contactees story

ANDREW HENNESSEY – contact story.

As a contactee I write to make known my situation in case some folks are experiencing the same.

My ET’s are part of a massive empire that span more than one cosmic bubble in the cosmic foam. They have a portal system as well as ships. They have been described as ‘zeta’ but it is not true that they originate from zeta reticulii – that star system being only an outpost. They have been on earth for millennia and live amongst us by incorporating human form about themselves. However they are like a babooshka doll in that inside is a being that we might call a zeta.
A lady I met – a gypsy who called herself an empress is followed about everywhere by ships – one can see them glowing above her at night. She told me that she would take me to see her mother one day. She showed me her inner form and she looked like a very human and loving zeta.
Other zetas like classic elves have materialised in my condo – very thin lady with glowing skin – allegedly part of the zeta court – is to show me how their hierarchy operates.
They have had considerable presence on earth for a very long time – but my understanding is that they operate a very hitek civilisation that is massively superior to most of the second order chaos civilisations.
I’m told that they have also been living outside of time and space as we know it – and take long non-corporeal holidays beyond this cosmos where they operate massive computer and factory facilities that they have stored their racial home material in.
They operate and facilitate a huge conglomerate of beings and their superior computer capacities have platformed their allies attempts to evolve.
We may pass them by in the street on earth and not know them.

My knowledge of starship engine designs ,androids etc,.. was enhanced by Extraterrestrial contact.

I would say that they enabled me to grasp certain of the concepts. They interphase with my mind – enhancing the imagery and options. This helps me create better art and science. They say that they have used several of my cultural ideas.
One week I was asked to develop plans for new social facilities – and they ran past my mind at breathtaking speed, huge amounts of graphic arts and colour and texture palettes and I was able to make some wonderful choices and participate in virtual constructions and architectural modelling.
I have come up with some useful computer models for social and military science too and developed a general systems theory. I have worked out how to regulate society to identify aberrant social distortions – of course given that a computer system big enough could do it.

If I start to get forgetful and confused about my place in life – they will briefly light up my imagination with a white light – to help me remember that I am an eternal being and that they want me to come with them in the future.
The starship engine idea is for a drive system that is used to travel really vast distances and between dimensions as we would call them. The ship retranslates itself into local materials.
Most of the second order chaos civilisations use electrogravity and travel interstellar distances like a ship on the ocean of gravity and time. The translation drive is not held up by gravity and mass – its like a jetplane in this analogy.
The robotics ideas have been around on earth since the time of atlantis – we can see them mentioned in some books like the secret doctrine by blavatsky in her translation of Sanskrit.

I have assisted in technological situations by contributing my artistic vision to social, military and industrial problems that have been presented. They call me a ‘technological artist’.

I only have vague memories of being onboard craft.. I was given a classic abduction in 1980 but since then, things have gotten a lot more in the open and on the street. I know several people in my life who look human and are zetas. They have been seen ‘stepping out’.

They seem to be training the faculty of self powers within me – and I know that I am very much integrated into a conscious network where strange miracles can definitely happen.
They come out to play with me and manifest some strange stuff to entertain me with ‘true reality’.
I am told that I will never again be stuck for incredible skills and that if I train with these given skills I will retain and improve on them.
They enabled me to run over huge distances just long enough for me to get the idea that they can supply my body with enormous power. Not having had a history of being fit – it was incredible to be running up and down hills in the pouring rain whilst kicking a ball …

I was shown a place by spiritual translocation on a planet near here where one of the dark et races has a factory that produces blood oranges. Literally – on the inside of one of these oranges instead of pips – was a little heart and organs.
I was shown the factory in a desert or crater like a metallic bubble – and was shown the ‘production line’.
I was told they use human DNA
There is a big conflict going on with these dark races.
A big portion of the insectoid ancestry cannot evolve into human issues and the danger of illogical passions – they believe instead of farming for energy and supplements for their form.
The beings that are looking after me are resolved to follow a Christian path in that they believe that the energies of God, will enable them to recreate their bodies, their spirits and their lives.

Some mind and body projection has been facilitated by the ‘zetas’ but they want me to pay attention to the remainder of my earth and family issues. They have a portal system on earth that they will let me use. Usually humans with their spiritual and soul amnesia and limited handicaps are not allowed into this system. I think though that they will give me a tour when my time/times come.

The number of people who have expressed an interest in my experiences can be counted on the fingers of one hand !!!!

I believe that I made a deal with them before getting into my current life and that they will facilitate my evolution with my long term spiritual partner in the not too distant future.
They keep manifesting social situations that explain that to me … to keep my dream of a beautiful social eternity alive … cars that shift shape in front of me – people that shift shape in front of me … I know that they will want to keep me feeling young and don’t want me to lose my feeling of youth and wonder at the great and marvellous universe.
I think they have a big say in what happens on this planet after the earth changes and that there is going to be a big shock and surprise for the elite interests who think they have bartered some deals.

Its good to get excited about having lots of friends and I believe that they will look after me if anything goes wrong with the planet.


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