was the Institute for Integrative Education. The board of directors included the family of the directors of the Theosophists as well as Ivy league professors from Harvard, Johns Hopkins, etc. Their 1940 flagship issue of their academic journal Main Currents in Modern Thought openly states this Freemason conspiratorial goal and at one point the journal even states that most professors are more dangerous than Nazis!

The founder of this Freemason-Theosophist Educational-Research Complex that secretly controlled U.S. academic research was Lumber Magnate Julius Stulman. The postscript of his book Evolving Mankind's Future is a long statement by liberal University President Laurence Bolling -- a high level statecraft policy maker, documenting the influence of this think tank.

In 1965 Stulman created the World Institute in collaboration and at
the behest of the U.S. Government, the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton, and the United Nations.

This information is detailed by President Bolling. The expressed role of the World Institute was to oversee the direction of technology for the world and it was located at UN Plaza. It's main policy plan was the actual plan for the Matrix published in 1975 and edited by systems theorist, global planner Ervin Laszlo. This is background for that Real Matrix Plan that is now coming into reality -- as liberally promoted by Laszlo's book Macroshift. (2001).


There is a dark conspiratorial sinister apocalyptic side to Laszlo that is now exposed by the below.

The Institute for Integrative Education highly praised Philosophy of
Science Professor Oliver L. Reiser's 1965 manifesto Cosmic Humanism.

Reiser's 1945 book World Philosophy was considered by Einstein to be the best plan for a unified field theory. In 1936 Reiser had
promoted and initiated radio-eugenics in the Journal of Heredity.
In 1945 Reiser discovered World Institute founder Julius Stulman's
essay, Energy Theory Applied to Human Relations.

In 1975 Oliver L. Reiser and the World Institute editor Ervin Laszlo
published the REAL MATRIX PLAN called Cosmic Humanism and World Unity in collaboration with Dr. Andrija Puharich.

Reiser's 1965 book Cosmic Humanism openly promotes Radio-Eugenics and states that while most of humanity and the planet may die that is how evolution in nature works.

The 1975 book calls the plan, The Matrix prominently and repeatedly and states that humans will be in Techno-Samadhi as the neuroblasts and Electronic tubes for the new World Mother. According to this plan, the embryo of this mother is in the middle of the earth and like an egg, the humans and the environment are to be feed off as energy for evolution of the Matrix.
Radio-Eugenics is still openly promoted by the World Institute -- except now it is called orthosynthesis.


In Techno-Samadhia person does not breath or think words -- they
are hooked up to the satellite systems and used as energy so that the Theosophist-Freemasons can create THE COSMIC LENS that controls and manipulates higher dimensional space-time. This is all detailed in Cosmic Humanism and World Unity -- the ACTUAL PLAN FOR THE MATRIX.
The essence of this plan is to create a new global religion -- Cosmic
Humanism (now called transhumanism) -- or in general
techno-spirituality. … '    …………….
(Drew Hempel)

Anyway it's all rock and roll ... I was out on a walk - and I noticed that a stream of cars were carrying certain very familiar colours. It was that same deep expensive red as the lovely expensive raincoat that I was wearing. My red raincoat, first energy ray, driving primal red, expensive top of the range high technology, outdoor mountain wear, Earth change proof and made in Germany by Germanic technology and totally superior, logical, rational and invincible.  Next up I thought - I'm not looking at this - as one does - I ignore this stuff - as it's not good to really work out how it all may be connected and associated i.e. ontologise, unless you're better than Einstein at it .. but two colour cars really attracted my attention one driving closely behind the other in this park road. The one in front was a deep red - the one behind a similar but lower class of vehicle that was brown-red. I swear that the same colour of deep red paint from the car in front had been or appeared to have been splashed in an arbitrary un-artistic splash on the bonnet or engine hood of the following lower class, older car. It was impossible and incoherent artistry it was a splash of red chaos thrown from the world of rich expensive deep red cars, people and coats into the downbeat degraded world of downtrodden cars and socially deteriorated people.

I suddenly just said to myself - what sort of wierd sh*t is that .. my noble rich red spashed and discarded down market on some deadbeat brown car. I realised that this was an impossible chromatic co-incidence, and that my social expectations, future intentions and aspirations were being downgraded before my very eyes by the use of a strange bizarre social event.

The aliens were telling me in no uncertain terms that all that fancy upper class red coat wearing stuff was going to end in social and spiritual ruin.

As soon as I had processed and cogitated, recognised and registered that fact – the brown red and dilapidated car suddenly ground to a stop and put on it's hazard warning lights as if broken down. ... it's like I somehow interrupted an alien matrix subroutine by invalidating it ...


Because I had been ignoring their games and their own counter strategies and social investments aimed at giving me a hard time and doing me down, my associations that give me spiritual health and well-being had overcome their logic. Being Catholic had given me strength. The alien strippers had over invested in irrational human social theatre  and assumed  that my human intelligence would be unable to pick up on their extravagant and bankrupt social reality games that were designed to diminish my life expectations.


They're strippers in the very worst sense - like in the UK what they do is make all the flavours in the supermarkets equivalent with colours - and therefore all the associations of good and bad with the produce can be controlled via mass media [in my opinion].

The UK terrestrial TV channels are entertaining because no matter how many channels you switch in the middle of sentences you always get the same subject material and ideologies on the other channels to complete the sentence – and it's usually degrading …


Our aesthetic soul music our creative spark is being isolated by alien stuff that's not just after our body … on one list they spoke of  'the harvest' of ascension .. on another scientific list called Transhumanism – 'compulsory uploads'.


Our lives are full of colours and flavours and smells and all of these things pertaining to the senses have both good and bad associations that can be broken into and hijacked to our spiritual disadvantage.


In my opinion the UK candy market currently utilises 3 main flavours in it's candy bars - mint, orange and toffee - you would have to travel a long way to get a candy bar with any other fruit flavour - and it's the ideological journey the quest for the lost flavours ... where one has the challenges to our soul that may result in our loss of childhood and spiritual vigour.
We just get on with our mundane lives working our way through the obstacle course or gauntlet but there are some real issues in the quest for that elusive lemon candy bar … we can only find lemon in caustic detergent or toilet cleaner etc


In my opinion they need to negate the outward expression of life and youth in us and distort it and break it away from us so that they can get to the juicy soul.
The tastes are to become deadened and made bland, neutralised and negated. It is also a strange co-incidence that most supermarket fruit picked green, tends to have the same bland favour.


The reduction of positive and pleasing and spiritually stimulating; colours, flavours, smells and associations in our society may well be part of a process of alien nihilism and social control.


These are alien beings are detaching us from spiritual hope and creativity by stripping us out by a process called transference and are prepared to do all sorts of ridiculous looking social things to balance the energy books if their feeding process is interrupted.


Getting empirical evidence as I found becomes easy - but the processes they use can sometimes not be very obvious as there can be a psionic component to it – that's where human logic and society fails and the society of Christ's Angels is needed more.
 If some hive stuff is attacking you and you want to hack the logic
 then find a colour flavour association that you don't like and then
 mentally redefine it as something wonderful.

Better still get a notebook and create lists of your associations.

Every colour you can think of is the key to a whole world of other tastes, flavours, realities and social experiences.

If these lists seem to lead somewhere bland and unpleasant e.g. you start at yellow and then that leads you to summers, scenery and holidays, and bananas and daffodils and primroses then finally to some dark red sinister door for some as yet unrecognised reason.

Then actively rescript and redefine the colour dark red as equal to something really good e.g. a snowball. (but keep it real and make a commitment to write the redefinition down)

Then watch for your good snowball idea get attacked.
 You might start seeing unusual displays publicly centered around your
 new definition of peace and security and snowballs and the objects and context and lifestyle it pertains to that actively neutralise and regress it.
 It's worth having a camera for that - definitely !!
Wear an item of clothing that you hate – maybe not visibly to begin with Until you get the idea that you really own the shirt on your back.
Don't let the aliens take your technicolour dreamcoat off you …


I prayed to Christ – and got Angelic help to disengage with this stuff so please take care.




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