faked - NASA intrudes on Alien Military Operation

The NASA Mars images are faked and you can tell from the middle ground that these are not piles of sand at 200 yards [before the alleged alien starbase plain] but mountains at 20 miles. The question is Who Did It ?
The images use beings inside a conical forcefield - a standard issue probably Grey device [as they are keen on triangles and pyramids]seen and photographed on Earth at Gorebridge in use by the Greys there, deployed over personnel and ships visiting the alien base area.

Are NASA guilty of rebroadcasting some alien archive footage that utilises real scenes from real starwars places that use real in use general issue hardware ??
doubt that - or are in fact the aliens themselves pumping images into the nasa hardware - probably because I have filmed a similar sort of phenomenon at Gorebridge - the hologram performance of an alien head of state being decapitated as he stood with his wife and siblings - and then I have the siblings grief as reaction.
The Greys are probably responsible for the galactic newsreel footage in both cases

The alleged and fake story so far ... feb 8th 2010 - NASA grind the little shopping trolley into a crater where its wheels get stuck in the sand - stalling the axles etc ... they lift their cameras up for a look see - and to their horror - a fleet of spherical alien spaceships are in the process of taking off leaving behind some humanoids in white space suits taking their more streamlined looking craft back into the hangar doors that have opened in the crater walls. At the rear of one humanoid ship, however, can be seen a black giant humanoid on its back and contained by a Grey/Zeta design conical force field. The giant is confined in that space - and although probably hasn't heard of geneva and any convention - one might be led to assume that if he did - there wouldn't be much left of it after he visited it - or is that just racism ?
The clue is the fact that the humanoids on mars are co-operating with the Greys and getting to use their technology. I have photos of greys using this conical force field here on Earth. Has someone captured Chewbacca the wookie ?? Mars Spirit Rover photos courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

here is the newly faked picture as at may 2010 with all mechanical looking spheres with silhouette being made to look like shadows


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