numbers and agreements



published Outshore Multimedia, 2004 CE.
'dedicated to wee Jimmie Krankie fae Glasgow.'


This work represents a breakthrough in the philosophy of science and outlines a new academic paradigm. It also attempts to deal with the inherited inertia from the old paradigm distributed as old modelling strategies and identifies theoretical distortion and causes for refutation amongst more established data models.
This work will also present a new essentialist model within the philosophy of science called Trinology and use it to solve paradoxes and make extensive predictions.
It will also attenuate the despair for our current lack of interstellar capacity and unity physics with a Scottish sense of humour.
It will supply the designs for interstellar travel and robotics and provide models for both human consciousness, machine consciousness and the soul. It will supply a software with which to address issues within; chemistry, biology, psychology and technology, and in the macrocosm.
It will provide a new model for the Cosmos and for social regulation trade and defence.
Numbers and Agreements represents an interstellar breakthrough for the Human Race.

20th Century Brain Death and the rise of the instrumentalist strategies.
Finally, in The Final Grand Unifying Theory of Relativity, its Everythingness being both Simple and Easy to understand, we see that Science is a game of two halves. The problem with that theory of games though was that even if you had all your bets covered as in arbitrage, you had to knobble the referee as well before you could collect your hard earned dosh at the Institute soiree.

By the Book: Lacey AR, 'A Dictionary of Philosophy', 2nd edn., 1986, ISBN 0-7102-1003-5.
Instrumentalism: 'the theory that scientific laws and theories are instruments for predicting observable phenomena, and are therefore to be judged by their usefulness and not classified as propositions which can be true or false.'
e.g. the bi-plane is a useful strategy for flight. It flies and is aerodynamically sound. The red baron used it - what's with this turbo jet Frank Whittle stuff anyway.
With the failure of the 20th Century scientific method to deliver scientific unity - the apportioning of blame requires a 'shoogly peg' to hang its troubled white-coat on.
What better pleasure then, to blame it all on Adam Smith, 1774 CE, of Kirkcaldy, whose notion of industry getting the most benefit for the least cost was the cutting edge of the economic revolution.
None better knew its lifestyle benefits than the pampered apple-pies of the princely American Philosopher Kings and Queens, for whom merely feeling elite was sufficient.
With scientific discovery becoming redundant, a new role for science graduates started to emerge: that of the 'janitorial technologist' or caretakers of the paradigm and its doctrine.
Outwith this comfort zone - things could get pretty bleak for some.
An era of post-scientific social constructionism utilising instrumentalist technologies had arrived.
Instrumentalism e.g. Dulhem P, 1906, 'The aim and structure of physical theory'. had it that if a bi-plane design worked why change it if it satisfies the criteria for flight - i.e. why try to develop a jet aircraft.
US President Dwight Eisenhower, presumably responding to the time travelling alienz who watched the part a bi-plane cropduster played in the X-files movie, 'Independence Day' had the following to say about the death of science - in a potentially dark and alien cul-de-sac.
It was all so different from those days of 50's B-Movie promise when the German Scientists came to the High Chapparal to start work on space travel. In his famous farewell radio and television address to the American people on 17 january 1961, he foresaw the threat to intellectual freedom and scientific evolution.
'Akin to, and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial-military posture, has been the technological revolution during recent decades.
In this revolution, research has become central; it also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly.... Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.
The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.
Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.'
In 'an introduction to the humanities', 2000 edn2. Open University, ISBN 0-7492-8578-8, p.41.

From Plotinus c.250 BCE to Descartes c.1800 CE to Hooper c.2000 CE, the big issues of philosophy have remained the same. Civilisation on planet Earth was built on the shoulders of giants, each and every one appearing to recycle the same problems and, in the case of Hooper, the same solutions.
Although 20th Century Science failed to unify these problems, as did Hooper, it is sad to say and rather unremarkable that though Hooper in 1903 CE produced a version of reality more advanced than any particle physics we have in the 21st Century, the guy is a complete unknown - one big issue that never got sold.
Unfortunately for Hooper, there was no Windows95 and computer modelling or freely available global information.
His physical theory, therefore, failed at the last hurdle namely an absence of hitek observational tools that would have detected and computed chaos in natural systems.
For over 100 years, the same problems he had examined in 1903 CE, still make redundant effective futures for mankind. This problem infected the behaviour of matter and material objects, it also infected the observations and were incorporated within the measuring devices and within the scales of measurement and representation.
This massive infection wasted rainforests of paper on glossy grants at glossy institutes, tonnes of ink and tonnes of technology, and produced more hot air than the vulcanism or sunspot activity that led to global warming.
This infection came from somewhere - every day, every moment and no-one knew what it was because comparing notes between scientific fields would expose levels of endemic infection and dent professional standing.
As rigorous reporting, measurements, intellectual honesty and the scientific practise failed in the 20th Century, the scientific establishment itself became a living, large-scale example of the very infection it was trying so desperately to hide.
That infection was chaos.

The basic universal transaction model upon which absolutely everything hinges in its natural state is: some A to some B through a common medium of C with the intercession of some D.

This transaction is driven by a natural and universal law of:
High Energy to Low Energy through some Common medium with the intercession of some inclusion. In various human semantic idioms this process has been measured and seen to be relatively law-like. It is broadly speaking, a power law.
In Chemistry, it is called Fajan's Rules, in Biology, it is called Osmosis, in Psychology it is called Transference, it is also observed in the dissipation of sensitivities in neural nets, in gravitational interactions between particles and planets and between clouds of drifting stars.

The speed of flow between A and B can be measured because everything material is a flow of waves that naturally create an energy field by force of motion. This field can be scientifically measured across every size and scale of turbulence using a relatively impeded inverse square power law, where, the more the distance between A and B, the less the strength of the field.
After the basic transaction model and its relative field effect, there is another factor within matter totally unaccounted for in establishment Physics and in every system ever measured and made into Laws - that is 'emergence'.
Emergence continually makes new particles from an ocean of smaller sub-atomic particles, or ether, by folding complex mixtures of smaller ethers driven by first cause emergence.
This force and its emergence gradient replace the idea of gravity with the idea of 'compaction' - where particles are compressed by external force to resonate variable 'quantum' shells caused by transverse waves.
Effectively, then, a new particle physics and new cosmology are possible with this model that uses entirely natural and simple physical rules to explain empirically observed transactions.
In the words of William of Ockham in 1318 .. 'Entia non sunt multiplicanda' ... or, 'Entities are not to be multiplied beyond what is necessary.' i.e. Keep it simple.'
To that could also be added the wisdom of Life tutor and personal Life Trainer Baron Sacha Cohen, Ali G in 2004 CE, 'keep it real.'

This work solves many problems in; electrical engineering and artificial intelligence, neuroscience, psychology, social science and nanotechnology, space travel, time travel, linguistics and semiotics, and provides a working template of state descriptions upon which to build fresh paradigmatic models. If necessary this modelling technique can salvage data that has been misused on other dysfunctional models.

It is effectively a new semantic framework for a new scientific paradigm. Without such a rational model, there is only darkness, ignorance and disease and the creeping failure of reason and the alienation of life from its berth in the Light.
The following local ethnological evaluation illustrates a creeping malaise of laissez faire, and berserk ideologies run amok amongst local science and silicon industries in 2003 CE in Scottish Urban Hinterland.
It can be summed up as cultural dissipation e.g. [Durkheim.E, 'anomie' ]
Whereas Eddison, the inventor got his ideas in a flash on the bus, clearly some people were not too fussy about the future of mankind and seemed to be sourcing their enlightenment from 'whatever' naturalistic pantheon took their fancy.
My personal life coach and life trainer, Ali G suggested though, that they deserved 'respect' - but the task was 'massiv'.

An Alienation of Reason :
‘The Emergence of Post-Scientific Magical Realism in West and South Fife.’


The onward march of technological and scientific progress towards the creation of civilised perpetuity in the 21st Century even with the aid of global industrial complexity and militarism acting and serving elite ideologies, appears to have been halted by the inward march of lights inside and outside the mind posing as illumination. This paper is a study of the failures in the structural proclivities of such elite psychology with particular reference to empirical evidence in central Scotland.

‘Gnostic Luddism’ – rebirth bereft of technological process.

Scotland is a place rich in ancient cultural traditions that are intimately linked to processes of growth and natural cycles.
There are many examples of beliefs in and worship of animism to be found as a matter of course within the immediate rural hinterland of most urban conurbations.
However, whereas the ancient practises were intimately and evidently related to organic processes, animism in the 21st century has also progressed to the worship of the god in the machine.
An empirical re-evaluation of those ancient spiritual ideals within the context of 21st century technology as practised within Fife today will lead to the conclusion that the architect of the universe is now thought of as an architect of civilisation or an architect of desolation.

E.g. 1 Cruicks Quarry and Dalton’s scrap metal yard set on land assigned by papal Bull to the Jews in the 12th Century BCE.

E.g. 2 Desolate structure within institutionalised ritual in the form of solid concrete buildings with mock windows and doors overseeing a pit with the artefact of a withered tree set in the rocks. Usually seen to incorporate some broken industrial or domestic motor-powered unit e.g. Refrigerator, convector heater.
[Specifically; a) ‘mock temple’ iron works Crossford, Dunfermline, internal combustion engine parts and embedded iron girder sculpture with phallus. b) ‘mock temple’ Exxon oil terminal Aberdour. [ritual, desolate sculpture of electrical switching system]
Note that both temples a and b are constructed to identical morphology.

E.g. 3 Thomas Carlyle’s descriptions of the naturalistic ‘Ragemon and Drudge concepts of the travelling folk’ [essays on the hero. circa 1876], in contrast with a people who today also incorporate broken motorised technology into their animistic signs and presentations. [Specifically; Motorola Dunfermline, and, abandoned engineering yards at Dollar, Lanarkshire.]

It was always an ancient Masonic promise that illuminated and advanced Civilisation would be reborn with the return of a new golden Age.
An exploration of Masonic ideology [an interest group] as a primary driving group within society may reveal why our future lives could now be in peril. Anti-civilised ideologies may have come about by exposure to some confusing occult or alien state of consciousness. There is plenty evidence to suggest for instance that the recent art of Wicca uses plastic tree casings from tree nurseries e.g. of a type at Newton, South Queensferry to inscribe Ogham spells upon within the Dunfermline area. [Duloch woods]
Elsewhere, the traditional corn dolly is now sculpted in blue plastic towrope E.g. Kings Seat Hill, Dunfermline, at Harvest Moon.

These various groups seem to have abandoned an organic aesthetic at some point and appear to contradict the concepts one would associate with the rebirth of Civilisation. [C.f. working, problem-free technology and method]
The programming mechanism for such sabotage, if any, may be identified using the established ideologies of persuasion; [Pavlov], the Innate Releasing Mechanism, Stress Releasing Mechanism, Transference, trauma bonding, within a modern model of Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP]. It could be that with some subtle and intrusive psychology and some emergent and hypnotic and empathic process in play, [E.g. Sheldrake R], during the guilt and trauma inducing strategies of cult practise, Nihilism may have invaded the emergent structural processes within the hierarchical personnel responsible for our social and scientific evolution.

Examples of paranormal activities in Fife observable with the use of digital technology and displayed globally on the internet by a loosely knit network of self-styled enquirers may also carry with it the implications of severe social intrusion.
On a global basis these lights and or beings are seen to manifest.
One such contact collective in Kirkcaldy, Fife recently produced an image of a being appearing to point a weapon. A very similar being in better and higher detailed lighting was photographed in New Mexico and can also be described as ‘insectoid’ and ‘Mantis’.
With the onset of digital photography presenting very high resolution capture of photonic events, such images were abundant all over the internet. Good beings and bad beings and neutral beings glow in mythology and tradition and 20th century culture. [‘Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology’, circa 1890, and, Kirk Reverend R, ‘The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Faeries’, 1679 CE.]

In the ideologies of Social Darwinism, where the strongest and fittest people get to the top of the social pyramid, the hierarchy of civilising processes take their direction from a top down cascade of directives, where also some authority is often delegated or devolved.
If somehow these processes were being subverted by alien ideation that targeted and programmed our perceptions using associations that were not overtly intellectual E.g. associations of; colour, sound or other forms of intellectual and bio-electrical distortion then perhaps society and its hierarchy could be vulnerable to alien intrusion.
Certainly 2 or 3 anthropomorphic forms in the 911 impact clouds and of a static airvehicle retrieved from the internet at ground zero, plus other bona-fide imagery from global museums and art galleries suggest the possibility of other intrusive realities that are uniquely alien to the human biological process.
The implications of a post-technological imperative within the recreation of a new order, however, contradicts the will to survive and the ontology of evolution and continuity that is often associated with strong Social leaders.

It is evident from field research that many of these modern magical practises have a very strong post-technological profile and that they appear to be endorsed at high levels within the social structure.

The classical models of civilisation employed and adopted by the renaissance and imported into the values and attitudes of social engineering in the 21st century have at their heart several models and attitudes derived from the philosophical discourses of Greece and Rome. [E.g. Plato’s Phaedo]

E.g. The culture of youth and beauty associated with the Bacchanian and Dionysian rites, elite guiding elders, gregarious group behaviour, naturalistic and animistic ideologies, grooming, sexual license and substandard access by the proletariat to the keys to personal education and hence self identity were once part of an ancient practise of social predation now evident in the cult of sexual liberation and the disassociation of the nuclear family in the 21st Century.
With the break-up of social and gender role-models and associated ambitions in the 3rd millennium and with only computer interfaces for most of the education and guidance, the socially undereducated Youth will tend to resort to provocative rhetoric [pseudo-autistic] to gain attention from an increasingly uncaring and impersonal social system.
Such doctrines of rhetoric and stoic persistence were also the premises upon which many of the assumptions to rule would be later based. [E.g. Machiavelli, Plato, Marcus Aurellius]

It may be then that local youthful aspirations in Fife were ripe for subversion by a new kind of illuminated mercenary and revolutionary – a fresh and stylish contemporary idea of International Socialism and class war that may have sounded better than the usual fare as it made its way through the stark ideation on the international internet.

Any post-technological imperative within society’s ruling structures may not be in the interests of the elites themselves, as a barren social order bereft of the technological skills necessary to maintain barbarism would have no need of pontification or discourses. Behind the ‘Masonic’ promise of a classical rebirth [socially evidential by ‘Moody R’] and new renaissance of a new golden age would be a return to classical norms of beauty and architectural line populated and driven by beings of sublime artistic and scientific capacity. E.g. [Gregory A. ‘Eureka, the birth of science’. 2003, and also, Hagger’s ‘scientific and medical network’ page 1-2 who can conclude that ‘non-logical reality’ is not detached thinking.]
The failure of science and scientific discovery as Karl Popper had already deduced could be discovered within the tyrannical self interest of the Platonic crusade against the emergence of individual originality.
Whereas the ancient Greek schools contained the precepts of harmony and the laws of nature, there were no observable scientific systems or processes or technologies to implement them in the late 20th Century because of the often irrational inertia of various interest groups.
Plato’s doctrine of Rhetoric and systematic soul combat as alluded to in Phaedo (Thompson editorial), however, provides in its elite insularity no social evolution beyond the ‘noble lie’ told to the profane by the philosopher King’s and Queen’s, for having clearly failed in its elite duties to itself to provide a better scientific reality in the 20th Century, had already precluded by other forms of reductionism the scientific tools required for perpetuity.

E.g. the continued under funding and decay of UK social infrastructure would lead to the necessary rebirth of a new era of society, yet the inherent flaws within the cloning process and particle physics and Genetically Modified Organisms do not guarantee a safe rebirth of the planet.
Social cataclysms whether natural or artificial cannot guarantee the survival of passengers and accessories and in terms of an unsustainable web of technological destruction, highly specialised passengers with redundant knowledge flawed by unworkable paradoxes would not have the skills to be selected-for in a barbaric social structure therefore it could be fairly suggested that there was something suicidal about elite behaviour in this context.

Within the failure of scientific eugenics lies the failure to perceive and account for and incorporate the emergent properties of chaos within physical processes. [E.g. WWW. SantaFe. Edu]. I would contend that scientific measurement in all idioms constrained by reductionism tends to produce a generic paradox E.g. Turing, Gödel, Particle/wave, Olbers’, and that by excluding the genetic chaos from a cloning process one could and did predict the frequent cloning deaths now observable using the same model of unity that could solve the other paradoxes mentioned above.]

Under these scientifically un-unified and paradoxical circumstances then, that successfully suppressed for over 100 years, new thinking through the social inertia of powerful interest groups, a ‘Masonic Conspiracy’ of a return to a classical golden age was not only a noble lie for the lower castes in such a Platonic republic, it was also an ignoble lie for the elite themselves. For such enthusiasm was clearly not scientifically sustainable.

Ritual sculpture at Kings Seat Dunfermline takes the form of a
wire frame Tumbleweed containing some tractor parts and a
broken headlight with a small funnel for an imaginary fuel tank
that empties out into nowhere.
Within the ruling cohorts’ Gnostic ideologies there is strong patronage of necessary death to obtain better and necessary rebirth, however, the values of structuralism espoused by E.g. the Masonic order, are not upheld within these new and emergent practises evident within rural Scotland.
It does not necessarily follow either that the commercial instincts of biotechnological industries in their haste to subsume the planetary gene pool would later make the planet barren with a reduction in biodiversity and an increase in maladapted species. Every future industry, however, will always require power and technological vehicles to implement its strategies - and given the evidence available for the emergence of a post-technological ideology within their own traditional cadre of employees, it may be that Gnostic Luddism in the 3rd Millennium would possibly sabotage the future of these industrial assets with a denigration of ideological priorities within the labour pool. [E.g. Exxon facility, Aberdour]

The emergence of an aberrant cult belief system in west Fife seems to run contrary to the expectations of youth as portrayed by the Celtic Druth or Fool or the un-illuminated quester. I hypothesise that it is a belief system operated by both young and old people with wealth, that espouses control over the effects of the creative processes within; society, technology and nature, but having no particular requirement to invent new causes, [E.g. mechanisms or organisms with which to progressively interact.]

Its use of shaped bonsai type cultivation of older [10 year +/-] living local indigenous woods in its play behaviour seems to add realism to its magical realism. Perhaps these ceremonies seem to endow powers of self-belief that an un-illumined and disestablished Fool could never attain by way of ‘illuminati’ patronage. Che Guevara, the local role model for this cult, was always willing to put his body into the front line of self and world struggle albeit in a violent way to seek social retribution.

In its social attributes as ‘middle-class winebar-gothic’, it seems to have taken a relatively safe and fresh approach to recruitment to the usual array of socially macabre and institutionalised myth in desolate and more socially endorsed concepts, within urban life and culture. This belief system appears to endorse social constructionism [agreed means to an agreed end] in its tool making and play behaviour, and stands opposed to concepts within ‘satanic desolation’. [E.g. recycling, blood and mud.]

They do appear as a whole to take the notion of physical and social challenge to observably extreme levels.
[E.g. rock climbing, mountain biking, dangerous driving,]
Evidence on the activities of this 21st century youth subculture suggests that feats of incredible physical capacity are not only imaginable but also regularly feasible.
E.g. several mountain bike runs around the Inverkeithing area in dockland areas now in disuse, suggest by evidence of recent use that riding a bicycle down a stony 89 degree to the vertical incline of approx 6 metres is more than a usual event.
Although no local evidence of mountaineering and abseiling skills is evident within the local community and its social expectations, levels of income, etc, it has, nevertheless been possible for this group to spray graffiti on areas of a quarry face that would have needed group co-operation with the use of ropes.
Some road traffic incidents involving people within this social group often end up with the vehicles having been bounced off the ground or kerb at high speed to gain elevation that puts the crashed vehicle to rest many feet above the ground E.g. in a large tree or on top of the brickwork of a big roundabout.
In terms of this youth subculture making progress into society at large, its connections with the retarded satanic ideas of technological desolation are at this time insubstantial. However, the group concepts and identities that make these children a subculture are evident in lower and upper middle class environments, often with obvious adult patronage in local woods ring-fenced by million pound properties. [E.g. Dalgety Bay]
One would presume that membership of this social group in early life would preclude expectations of treatment by the National Health Service.
e.g. see 'Jackass The Movie', A Cult USA TV and Internet group of people who espouse the values of destructive stunts with domestic equipment as part of their play behaviour to get a feel for the extraordinary perspectives needed to bounce a high speed car, or solo on a precipitous rock face with a spray can.

The group identity tends to espouse the socially catalytic status of an individualist attitude, in this case the established and culturally retro but acceptable subversive E.g. South and meso-American revolutionary Che Guevara [14/06/28 – 09/10/67].
Guevara was an individual subliminally transformed by magical process into a world changer, and into this idiom the group incorporates variants on gothic subculture with the use of black dyes and clothing and darker elements of contemporary Japanese cartoon artwork [Manga].
Much of its ‘corporate graffiti artwork’ is spray painted mainly gloss black through various stencils.
Similar stencils and art are seen labelling the recycling skip containers supplied by Fife district council at Dalgety Bay shopping centre. [E.g. clothing skip], and on the Student Clothing skip at Potterrow in Edinburgh’s Bristo Square.

It would appear therefore that the Local Government department responsible for the issuance and labelling of this recycling service has been influenced by the cult’s socially intelligent aspirations.
In practise as cult play behaviour however, this artwork contains notions of artistic and intelligent slavery to some dominant aesthetic.
An instance of three gloss red stars stacked vertically and bound in red brackets was found in highly patronised and exclusive woods in the Dalgety bay district.
The South and Meso-American theme in Fife continues with much of its casual graffiti which at times is a collage of unbounded but curved lines and offshoots often clustered and presented incorporating more structural themes such as circles and triangles.
Much of this can look like the large cacti of the Mexican and New Mexican deserts and can also take a science fiction aesthetic as if inspired by some alien gaming concepts within the computing, gaming or internet community.

Many of the children espouse black hair and black clothing and tend to be small in stature and of slim build, the family homes and dress of their elders are indistinct.
They appear to practise some kind of arbocultural art in that they appear to influence and retrain the growth of older living roots and tree stems by breakage and ties and also by some other means that does not break these thick 10-15 year growths, and seem to incorporate this process into their group meetings in a locality that they have engineered and furnished for this purpose often using social debris such as metals and good woods, [as opposed to Satanic use of wormwoods] but also with the construction of barricades and fences using piles of recent hedge trimmings and garnered coppice etc.
Many of the curiously bent tree branches and roots tend to be found severally sharply cut and truncated by some gardening tool as a hazard to the careless often at heights that could endanger the head and torso at a badly lit gathering.

Obviously not satanic in nature by use of living wood and the celebration of the growth process, their places of gathering may be identified in ways often seen and previously regarded as Wicca temples.
I.e. some notion of structure in disarray with struts of wood and etc. on display.
Some places where this cult gather are marked with a beam of wood approximately symbolising an angle of about 45 degrees against a tree or other such growth.
No arithmetic Pythagorean concepts have been as yet identified with this practise.
From the construction of some of these play areas, it is evident from the landscaping that adult patronage was involved because of the weights and costs of the materials and tools used in the construction of these often dangerous bike runs and meeting places.
Transport whether hired or not needs either substantial income or access to a credit card and valid identity checks.
Also, the social strata of these children and adults suggest large amounts of disposable income.
Their tendency to endorse the natural process of growth as well as patronise the intellectual aspects of youth technology continues with local cultivation of a fungus, an unusual white basidiomycete, possibly a toadstool, with an elongated centrally pinched basidium with frayed edges, on a long stalk, again on abandoned industrial land.

Night-times in some of these estates and villages where this cult can be observed operating and or visiting can be unusually quiet. E.g. large council housing estates that contain accommodation for upwards of 800+ working class families that are 2/3 bed roomed homes usually occupied by 2 or 3 people, suggest very little evidence of use or occupation in the dark after 22.00 hrs either weekdays or weekends.
E.g. out of a possible 2 or 3 thousand occupants, at least 200 of which could be children in an age range that would be active either on computer gaming or in social activity with music, or evening social gatherings either by car or by bus or by train, there appears to be very little activity by way of switching on a light bulb in estates that ought to be more socially active.
Working class social venues tend to be unattended, E.g. bars, chip shops and takeaways and leases on these premises do tend to change hands frequently or can close early at nights.
These asocial and insular attitudes on display by the traditionally impoverished working class groups at nights indicate that a change in attitude and lifestyle appears to have come about without the wholesale intrusion of expensive digital TV into the unemployed casement areas where social redundancy was likely to produce social problems.
Children and adults on these estates with little or no disposable income do appear to be conserving domestic electricity and are mostly inconspicuous in the evenings before and around the traditional terrestrial TV newscasts between 21.00 and 22.30 hrs
This concept of the insular urban hinterland in the dark can be observed in many places throughout Scotland’s central belt. E.g. Falkirk and Stirling communities.
This Calvinistic approach to youth entertainment and lifestyle may facilitate the acceptance of a more intelligent and belligerent social attitude amongst lower class unemployed youth seeking greater socialisation and a sense of intelligent identity. Perhaps too, there is some deeper significance to the depressed range of social activities in evidence that would welcome a new concept in social revolution in central Scotland.

Where this cult has been observed operating, however, there is no indication of any anarchic belligerence towards social and technological evolution. On the contrary, however, they appear to be using urban wasteland constructively to incubate new lifestyles and peer groups.

At this time however, there is no evidence to suggest that these youths, however rich, in a post-scientific 20th century era could be the way ahead for Humanity. Given the rather menacing overtones and context of this youth culture in post-scientific Scotland, it does seem that the Kurt Russell B-Movie ‘Escape from LA’, the sequel to escape from New York seems to portray the idiom rather well. In this movie set in post apocalyptic America, now a hardened dictatorship at war on a fragile planet, a virtual reality terrorist similar in looks and disposition to the 60’s Che Guevara revolutionary – claiming to be of the ‘shining path’ captures a key American political asset in order to extort the operational code for a blanket electromagnetic pulse that would wipe out all electrical equipment on the planet.
Also, although most 20th century graffiti seen in and around Edinburgh and environs can often take a Sumerian and cabalistic character in the individuals choice of personal ‘tag’ or gang name, the graffiti espoused by this post-scientific ‘guevarist’ cult is more often seen on the internet on websites devoted to the tales and recollections of alien abductees.
Recent local Film footage of extraordinary nature which seems to illustrate the concept of the ancient Hindu ‘Vimanas’, the flying ships and chariots of fire over Scotland offloading glowing lights along with the high resolution images taken by locals of glowing lights in Kirkcaldy, plus an enormous publicity campaign to bring these ideas to scrutiny, illustrate a very strange and highly suppressed social intrusion.
But then, seeing Dr Gregory of Cambridge recently extol the virtues of the medical amenities of King Amyntas of Macedonia, elevating practises conducted in the less than aeseptic conditions of ancient Greece presumably in possession of; blunt bronze tools, and a rather disorientating education in the evil dilemmas of mystical soma and or ‘Pandora’, - to the context of modern healing, reminded me of the film ‘The Time Bandits’ as well.


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