ships are sailing

S h i p s a r e S a i l i n g.
by Andrew Hennessey

A ship can carry man and his possessions to new lands,
new valleys, new lives. As man himself is a vessel for his spirit
he too will place his hand on the ships tiller knowing that the navigator within himself will bring his possessions and his
spirit to port.
This is the story of our eternal search.

And to our Earth the restless souls
intent upon their ordained goals for one day,
unto each and every man the song creation had began.
Hunger feeling, swims the silver fish
we run loud as the antelope
bring us heat, for burning meat
gather roots and berry
cold and pain the whitened rain
chills through skins, cold the mud
skins of white
fall from the sky
warm one moves and wonders why

Pain light burns as damp as nets.
In the water, berry-giver
swims like deer but move it not,
the nets like flowers in time of white
or angry noise at time of fight -
nets bring hunger now.
Deer noise gone at time of white
warm one now is hungry.

Cold moving noise like breath of chase
and berry-root-giver starts to swim to lands of deer,
Then slow as hunt, fast as breath warm one runs with I,
to water cold we run and hold the berry-giver food no longer
carries we from cave and many,
fast we go the roots we break
roots for sky and roots for dark soft
many times with breaker.
Ships are sailing,
blow the horn
Why the anger, why forlorn
the Ocean draws us nearer.
In time we speak a little more
and name and draw
and dance and sing
of loveliness the giver brings.

Creator mighty woman stands
bearing gifts of crops,
she plans to nourish, give us life
and to her loved ones wisdom show
and in our land
our children grow
fulfilling dreams and making treasure
and for goddess, Hope, the Temple measure
though none thought yet to build it.

In fertile lands our seeds will sow
then in time the stocks Will grow
and to our Gods we are devout
though they punish us with angry drought
our store rooms bare we mourn this day
our village did the Gods betray
for in a moon we pass away to another valley.

But on our land before we leave
mats of rushes we then weave
and slowly now begin to measure
the size of craft to horde our treasure,
Gems so bright that any night might adorn beloved priestess.

and so with the river we then go
to better lands we do not know
for the wines of life do better grow
sweet in Chieftains cellar.

and for our bread, 'tis better said
the fields we work and labour
not our own, though future sown
and of years we keep the tally
and one day soon we board a craft
and sail for other va1leys

Ships are sailing, blow the horn
why the anger, why forlorn
the ocean draws us nearer.

Still we plough, much older now
and soldiers feed Us as they please
and Chieftains have become the Kings
and hungry fall upon their knees
as the temple player sings
of learning that the spirit frees
though where he heard is doubtful.

And to our toils, the rocks we bring
and build a wall that will not fall
in battle with the army
from the valley next.

And in our wall the soldiers tall
do order life and help us pray
and ask of us to build today
a better heathen temple.
Their Gods, you know, are not our own
but we have all heard the doubters moan
in their Godless dungeons.
So our children grow and pray
and proud the house we keep today
though our roof is not our own.

And beneath these stars with orbits strange
a dark departure we arrange
though this be against the laws
our restless spirits have a cause
to seek a virgin garden.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn
why the anger, why forlorn
the ocean draws us nearer
And though at sea the merchants ply
the fruits of toil from slaves unseen
their adorned persons ashen pale
on sighting close the ebon sail
of sultry, rich and jealous Queen.

We pass them by, the knives of war
and set our tiller to the sky
that holds the setting Sun,
as then at last to port we come
yet power and reason with our wealth
buys off the fingers pointing treason
as death through windows in its stealth
has cause to hide and then endangers
the lives of those unwanted strangers
anchored in the port.
We leave that night with starry wind
some sailors have their knuckles skinned
in those costly taverns.
We pass the hunters now at anchor
their hungry oarsmen die of waste
reddened backs against the whip
of evil in a Kingly ship.
We watch with pity helpless men
and then at last we see again
that Eden now must wait.
So now we travel all at night
thanking gold for our salvation
hugging coast with navigation
as moon will draw us on.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn, why the anger,
why forlorn,
the ocean draws us nearer.
But in one port a trap was sprung
our gold was taken, whilst mothers clung
to their children's lives.
Though what fate gave for futures hope
is to our leaders dark.
It was not long ere all our people
said goodbye to all we knew,
but with bonds of love we pledge above
to break the chains of slavery.
And so our captors turned to flee
as villages upon the coast
shone like beacons in the sea.

The legions were with death advancing
hewing swords upon the free
and in that night we saw our chance
whilst with the flames our shadows dance
we take again good fortunes chance
and take a nervous merchantman
before it hoists its sail.

And in the night there is a battle
and merchant with his frightened prattle
speaks of trade in west
and how that if we let him live
he'll trade how he knows best.
We kept the man as mercy must
but in him though we didn't trust
though the west does call again.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn why the anger,
why forlorn,
the ocean draws us nearer.

Now in this land we wish to settle
and how the forests try our mettle
though feuding Kings as oft before
barr us from their ornate door
at the coming winter.

Axe and sword the metal rusts
whilst fight we for some mouldy crusts
to keep our kin alive.
And in our hearts the thaw and warmth
again returns and ever heed
our parents dear who tell of distant sun.

And in this land we find again
the Goddess over mortal men
and in the temples in the woods
those ancient men the Kingly Druids
keep us on the track.

But to our feuding misty Isle
came the might of legions dark
who cut their way all through a land
as sacred as the Goddess planned
till red the cloth and red the water
standards midst the ghastly slaughter
of all that we hold dear.
one day though came to our ears
news that Empire had its fears,
its iron reach had spanned too far
and in such haste its conquests waste
retreating by the polar star
to ships all bound for home.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn
why the anger, why forlorn
the ocean draws us nearer.

So now we rest and become strong
in northern lands do we belong
and power and light of Goddess past
comes again to us at last
and how our foes do fear it.

And in our vales we welcome strangers
whom our very life endangers
A sturdy faith upon our paths
poor the clothes yet rich believer in mighty Christ
the worlds redeemer.
Our Goddess smiled and became one
as mother to this loving son.
And faith was true
as well we knew
our lore was rich with men undone
by greed and gold.
And to our lands, monastic charm
prayed to keep us safe from harm
and wine and Christ and cross and stone
blessed all our Kingly bone.

But from the sea came to us craven
raising fire in every haven
death and pain, dishonours plunder
that tore our very lives asunder
long we fought and long we sought
our Viking foes who stealth and evil taught
but with our cups and with our wives
they sailed away with all our lives
into the mists morn.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn
why the anger, why forlorn
the ocean draws us nearer.

Brave our men who fight for life
against the dark and evil strife
the noble man of noble pledge
whose action drives a holy wedge
against the tyrant foe.

Kings in trust do make the Knight
his noble action shines so bright
in cause of Christ redeemer.
But in a temple far away
the holy men have lost the day
and for such noble men they pray
to fight a stronger foe.

A light has come, a sword from East
its tythe of terror has increased
as hordes upon the Kings descend
who fight in hope for noble end
a war of light to end the night
or lose a dawn forever.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn, why the anger,
why forlorn,
The ocean draws us nearer.
Perish policy and cunning
perish those who fear the light
the politics of evil caused
beginnings of a deadly blight.
From fire and torment in the dark
no progress did our wisdom mark,
With feud and poison and a lie
as innocence made a hopeless sigh
as all its martyrs fell.

and in the darkness, evils light
condemned our love unto a hell,
Priests of power, Kings of deed
took our island and its need
and forged an iron chain,
then overseas the jealous watched
and took our traders gain.
But a magic fire had come to us
and to our fleets we now prepare
the tyrants do our ports ensnare

then let them feel the cannon.

Torn rigging, sundered sail
the stately timber starts to fail
upon embattled sea.
Kings of this and Queens of that
now wish upon a throne they sat
as Empires fear the sea.
Our iron isle its timbers hewn
has built the ships that now lie strewn
about a chilly ocean.
Pirates bold for slaves are sold
and innocents besides
in rotting ships they lie in chains
in hulks that sail the turning tide.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn,
why the anger, why forlorn
the ocean draws us nearer.

And now our kin, their only sin
a need for loaf of bread
have by tyrants been betrayed
an ocean is their bed.
Those slaves who lived through transportation
have in time prepared a nation
though an isle of mists is in their mind,
and parted from our parent-kind.
Some to cities, grimy mills
others dying in the hills,
of a distant land.
Now our isle begins to build
and terror falls upon the skilled
for they are put in prison
the locks and chains given for their pains
a pittance which their family gains
to buy the cloth which in turn pays
for the profit for those far off days
the owner buys a ship.

And there in port majestic clipper
moored beside a factory quay
that takes the cloth and iron goods
crashing through the silver spray
to far off heathen lands.

And to its crew comes a commotion
sighted now a rocky ocean
howling wind and tearing sail
God let not the rudder fail.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn
why the anger, why forlorn,
the ocean draws us nearer.

The kings and countries build for war
and engines haul upon the coal,
and fuel the looms and load the trains
our sovereign will an Empire gain.
And ships of wood no longer could
withstand the might of guns
steel on steel glowing black
hammered in the red hot mills
built a hull that power brought
that would a fearsome Empire kill.
So peace alas was not to be
For since the dawn of history
our fate has been to fight
And so our iron went to sea
its deadly guns were blazing
and in its power won the hour
and kept our trade routes free
so passed that war
but peace was not what we were for
for evil rose again.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn
why the anger, why forlorn,
the ocean draws us nearer.

A war upon this ailing world
our lives into a chaos hurled
that purged our love in fire.

The Earth once more to burn in war
whilst our island stands yet free.
And from our friends across the sea
the ships do bring our victory
but prowling in the murky deeps
a ship that underwater keeps
and sailors ne'er let their vigil sleep
for death slips through the water.
But evil faltered and it failed

with bombs and ghosts the madness quailed
and lost became the blind.

And from our shores an army moved
in victory its promise proved.
Ships are sailing, blow the horn
why the anger, why forlorn,
the ocean draws us nearer.
To our land came ships of worth
bearing black the gold of Goddess Earth
though now we speak much less of her
for blessed are our children in the Earth they made,
and now the concrete paves our way
upon the green displayed.
Today our children travel far
leaving on a painted liner
to see the fruits of paradise
whilst crime ferments the fruits of vice
against a prohibition.
Some they say will not come back
to lands anew my people go
and oil that fuels another ship
so high above the mountain snow roars in a farewell.

And continent and continent grew in wealth
but torn apart linked by words that from the start
had promised only wealth.
And back to a better clime
for pay and love our children go,
whilst our furnace cold is ruined and old
to pay our debts they say is sold
the fruits of all our labours.

So at the ports they take to flight
and with some sadness in the night
more children yet depart.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn,
why the anger, why forlorn,
the ocean draws us nearer.

And with our engines now we soar
to where our dreams had gone before
and joyful rose our songs of praise
to grace creation for our days
as footsteps found the moon.

And as we wept for those on Earth
we saw the craft between the stars
bearing all the battle scars
of a rutted footing.
And then we really saw the sun
a-blazing like these other stars,
we see the need to sail for Mars
or anything would do.

The mines of home must have a rest
for man must face his hardest test
no infant more the babe of home
ungrateful child has gone to roam
amongst the silver dust.
Yet ships of ore do little more
than whet the growing appetite,
land is failing, try our best
to take the children on a quest
to settle somewhere else.

The gems we bear must better fare
in a virgin port
What wonders plan the rights of man
Salvation for us all
For powers in the galaxy will liberate from Thrall

But in the hopes aboard those ships
A word of thanks escapes our lips
for this second chance.
Ships are sailing, blow the horn,
why the anger, why forlorn,
the ocean draws us nearer.

In matter far across our space
is born the power of our race
and in our mind are deeds of kind
for in a moment, our thoughts of love
join in the starry void above
faster still than matter bright.

Such energy upon us pour,
that in love we open heavens door
But toil and atom bring the reason
why to transport all our tools
for the airy soul can go at will yet leave behind its body
What power strange that needs not fuel
and lives out-with our time and space,
but yet the problem is to span
the gulf of stars that subdue man.
For in our matter pulsing slowly
was a power moving lowly
but quench its thirst with energy
and in God's abundance lay the key
that would unlock gravity
to travel in the stars,
And some have lost the need to travel
thinking better to unravel
the power in faster light.
So now our souls adieu to port
and leave behind the stars of night
that they will enjoy the travel in a heaven bright,
Aboard the Ship of Willpower.

And new those berths now where we ply
the loves we met under that ancient sky
where we birthed so long ago
and in times anew we are merged and strong
and now we gather all in throng
to sing the golden praises
in our Temples made to God.

And watch we keep upon the deep
and fearless we do burn our light
as guidance for the lost
for only we have met thus far
prepared to spend the cost.

In our newest havens we shall sing
of tidings that our trust shall bring
but eternal keep our guard and watch
for the usual merchants of disease.

and in those years of gold to come
and in those hopeful times
we sail with hope in God's great task
and hold a door for those who ask
for shelter from those crimes.

Earth it was our ashen grounds
our wars of trial and fury
but none so great as the evil spate
of alien perdition,
'Twas there we lost senility
'twas there we found our youth
'twas there God helped us see again
that in the soul is truth.

Ships are sailing, blow the horn,
why the anger, why forlorn,
the ocean draws us nearer.


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