THE CHASE - A Team of 1,2,3 or 4 people take on one of the finest quiz brains on the planet …

Team You have chosen set B, that Means the Chaser gets set A
Your two minutes start now:

  1. What is the title given to the 3rd King of Kazakstans 2nd Nephew ?
  2. How many cars did Eivel Kneival successfully jump at Wembley ?
  3. How many prime numbers in the arithmetic sequence 1 - 119 ?
  4. How many times has Judy Garland sung 'somewhere over the rainbow' ?
  5. What was Benjamin Disraelis grandmother's maiden name ?
  6. What was Enid Blyton's 4th book ?
  7. What is the name of the mathematical equilibrium that emerges from chaos
  8. How many pinion feathers does a swan have ?
  9. what was the B-side of the Dave Clark Five's first hit ?
  10. How many members did the RAC have in 2007 ?
    Out of Time …

Time to bring back the chaser … Huh - another day at the Office … let's get on with it .. 

CHASER - Your Time starts NOW …………..

  1. what is the name of the puffy collar worn by men during medieval times at the court of queen elizabeth the first ?
  2. the morning after the night before with a hangover people say that they are feeling ???
  3. a dishevelled awkward person with a good heart is called a diamond in the ???
  4. on any standard golf course what is the name given to the uncut and planted areas around the golf fairways ??
  5. when life presents us with a mixed bag of good things and bad - it is said that we have to take the - what with the smooth ??
  6. what is the surname of the famous 1970's scottish goalkeeper - alan ???
  7. what adjective is used to describe inappropriate judicial judgements … what… justice ?
  8. in the construction trade - another name for pebbledash or harling is called … what .. cast ?
  9. in a music studio what is the name given to the first demonstration mix of various recorded tracks ? a what mix ?
  10. to live without the customary comforts or conveniences; endure rugged condition to … what it ?
  11. what kind of quote do people ask for when needing a ballpark estimate ?                                                                                                                              Team you have been caught with one minute and forty seconds to go, I will have to take away the 100.000 you earned in the cashbuilder round, and have to say - Team you have been caught and for you the Chase is over ..Do you think you are smart enough to take money from a Chaser .. come on down if you think you are good enough .. :)+


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