the gauntlet and the forge

The gauntlet and the forge.

Andrew Hennessey.


From the Book of Enoch in the apocrypha, the collection of Books that never made it into the Bible, we hear that there was a war in Heaven and many prisoners taken.

They were an army called the Grigori and were billeted in the lower realms.

After the war there was a great taking stock and re-ordering of priorities.

From the real archaeology that we can sometimes access such as Michael Cremo's 'Forbidden Archaeology' we can pick out the evidence for a high tech civilisation that many legends call Atlantis.

Atlantis was a global civilisation that spread into the galaxy from the evidence of obvious pyramids on mars e.g. at ianni chaos and other Sumerian temple like structures photographed by the ESA , European Space Agency camera.

What caused the wars of the Fall ?

People speak of the crimes of passion and crimes against creation as Giants were cloned into being that usurped a beautiful way of Life.

The ruling Reptilian hierarchy managed to bring the wars under control and the human experiment was devised.

People needed to know more about themselves, and needed to do so without the encumbrances of many lifetimes knowledge.

Such issues really cluttered things up and it became difficult to know where the true matters of the heart were actually taking us all.

The devised humanity.

This created a semi-function and limited organic being that would have a fixed temporary nature and be restricted in function such that any souls using these human opportunities would have to prioritise their issues in such restrictions.


Symbolised by the Sphinx, the half animal, half divine/Reptilian human was created to be a soul development opportunity amongst artificially constrained social simulations.

Inventions would never catch on epoch by epoch and strange guardians and limiters of knowledge and truth would lurk behind the scenes to perpetuate the primitive nature of the nursery so that souls in as human to work out in this spiritual gymnasium always had only the basic ingredients to hand.

There was a general conspiracy amongst the Reptilian Elohim or Watchers to see that fair play for the soul took place.

As Christ said, 'beware He who can kill the soul not the body'.

Humanity came here to choose between how to live supplied by eternal love and free energy or whether to wither as a rapacious and selfish vampire.

As an epoch of technology arrived in the dark ages amongst the retarded social simulations so did more of the dark beings we today call the Greys.

The Picts in the Bronze Age had also worshipped them on Scottish standing stones. [c.f. Brechin Cathedral]


Attracted to the scene of social and creative disease they were the ideal devils advocate for they deliver annulment to the creative mind.

They would feed by injecting spiritual and creative disease in their victims and they were legion.

A soul-stealing insectoid hive with multiple personality disorder.

The hive, the bees and the insectoid kobolds are woven into Merovingian Templar ornaments and Teutonic tapestries.

There is a whole era of self-empowered mages such as the 16th Century Elizabethan Dr John Dee who wrote of the keys of Enoch and drew the demonic features we see from today's abduction accounts that pay tribute to the alliances with dark otherworldly beings.

That also included Aleister Crowley  in the 20th Century with his Lam abduction accounts.

The living death of trying to play god would drown us in a swamp of diseased ego. Totally disconnected from any love we would be gnawed in an endless cycle of biology whose worm did not die nor its fires go out.


As we humans played out our spiritual choices that analogously translated into biological damage, the others here, the immortals, would shape shift and mutate their lives from one generation of humans to the next.

There was also a hierarchy of good and neutral non-human beings traditionally in Scotland known as the Seelie and also the unSeelie court.


The natural order of beings on the planets surface though was a mixture of those good and evil incarnated to work on their issues, plus, the indigenous Reptilians who had massive subsurface cities from ancient times dedicated to monitoring the human soul workshops that would take place amongst the nursery toys that humans would call civilisation.

The main goal though was the relaunch of Atlantis after its Fall from Grace such that crimes of passion, crimes of technology and crimes of the soul could be better understood and picked up early.


The dark Greys as one might expect were unlikely to play along with their tolerated role as painful nursery toys.

The Watchers, the Elohim are painted as the EL's or Elves in the painting by 19th Century Scottish colourist John Duncan.

The painting is called 'the Riders of the Sidhe' [pronounced she]

In this painting, red haired and blonde haired nobles with reptilian motifs and horse harness with Hindu swastikas ride along as they shine in their illuminated or illuminati state.

Little reptilian children run alongside the horses.

The light filled Reptilian and blueblood dynasties we hear of so much in the fringe literature.

As we all know, there is the good and the bad of everything, not as Dr Greer the UFO expert and exopolitician has maintained when he said

that All of the non-human is good.


The planets surface therefore is a place to try out and work on our issues. A temporary workshop opportunity amongst lots of people both good and evil who want to teach us our lessons and give us a very hard time in the process.

The traditional human being is a soul who is partitioned before birth, with all of his or her memories of past epochs and multiple skills safely tucked away beyond damage or recall.

The traditional human being is tabla rasa .. a blank slate who can get to choose the qualities of their peer group and probable set of lessons and exposures to harm.

There are planned a few driving issues within their domestic and social  environment that then propels the clumsy performer out into the world to begin the process of engagement and refinement.

Most usually there are nurturing provisions made by those seen and unseen who watch.

The human, more monkey than shining ability has to then take the challenge of life's artificial gauntlet.

Then in the school of hard knocks and in the University of Life, by apeing our superiors and applying monkey see, monkey do and by the virtue of persistence and repetition and self defence, we can usually make some progress in this dark retarded games room.


The whole point of the exercise though is not to get carried away with our prowess in our stunted disconnected state for there are always half a ton of supermen who can come forward to do what we think we can do well with superb and crushingly good ability.


The whole point of the exercise is to love your brother and sister as you would love yourself, and love God as you would love yourself.

In that revelation lies the guarantee that whatever we inherit beyond our temporary human restrictions we will have the spiritual health to keep forever.

Many people that incarnated as humans though did not know how spiritually healthy they were and opted for the most severe tests and great hardships. None would ever proceed alone though.

Everyone had an Angel.


In my life, I needed to feel that I was questing for reality, questing for truth and in so doing, do some good in the process.

I was always a bit of a fighter and altruist at heart, but I recognised that those were the ideals that we would call Chivalry when I started reading the tales of the Knights of the round table.

It seemed natural then that when the opportunity arose in my mid twenties to join the Sovereign Military Order of the Scottish Knights Templar when  these virtues seemed at the time to be embodied in the rhetoric of the day.


As some of the ceremony progressed, being recorded for the BBC Radio Parade series .. I could definitely empathise … being tried and tested in the heat of battle, in the forge of life for we know not what but that is only so that from the dross and the clay, the refined may be liberated. So that our spirit, sharp and keen, may be used by God, in the battle against darkness and evil.


I had no idea that the place was full of Pretenders to the Scottish throne, massive ructions and divisions and indeed that there was a whole world of somewhat pagan ideas that led to Reptile central.

Indeed, being a tabla rasa human, I didn't know anything about this human reptilian stuff, just assuming that people were better at stuff because they worked harder, not that they were turbo charged beyond the speed of alleged natural processes and lit up in the dark !

Or that they had access to the memories and skills of many lifetimes.


The  status quo  order of things for the rank and file were more or less mundane activities just for the ground troops. These were split up into commanderies and Priories but I soon noticed that they seemed to be awarding themselves expensive medals for next to nothing.

One rich American guy, a total stranger,  came into one of the meetings as a guy in a suit and before you could say abracadabra with the aid of his loyal magicians assistant, some Templar officer, he put on and took off in quick succession several robes of office and became thusly elevated to Darth macVader Master and Commander of the Templar legions with powers to raise an army of darkness.

That stuff was both funny and impressive at the same time.


There just had to be something more Spiritual than this stuff going on.

Sure enough there was.


Where we met I started to notice that there always seemed to be an enclave of attractive young women who sat in the library seemingly guarded by one or two Templar officer guys.

Artistic, classy and refined and not into football, this was more like it.

I had spoken to one of them, called Emma, a strong psychic with a relationship with a very powerful Angel, and she was the kind of person who alleged could fly to the top of the nearest hill with or without her body.

She also alleged contact with Opus Dei.

She invited me to meet Anne.


Anne was special.

She soon demonstrated not only her powers of telepathy by completing the sentences I was going to say but she also had the power to pick me up and shove me to one side with the actions of her will power alone.


This was all a bit above my head.

Her husband and guardian was into Wagner and the Ring cycle and they enthused about being Jedi.

Another lady there who married an Archduke and became a princess was able to create psychic masterpieces of enormous power and magnitude and create ornate energy roses at certain ancient Scottish sites.


The structure, according to the Templar historian,  was called 'the rose of X' which fact shows that a whole encyclopaedia and culture of energy systems and forms that humans cannot ever see exists and was accessible by these strange people.


There was a whole world of Elves and Faeries, Goblins and Trolls and a Scottish underworld full of special and mystical challenges.

There was also a whole world of magical combat with the forces of darkness.

Because of my own life experiences, any system I could study that might enable me to deal with these issues and problems seemed like a good idea. I was after all a systematic person.


This was the Star Temple or Stella Templum and it is an International organisation that meets every year in a castle in Majorca.

Its emblem is the white cross of spirit on the blue of the spiritual sea.

Stella Templum in Scotland, as far as I could see, specialised in the study, maintenance and restoration of Scottish artefacts, archaeological sites and historical references with special emphasis on the hidden spiritual realities with the Scottish lands and its forms.


Star Temple Ceremonial artefacts such as a jewelled brooch called 'ladies rock' had a biblical reference that pointed to the ark of the covenant being hid in a mountain called the Scottish Snowdon.

Ladies Rock in actual Scottish geography sits adjacent to Stirling castle.

It is not a mountain.

Another artefact, a painting showed a fallen old Knight at the end of his quest being uplifted by Angels.


I was walking round the pavement walkway at St James shopping Mall in Edinburgh one afternoon when I jumped out of my skin in complete surprise.

There coming towards me was Anne and her husband.

Well it was the same couple but they were dressed totally differently from anything they usually wore, looked much younger and had deep suntans. They met my eyes and smiled as they walked past.

I thought to stop them and engage them in chat but to my willpower, as they passed me by only two feet away, they could have been two miles away.


I spoke to the usual Anne the next day, who had no suntan and appeared normal  and after I described what I had seen, she explained that that was the sort of garb she and her husband wore several years ago.

Her husband enigmatically quipped 'Mr and Mrs Doppelganger !'


Somehow I had just discovered a world of shifting and changing life forms that I had had absolutely no prior knowledge of.


Without any objection to my crude and untutored social state I was invited to an elite dinner party one evening.

Some high ranking officers were there including Anne, and before we ate, the ladies sat down in a circle to produce a creative visualisation.

There was the holding of hands and the willing of power.

Emma, the youngest, and somewhat of a savant, announced that I would be as a young fool on a charger whose lightweight lance would shatter in battle.

I'm only human after all.


Thereafter, two of the male officers started to get a bit heavy on the quotation from Matthew 22:11-14. When the king came in to look at the guests he noticed one man who was not wearing a wedding garment. [this translates into their context as not  wearing shining reptilian genetics] and said to him, How did you get in here, my friend, without a wedding garment, and the man was silent. Then the king said to the attendants, Bind him hand and foot and throw him out into the dark, where there will be a weeping and grinding of teeth. For many are called, but few are chosen.'

The other male officer remarked that there were many people from different ranks in the order from dustmen to dukes.


As I, mere man of dust, did not have the measure of such inhuman excellence at the time I took the insult realising that my humanity had been affronted and that it was up to me to at least prove to myself that I was not a man of dust or straw.


No spiritual insult whether by accident or design could have motivated me more to turn my life around.


Monty Python in the Quest for the Holy Grail said it rather well. ' Strange people lying in ponds, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power comes from a mandate from the masses not from some farcical aquatic ceremony. If I went round saying that I was an emperor because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away !!


Though bluntly denied fraternity, in truth though I was being sent out on my own life's Grail quest.


The Templar scene in Scotland disintegrated shortly after that as;

political infighting, theft, destruction of records, splinter groups, pretenders, government moles, spooks, competing illuminati organisations all weighed in with their stuff.


I have had profound assistance from some of the Templar players since then, though not in any official capacity, but as a questing fool and candidate for the drop into dust, it was my life's incarnated duty and choice to run the gauntlet and be tested in life's forge.


It was my life's purpose to find myself and to find Christ, and to take on the robe and mantle of humanity and be of some service to Earth.


What I did learn about life and Chivalry is that it is not the colour of your race or genetics or your origins that are important or necessary, only that as a servant of God and Christ, that you love your brother and sister, as yourself and love God as you love yourself.


That way we become part of something bigger and special, we become part of the Holy Spirit living in and because of the Grail of Christ.


No bit of paper or diploma on your wall that alleges to empower life should be telling you anything different.




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